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1970's in fashion


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Published in: Education, Design, Lifestyle
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1970's in fashion

  1. 1. FIRST DECADE OF 20CENTURY • FIRST DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1900-1910 . Beginning of Edwardian epoch. STYLE : Continuation of aesthetics of Art Nouveau style and development of "Arts and crafts&" movement . Art Nouveau incarnated in in Vienna Austria as the Secession and in Germany as Jugendstil. FASHION DESIGNERS: Paul Poiret, Jean Paquin, Mariano Fortuny DANCE : Tango, Waltz. POPULAR MUSIC: Ragtime. ART: Fauvism , Analytical Cubism, Expressionism
  2. 2. SECOND DECADE OF 20CENTURY • SECOND DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1910-1920. Development of Edwardian epoch. STYLE :Art Nouveau style evolved in Art Deco . First World War. Development of more practical women’s fashion. FASHION DESIGNERS: Coco Chanel ( as an emerging designer she open her first shop in 1913), Paquin, Lanvin, Leon Bakst(mostly costume designer for Ballets Russes), Jackues Doucet Inspiration : Ballets Russes FASHION ILLUSTRATORS: George Barbier, George Lepape DANCE : Tango, Waltz Boston POPULAR MUSIC: Ragtime, beginning of Jazz. ART: Fauvism , Analytical Cubism, Dadaism( after 1914 ), Futurism
  3. 3. THIRD DECADE OF 20CENTURY • THIRD DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1920-1930. Roaring Twenties STYLE : formation of Art Deco style. INFLUENCES AND INSPIRATION: cinematograph, social revolution, new technology, sport , Russian constructivists: Varvara Stepanova, Lubov Popova FASHION DESIGNERS: Coco Channel , Madeleine Vionnet; Erte , Sonia Delauney, Lanvin, Jean Patau, Edward Molynex DANCE : Charleston, Foxtrot, Tango , Shimmy POPULAR MUSIC: Jazz ART: Non Figurative abstraction , Cubism, Futurism, Bauhaus, Constructivism
  4. 4. Examples of women’s 1970’s clothes:
  5. 5. Examples of men’s 1970’s clothes:
  6. 6. • a cotton fabric from the 1970's made by Dekoplus semi sheer manmade fabric The bag is made from black wool jersey fabric quilted in horizontal lines with black leather trim. Paisley Fabric Cotton Large stars 100% cotton fabric Stars are just under 1” wide. White stars on red background