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Startup City - NOVA Economics University of Lisbon

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Startup City - NOVA Economics University of Lisbon

  1. 1. LisboaStart-up City
  2. 2. STARTING-UP IN LISBOA“It must be said that Lisboa probably isn’t on the radar asa preferred location for startups; or that it is a hotbed ofentrepreneurial action. But it could be; it can be; it shouldbe. We are, after all, the West Coast of Europe. Thebusiness environment has been getting friendlier due tostreamlined bureaucracy and there are some localstartups that should warrant a closer look.” Mário Valente, Seed Capital
  3. 3. San Francisco LisboaMost blog posts about Lisbon and startups, make references about thesimilarities between San Francisco andLisboa.
  4. 4. No wonder why...San Francisco Lisboa
  5. 5. Lisboa is all About Style, Hipness and Quality of Life. …according to Paul Graham’s (YCombinator founder).US PORTUGAL PORTUGAL
  6. 6. Lisboa is well connected.New York (8h15)/ Madrid (1h)San Francisco (17h45) Zurich (2h30)São Paulo (10h) Israel (5h) Xangai (19h) Airport ISEL IPAM Trai n NOVA IST Engineering Universities Belas NOVA - IADE ETIC Artes ENGINEERING River 6 TEJO
  7. 7. “Closer to what matters.*”More than 50Km ofgolden beaches...Surfing, Kite, Golf,you name it!
  8. 8. “Just the Right Place”Lisbon is one of Europe’s mildest capital cities,with a lot of sunshine (over 3300 hours per year).
  9. 9. “High Quality Health Services”Free National Health SystemAffordable Premium Private Insurance 247,00 € 250€ Premium/Month 200€ 150€ 100€ 87,86 € 50€ Rent Multicare Mutuel Assurance office (Portugal) (Switzerland) Private Insurance
  10. 10. “Arrival to Lisboa”“Getting from our office in downtown Lisbon atrush hour to the Airport can be done in under 20minutes.”James and Sabrina, Founders of Webnographer
  11. 11. “Lisbon is competitive.”Thousands of grad-students.English speaking workforce.Competitive engineers anddesigners, and managementstudents.
  12. 12. “Low cost” Lots of business spaces in Lisboa to help you get started witht the most important: building your product. * Data partially compiled by James and Sabrina, Founders of Webnographer 512K USD500K 500K 3x less 420K400K 400K expensive300K 300K 156K200K 200K 125K USD100K 100K 30K 30K 32K 6K 6K 19K Rent Rent 5p team andIT Rent Rent 5p team andIT Total Total office houseSalaries Legal office houseSalaries admin Silicon Valley Lisbon
  13. 13. Feel better with the Planet. Knowing that more than 70% of your electricity that powers Lisbon from renewable CO2 neutral sources, like wind power*. based on public data from EDP Power utility :p://
  14. 14. Lots of Local Talent Available. There are over 100.000 university students in and around Lisbon. Now prefer to join a startup.TOP Tech&Design Schools:• Instituto Superior Técnico• Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa• Universidade Nova de Lisboa• Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa• ESAD
  15. 15. Great food and wine! We even have startups on wine! Adegga created a social network around wine that puts winemakers closer to wine-tasters.
  16. 16. Local Research Centers, and multi-national eco-system operating in LisbonMajor US, European and Japanesecompanies operate developmentand R&D facilities to take advantageof the high caliber workforce.
  17. 17. Tax breaks for IT start-ups. The Portuguese Government and the European Union is a major supporter of Portuguese technology through a host of financial programs that encourage investment.
  18. 18. Vivo All the Speed you Need. Casa 2 144,97 € Subscription/Month 200€ 4x better 150€ 150€ Meo Total100 1 price per 100€ 72,99 € speed! 50€ Rent PT Swisscom office (Portugal) (Switzerland) Fiber-to-the-home symmetrical 1Gbps connections are widely available, and 4G is expected to be deployed along 2012.*1 – 125 TV channels, 100Mbps internet , unlimited voice, free 100Mb 3G;2 – 160 TV channels , 50 Mbps internet , unlimited voice.
  19. 19. Growing Brazil and Angola SpeakPortuguese!
  20. 20. Tolerant and Artistic LifeFor all genres, and tastes.
  21. 21. Inscrições