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Ict in health for nuhra


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Presented at the 3rd eHealth Summit, PICC Manila, Philippines June 3, 2016

Published in: Healthcare
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Ict in health for nuhra

  1. 1.  The country’s template for health research and development efforts  Consolidation of the research priorities of the four core agencies of the PNHRS namely, DOH, DOST- PCHRD, CHED, and UP Manila National Institutes of Health
  2. 2. 1. Drug Discovery and Development 2. Diagnostics 3. Hospital Equipment and Biomedical Devices 4. ICT in Health 5. Genomics and MolecularTechnology 6. Functional Food
  3. 3. Development of user-friendly ICT solutions to accelerate the gathering and processing of health and related information for policymaking, and to deliver quality healthcare services
  4. 4.  To support collection, analysis and transmission of health-related data in a cost- effective manner.  To promote the concept of “telemedicine” from the separate but related dimensions of “device and service”
  5. 5.  Public health surveillance/health intelligence systems  Telehealth services and systems  Interface for ICT-enabled medical devices
  6. 6.  Public health surveillance/health intelligence systems - collection, transmission, handling and processing of health-related information to make it cost-effective and more relevant for public health decision-making
  7. 7.  Telehealth services and systems - delivery of health-related services via telecommunications technology
  8. 8.  Interface for ICT-enabled medical devices - can work in partnership with the hospital equipment group
  9. 9.  Standards for health data exchange and interoperability  Policy on health infrastructure framework
  10. 10.  Public health surveillance/health intelligence systems e-TABLET e-HATID e-HaMBinGG 2013 2014 2016 (Ateneo de Manila University ) Field tested in 365 cities/municipalities nationwide
  11. 11.  Public health surveillance/health intelligence systems Determination of Metro Manila and Rizal Province Cancer Incidence 2008-2013Through Population-based Cancer Registries (2013-present)
  12. 12.  Public health surveillance/health intelligence systems Three Use Cases of Big Data in Universal Health Care: Social Determinants of Health, Service Delivery Networks, and Fraud Detection. (approved 2016 )
  13. 13.  Telehealth services/systems - MedicalTeleparasitology for Laboratory Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections in the Philippines (UP-NIH) - MedicalTeledermatologyAlert and response System for Leprosy Control (Metahelix/Novartis)
  14. 14.  Telehealth services and systems - RxBox project (UP Manila) Field tested in 153 sites, with future expansion to 1,000 more sites
  15. 15.  Interface for ICT-enabled medical devices RxBox project – UP Diliman/ASTI component Ventilator project – UP Manila
  16. 16.  Standards - Interoperability Standards  Health infrastructure - Philippine Health Information Exchange - Joint AO on Privacy Guidelines  Telehealth Bill
  17. 17. 2016-2022 - Personalized Medicine vs Remote Patient Monitoring vs Privacy - Interoperability - eHealth ecosystem - Analytics (PHIE)