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Inversion Sujeto


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Some examples of cases when the normal word order in an English sentence is changed.

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Inversion Sujeto

  1. 1. INVERSIÓN DEL SUJETO Cuando empieza la frase con here o there: Here comes Peter. Pero cuando el sujeto es un pronombre la frase sigue el orden normal: Here they are. Con so (=también) y neither .(=tampoco): He’s hungry and so am I. He hasn’t got any money and neither have I. Con adverbios de frecuencia con fuerza negativa –never, seldom, rarely- cuando empiezan una frase. Hardly had you left when he arrived. Never have I seen such a pretty girl. Si es un verbo ordinario en presente o pasado se usa el auxiliar do / did delante del sujeto: Not only does he want yours but also mine. No sooner/ not only: No sooner had she arrived than she started to complain. Not only is the exam difficult but it is also long.