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Published in: Technology, Design
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  1. 1. Wi-FiAmanda Marquez Jason Laicha Arturo Gonzalez Jay Miller
  2. 2. Wi-FiToshiba How It Works History Wi-Fi today Benefits/Risks
  3. 3. How It Works• Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity• 802.11 WLAN• Radio Signals sent to and from wireless router
  4. 4. History of Wi-Fi• 1985- The FCC rules that ISM bands can be used without license• 1991- The precursor to modern Wi-Fi is created by NCR Corporation – Called WaveLAN• 1997- 802.11 is created• 1999- 802.11a and 802.11b are created – 802.11b was the first widely accepted standard
  5. 5. Wi-Fi Alliance• 1999- Wi-Fi Alliance is created• Wi-Fi Trademark• Official Wi-Fi Products• In 2009, they sold their billionth Wi-Fi chip• 12
  6. 6. Profiting from Wi-Fi• South Korea, Japan, Singapore – Build as many hot spots as possible – $20 for unlimited access• United States – Targeted business travelers – Limited networks – Much more expensive
  7. 7. Profiting from Wi-Fi• – Universities – Offices – City Parks – Homes – Property Owners
  8. 8. Wi-Fi Today• Computers make up only 30% of products with Wi-Fi capabilitiesThis means….• Airplanes• Television• Game consoles• Cell phones…all have Wi-Fi.
  9. 9. Wi-Fi Today STAY CONNECTED 24/7Personal Business Cities
  10. 10. Managerial Implications• Need Wi-Fi to stay up to date – Airlines – Government• Limitless possibilities• Employees surfing internet
  11. 11. Examples
  12. 12. Risks & Challenges• Security issues/Privacy• Faulty connections o Ex. Villanova• People abusing and accessing inappropriate content on a businesses network• Health concerns• Cloud or electronic smog
  13. 13. Benefits• Stay connected• Easy to use/Hassle Free• Share hardware• Convenience• Multiple Connections• Inexpensive• Good for business
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