Product 7 (business etiquette ver 1)


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Product 7 (business etiquette ver 1)

  1. 1. Welcome to Supporting human resources © Business Etiquettes
  2. 2. Business Etiquettes © Business Etiquettes
  3. 3. Contents  Greeting  Handshake  Business Cards  Office Etiquette  E-Mails  Thanking © Business Etiquettes
  4. 4. Etiquette  Business etiquette is the subtle, redefining difference which enables people to excel and succeed in today’s corporate culture © Business Etiquettes
  5. 5. Greeting © Business Etiquettes
  6. 6. Greeting  Introduction  Three Party Introduction  Self Introduction  Have a practiced introduction for yourself  Yourself to superior  Yourself to a new colleague / new employee  Yourself to a client  Yourself to another person at a social gathering  Do not rush through your introduction  Do not mumble through it either  Keep it crisp
  7. 7. Greeting  Three party Introductions  In a three-person introduction, your role is to introduce two people to each other.  In a business or business/social situation, one must take into consideration the rank of the people involved in order to show appropriate deference.  Remember, gender doesn’t count in the business world; protocol is based upon rank.  Senior employees outrank junior employees  Customers or clients outrank every employee (even the CEO)  Officials (Government Servants etc.) outrank non-officials © Business Etiquettes
  8. 8. Greeting  Begin with the superior’s name, add the introduction phrase, say the other person’s name and add some information about the second person.  Then reverse the introduction by saying the second’s name, followed by the introduction phrase and the superior’s name and information.  When a three-party intro is done correctly, the two people being introduced should be able to start some small talk based upon what you shared about each of them.  Introductions should match, so if you know the first and last names of both people, say both.  If you know only the first name of one person, say only the first names of both. If you add an honorific for one person, the other should also have one. © Business Etiquettes
  9. 9. Handshake © Business Etiquettes
  10. 10. Handshake  What’s in a Handshake? – Everything  It’s the first physical contact with someone  Consider  How do you shake hands  When do you shake hands  The desirable handshake is  Firm yet assuring  Warm and enthusiastic  Dry and pleasant to touch © Business Etiquettes
  11. 11. Handshake  The undesirable handshake is  Weak  Half Hearted  Slippery  Bone Crushers  The Wet Fish  The Socket Dislocator  Be mindful – One does not initiate a handshake with a superior / higher ranking official  In a group, shake hands first with the host and then with other senior people in the group © Business Etiquettes