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Medimail aws presentation


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Presented at the AWS Canberra Summit 2013. Craig Frawley did a great job presenting MediMail and how the product is leveraging AWS

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Medimail aws presentation

  1. 1. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013Lean start up to mega trafficand data capture on AWSCraig FrawleyManaging DirectorMediMail23rdMay 2013CanberraAWS Summit SeriesAustralia & New Zealand
  2. 2. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013MediMail overviewNo matter where you live, what hours you work, howbusy you are or what assistance you require, MediMailmakes Pharmacy easy Integrated e-Commerce and e-Prescription platform Provides typical eCommerce experience for OTC Pharmacy products Provides users with an ‘in-home’ e-Prescription interface◦ View all prescription and repeat information◦ Order and organise future dispense events with the click of amouse◦ Choose where and how they receive their medication Back-end reporting enables targeting of cognitive and fee-for-service activities based on disease state metrics of scripts The effect… transition Pharmacy further into healthcare
  3. 3. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013Factors driving an integrated e-approach NEHTA has implemented PCEHR as part of e-Health reform G.P Practice Incentive Programs will push eScript up-load rate byG.P’s to ~ 100% nationally by mid 2013 PBS goes paperless July 1st, 2013 – this means with ePrescriptionservices, the traditional paper trail from G.P to Pharmacy is nowoptional – patients no longer have to visit a pharmacy eScript interface effectively provides every patient with a ‘in home’dispensing platform Pharmacies not offering this service will be at the mercy ofcompetitors as the traditional retail-patient linkage is broken and beleft with condensing foot traffic194 Million prescriptions a year = over 3 Billion online transactions a yearand GROWING
  4. 4. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013- Lean startup- Quick test to fail- Quick test to failSuck and see approach. We tested the market with little capital spend.Then we went for it! Lean Agile approach Tightly scoped iterations to avoid over spending Studied the market. We went live for a POC with Australia Post Focused on small regional areas Measurable results Tested the application Did not spend capital funds on infrastructure Proved the business modelimage supplied by http://www.techjini.comimage supplied by http://
  5. 5. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013Key technology architecture requirements The application has to complete the workflow end-to-end Has to integrate with third party services in a repeatable way Has to be secure Has to report on massive amounts of data in near real time Has to notify patients of repeats using multiple channels Think big, start small, do it fastNeeds to be convenient, fast and secure
  6. 6. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013We made Architectural decisionsWe selected Amazon Web Services for many reasonsCapacity PlanningSecuritySpeedAgilityAvailabilityRepeatable
  7. 7. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013We started small...but had to think BIGWe could not even guess howmuch infrastructure we needed... and when we did, we got scared by the numbersIf we boughtUpfront $60,000Hosting $4,000 p/mJust to startNo Disaster RecoveryWith AWSUpfront $0Hosting $600 p/mWe started withHigh AvailabilityAWS gives us theability to designthe big picturebut only spendwhat we need
  8. 8. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013We are dealing with very personal and private information... so it really needs to be securewe had to come up with some pretty unique security decisionswe did not use RDS to maintain administration controlThe data in the database is completely encryptedthe system administrators can not read the dataWe introduced two phase authentication for patientsthis is the first time we ever saw the value of secret answersAWS has spent millions on securitywe saw them as a security company firstMedicare details had to match 100%no way to gain access to scripts by intrudersFar moresecure thanwhat we couldhave done
  9. 9. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013Speed and Agility ... we had to move fast... we could not wait for infrastructure to be purchased... and wanted changes to be made instantlyWe scripted the environmentsand had a production ready environment during the development phaseProcurementwould have takenat least 1 monthAble to reuse thesame environmentor scriptsFits perfectly withour agilemethodology.Infrastructureteam was partof Dev team
  10. 10. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013It never goes down... and we can launch a whole new environment in minutes if it didIt is also scalable!as the load increases, so does our environmentMinimum cost based on performance we want to achieveLoad starts to exceed base capacityWe increase AWS instances to handle more loadWe scale down when load diminishes1 5 10 15 20 minutesonline consumersAWS costs if over 1 month
  11. 11. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013What does our architecture look like... enterprise grade that leverages cloud technologiesAWS Big Data OptionScaled when intense queriesare executedScales with demandWe have scaled up to 10 nodes in an hourJentrata supports HL/7Scales rarelyOur Apdex score is 1.0100% satisfied customersAccording to NewRelic
  12. 12. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013What has Dynamo DB provided... the ability to store massive amounts of data... scalable without the upfront costswhen we startedwe had 10MBof data12 months onwe now have1GB of datawe expectover 30GB ofdataIn 12 months In 24 monthswe expectover 1TB ofdataCost: $10 per monthCost: $20 per monthCost: $200 permonthCost: $1000 permonth... super fast data querying
  13. 13. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013We did all this with experts... We needed a system integrator that worked smart... We needed a system integrator that worked fast... that understood cloud technologies & security... that had experience with health and high volume e-commerce... that understood high availability... that understood Big Data was about the mathematics... that provided ongoing support
  14. 14. base2Services Pty Ltd Commercial in Confidence 2013ThankyouCraig FrawleyManaging DirectorMediMailQuestionsWelcome