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Smeminar no 1_[amar][1]


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Published in: Engineering
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Smeminar no 1_[amar][1]

  1. 1. SEMINER TOPIC:- MODERN EQUIPMENTS. NAME:-Mr,Amar Bharat Magar. [S.Y. Civil Engineering.] Prof:Mr,Hinge Sir.
  2. 2. MODERN EQUIPMENTS • EDM-Electronic distance measurement equipment. • Electronic theodolite. • Total station.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • By the 7970 relatively small,lightweight;& easy-to-use electronic distance measuring devices it is called EDM. • The advance of technology of electronic components enabled the building of thedolites that measure angle electronically is called Electronic Theodolite. • Combination of an electronic thedolite & electronic distance meter; & software running on external laptop,computer known as data collector called Total Station.
  4. 4. EDM • Meaurment of distance is accomplished with a modulated microve • Genereted by a small solid state emitter within the instruments • The modulation pattern in the returning singal is read & interpreted by onborad computer in the EDM
  5. 5. HAND HELD EDM • Very handy • Cheap • Can be used with accuracy • of 10mm or so • Rapid measurement • Long range • High accuracy • Measurement of moving • target
  6. 6. ELECTRONIC THEODOLITE • The electronic theodolites have optical system to scan both horizontal & vertical circles & display them digiyally on a screeen
  7. 7. In EDM the beam of light is the carrier and which is reflected back from mirror located at the other end. Such instrument are less expensive because one active instrument and battery are only needed at one end and instrument at other end is simply a reflecting mirror centered over ground centre mark Principle.
  8. 8. Basic Principle A total station integrates the functions of a theodolite for measuring angles, an EDM for measuring distances, digital data and a data recorder. All total stations have similar constructional features regardless of their age or level of technology, and all perform basically the same functions TOTAL STATION
  9. 9. FEATURES:- • Total solution for surveying work. • Most accurate& user friendly. • Measures distance & angle display coordinates. • EDM is fitted inside the telescope. • Digital display. • On board memory to store data. • Water proof. • On board software are available.
  10. 10. COMPONENTS OF A TOTAL STATION • EDM • Electronic theodolite • On board Micro processor • Data Collector • Data storage • Prisms
  11. 11. SPECIFICATIONS • Range • Reflector less:3-70 meters • Single prism:1-3000m • Accuracy • Angle:1”-5” • Distance:3mm(with prism)/4mm(with out) • Data Storage:5000 points
  12. 12. • The LCD screen does not work well when it is cold • Battery life is short • Loss of data is an important consideration. • Fully atomatic electronic Measurment. • Digital display of staff reading & distance • Data storage in instrument possible ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES OF TOTAL STATION Advantages disadvantages