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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Vaibhav Agarwal 13810080 Intel: Creating Market Pull
  2. 2. Intel: Brief History  Founded in1968 by Robert N. Noyce & Gordon Moore  Initially dedicated to production of memory chips.  In 1971 developed the first microprocessor chip, labeled as 4004  Then it came up with more powerful processors like 8008 and 8080 in 1972 & 1973 respectively.  Played an important role in initiating the Personal Computer era.
  3. 3. Managing Innovations  Aggressive licensing policy in initial 1980’s  The court’s verdict was not in the favor of Company and thus it could no more carry forward the original “386” as its identity to which customers related.  Cheaper and faster clones developed by competitors.  Realized that continued innovation and smaller time to market was best to fight competition.  Came up with better and faster processor
  4. 4. New Battles  The customers did not realize the importance of processor and Intel brand was not known.  Word Processing did not required such complex processors provided by Intel.  The manufacturing unit of Intel could not match the increased demands in processors.  The existing architecture of PC was a problem to growing complexity of processors.
  5. 5. Solutions  Came up with the campaign Intel Inside to inform its customers that they were using processor made by Intel.  Directed the PC industry towards more advanced computational needs such as multimedia.  Created Intel Architecture Laboratories.  Came up with RISC architecture over CISC architecture.  In 1997 Intel reduced its price by 50% to reduce their inventory and make road for newer processors.
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