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Competencies and Skills Required in 21st century


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Competencies and Skills Required in 21st century

  1. 1. Competencies and skills required in 21st Century
  2. 2. 21st Century : The Challenges Ahead• A recent survey of leaders from a business research organizations finds that the incoming generation will need more knowledge and skills required for success in 21st Century communities and workplaces — both technical and behavioral skills (motivation, communication skills, team spirit, self- management, etc.)
  3. 3. A major shift in 21st Century• In 21st century, profound shift is taking place in the way people communicate and connect to each other.
  4. 4. A major shift in 21st Century• This has created the culture of creativity, invocation and global competition to get higher result .• This has created the demand of creative ideas, innovation and improved skill.• This has created the need of becoming a knowledge worker and access to tools and resources on 24/7 basis.
  5. 5. What are the competencies neededin 21st Century?As per the survey report, the most desirable skills are:• Self-awareness• Communication• Collaboration (team work),• Thinking and analyzing• Creativity and innovation• Problem-solving.
  6. 6. What motives us to developdifferent competencies• Have you ever thought why some people are successful almost all the time and has all the required competencies while others are not?• Why some people are motivated all the time while others are not?• Why some people spend time to improve their skills and build capacity while other waits for someone else to build their capacity?
  7. 7. What motives us to developdifferent competencies• Different people have different motive and different level of desire depending upon their priorities in life.• These priorities directly relates to our personal values which shows us the right direction to reach our destination to do any thing and everything we do.
  8. 8. Personal Values• A value is a guiding principle or the philosophy that guide our decision, action and behaviour to maximize our potential. These guiding principles energize us, motivate us and also help us to live a fulfilled and happy life.Examples of values:• Achievement, honesty, courage, freedom, discipline, punctuality, integrity,, power, authority, security, respect, dedication, diversity, improvement, enjoyment/fun, empowerment, commitment, etc.
  9. 9. Examples of Different ValuesPersonal Values Family Values Business Values Social Values And Spiritual ValuesGood health Good Family Life Success and the FlexibilityDiscipline Peace and harmony accomplishment HospitalityPunctuality Trust Honesty and loyalty GentlenessIntegrity Respect Quality work OnenessCommitment Responsibility Customer care Patience and toleranceAchievement Security Creativity GenerosityPleasure Quality time Teamwork GratitudeBeauty and looking good Support and care Integrity CompassionPerfection Perfection FriendshipAdventure Efficiency EqualityCourage Effectiveness Honesty and truthfulnessHonesty Competence Unconditional loveFun and joy Integrity Peace and harmonyPatience ContentmentFreedomOpennessAppreciationRecognition
  10. 10. Where do we get the Values from• Your values are made up of everything that has happened to you in your life which includes influences from your parents and family, your religious affiliation, your friends and peers, your education, your reading, movies & TV, and more.
  11. 11. Thank you