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LocalBird Plan activities with local insights.          Mobile App          Contents..      Users/ Personas,Features & Inf...
User/ Persona                               Who’s she?                                               32 years old, a high ...
Overview (how it works)  Login step      She enters her login details such as user name, password.      She needs to selec...
Information Architecture
Use Cases / User storiesUser wants to                    By (features)                                           So that s...
Wireframe - My Location Screen
Wireframe - Discover Screen1
Wireframe - Discover Screen2
Wireframe - Discover Screen3
Wireframe - Suggestions Screen
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Local bird


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Wireframing for a Mobile App for tourist activity management. This was intended to be an addon app for the customers of a tour operator.

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Local bird

  1. 1. LocalBird Plan activities with local insights. Mobile App Contents.. Users/ Personas,Features & Info architectures, Use Cases/ User Stories Wireframes.
  2. 2. User/ Persona Who’s she? 32 years old, a high school teacher, an avid traveller, comfortable with web and smart phone usage. She wonders if it is possible to have a hazzle free day filled with activities in a new unfamiliar location. She is well organized, has time sense, likes planning details beforehand. She likes to take informed decisions. Nicole Smith What’s she likely to do? Scan the locality for spots such as parks, Her Pain points eateries, spas, museums, shops etc. She is not able to quickly identify Understand distances of local spots from local spots on the map. her base location and time needed for Does not have clarity on time and each activity. distances (in relation to her base Quickly access maps, distances, local location/ hotel) to plan activities. spots, tourist tips, others suggestions Lacks quick/ handy way to check while on the move. out maps, distances, local spots, Look out for friends recommendations. tips, recommended places to plan Create a day’s plan/ itinerary with a todo better. list. Finds it difficult to plan a round Leave behind suggestions. trip that saves time.
  3. 3. Overview (how it works) Login step She enters her login details such as user name, password. She needs to select her hotel which is considered as her base location, all time estimates and distances will be calculated from this location. My Location screen This is the first screen, which will have a map with her hotel location active. She can click the hotel description or check out other spots around. Discover screen When Discover tab is pressed we get a list of available activity-categories in relation to the current location on the map. Each category will have an expand box similar to a accordion, with additional details. By clicking each category we get the listing with available options with ratings, this can be further clicked to go to the details screen. Suggestions screen This will have user suggestions/ comments, user can also add his comments. Todo screen This will have a todo list so that the user can keep track of his chosen activities.
  4. 4. Information Architecture
  5. 5. Use Cases / User storiesUser wants to By (features) So that she can <value>Get a map view of his hotel’s By viewing a geographic map as the main screen, Can feel grounded or pivoted to his hotellocation, details and know his which displays his hotel locations and other spots location and never lost.surroundings. around.Know what are the available By viewing a list of activity types (or categories eg He can become knowledgeable to plan hisactivities from his current eateries, spas, shopping etc) available around his days schedule appropriately based on hislocation (hotel) current location. interests.Find out if a certain activity By viewing minimum time/ nearest distance for So that he can opt not to take up certainfits his available time. each category. activites/ or take it up later.To get details of each spot By drilling down to the overview and details page So that she can decide to go for it or drop it.that she wishes to visit. for each option/activity.See what her friends/ other By having social features (ie rating, comments & Take decisions confidently based on trust.people recommend. like button)Keep a track of chosen By having “add todo buttons” for adding each She can keep track/ view/ prioritize heractivities and plan a round activity into the todo list. Optionally we can have planned activities and estimate time properly.trip. a feature whereby the system generates a round She can make optimal use of her available trip based on the todo list. time.Participate by giving feedback She should be able to add her comments, rating Get the satisfaction that she can help others and ‘like’ to the activities taken up by sharing her experience.Sort information to quickly Providing sort options like “Nearby, Featured, She can save time by viewing only the relevantget to useful information. Recommended” for local spot listings and sort pieces of information. options like “ friends, Everyone” for Suggestions listings.
  6. 6. Wireframe - My Location Screen
  7. 7. Wireframe - Discover Screen1
  8. 8. Wireframe - Discover Screen2
  9. 9. Wireframe - Discover Screen3
  10. 10. Wireframe - Suggestions Screen