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Kay Sunderland


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Published in: Education
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Kay Sunderland

  1. 1. Kay Sunderland CASE ANALYSIS Presented by : Amar Keshari Monica Singh Priya Yadav Rakesh Ranjan
  2. 2. Organization Hierarchy
  3. 3. Topics to be addressed 1. Personalities 2. Factors leading to conflict 3. Conflict analysis 4. Solution
  4. 4. Key People O Caroline Nicholas Role : Founder , CEO , Attain Learning Qualification : BBA , MBA Experience : 10 years of experience as a consultant & corporate trainer . Variety of position at IBM O Dr. John Chama Role : COO , Attain Learning Qualification : PHD in Finance Experience : Professor of Finance O Kay Sunderland Role : Account Director , Attain Learning Qualification : BA , MBA Experience : Account Executive at IBM & Oracle O Mike Morgan Role : Content Development Director Qualification : Master of Science in Project Management Experience : 10 Years of project management experience.
  5. 5. Personality Trait of Kay & Mike Kay Sunderland O Conventional O Investigative Production Oriented Mike Morgan O Artistic O Realistic O Enterprising Development Oriented Holland’s Model
  6. 6. Managerial Grid
  7. 7. Fiedler Model
  8. 8. The Conflict Process
  9. 9. Factors Leading to Conflict Structural Factors O Specialization O Interdependence O Authority relationships
  10. 10. Contd.. Personal Factors O Personalities O Perception O Values and Ethics O Communication Barriers
  11. 11. Process Conflict O Conflict over how the work gets done. O Difference in working style of Kay & Mike. O Kay lacks Communication skills in a way she was not able to impose company’s policy on Mike
  12. 12. Functional Conflict O Supports the goals of the group and improves its performance. O Creativity will be stimulated. O Motivation for Change
  13. 13. Dimensions of conflict handling intentions
  14. 14. Conflict Management Collaborating O To find an integrative solution. O To merge insights, both from Kay & Mike. O To gain commitment by incorporating consensus into concern. O To work through feelings that have interfered.
  15. 15. Solution Alternatives O Text Mike immediately about the issue O Schedule a face to face meeting when Mike is free O Report Chama about Mike’s actions
  16. 16. Proposed plan of action O Take an overview O Text Mike regarding an urgent meeting O Inform Chama about the issue O Sort out differences using Collaborative approach O Apologise to the client
  17. 17. Thank You