Irish-American Attitudes to The Gathering


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A survey of Irish Americans for Irish Central about The Gathering 2013.

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  • I too was involved in meetings (Dungarvan, West Waterford) as well as Dunhill and Lismore smaller group meetings and I found that everyone I heard speaking (publicly and privately) was more interested in how the local community could benefit from the events - that the tourists may come/benefit was a side issue. Most of the events are being run as free to tourists - it's the locals that are paying to set up the events.
    Baa humbug to the begrudgers.
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  • I have been surprised at the negative reaction from some quarters to The Gathering. I was involved as a lead facilitator at a number of county meetings and they were hugely positive events. They were not structured to achieve a 'shakedown' of the American diaspora. Indeed, the focus was much more on considering what each county had to offer rather than on what each county could exploit! It is good to see some 80% of your sample have already heard of The Gathering and many are prompted to visit Ireland in 2013 on the back of this tourism initiative. Let us focus our attention on ensuring that one visit leads to another by creating a really positive visitor experience.
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Irish-American Attitudes to The Gathering

  1. 1. Irish-American Attitudes to The Gatheringa survey for Irish CentralDecember 2012
  2. 2. 2 Table of Contents A. Background, Objectives & MethodologyMAIN FINDINGS: SECTION 1: Demographics SECTION 2: Past visits to Ireland SECTION 3: Main findings on The Gathering
  3. 3. 3 Background, Objectives and MethodologyA three minute long survey was designed by Amárach Researchin partnership with Irish Central to assess the opinions of theIrish American Community towards “The Gathering”.The survey was conducted amongst a total sample of 636 ofwhom 485 had heard of “The Gathering”. The margin of error ona sample of this size is 4.4%.Survey responses were collected between the dates of 5thDecember and the 13th December 2012There is no absolute demographic reference point from which tobuild a nationally representative sample of Irish Americans.However the substantial size of this poll coupled with the spreadby age, gender and region (the poll includes responses from allbut two states in the Union - Nebraska and Utah) means that itcan be seen as reflective of the broader Irish AmericanCommunity.
  4. 4. Research Demographics
  5. 5. 5 Sample Profile Income Gender Age Education Level % % % % 18-24 1 25-34 2 10 8 Up to $50,999k Highschool/less 21 35-44 45-54 19 Some college 20 Male 53 $51-100,999 27 2 year degree 12 55-64 35 4 year degree 29 $101-250,999 27Female 47 $251+ 6 Masters 21 65+ 35 Refused 20 PHD/Doctoral 8
  6. 6. Past visits to Ireland
  7. 7. 7 Visits to Ireland Have you ever visited Ireland? How long ago was your last visit to Ireland? (Base: All who have visited Ireland (Base: All previously: 530) respondents:636) % %Yes 0-2 years ago 57 85% 3-5 years ago 21 15% 6-10 years ago 12 No 10-20 years ago 7 20+ years ago 3A large majority of our respondents have already visited Ireland but of these 20% visited more than 5 years ago. (Q.1,2)
  8. 8. 8 Plan to Visit Ireland Do you plan to visit Motivation to visit Ireland in 2013? Ireland in 2013? (Base: All (Base: All who have visited Ireland:352) respondents:623) % % To visit friends/relatives 67 To experience the natural beauty and scenery of Ireland 36 Yes 57% 43% To experience the hospitalityNo of the Irish people 26 To explore my ancestral roots 25 (Q.3,4)
  9. 9. Main findings in relation to The Gathering
  10. 10. 10 Views of The Gathering Have you heard of How positively do Breakdown on 1 to 5 The Gathering? you rate The scale Gathering? (Base: All (Base: All who have heard respondents:614) of The Gathering:482) 1 11% % Negative Positive (1,2) (4,5) Yes 2 12% 23% 52% 79% 3 25% 21% 25% = Neither/nor 25% 4No Scale on 1 to 5 where 1 is very negative and 5 27% 5 is very positive. Of those who had heard about The Gathering 52% rate it positively compared to 23% of people who rate it negatively. (Q.5,6,7)
  11. 11. 11 Likely to Visit Ireland/Hearing about The Gathering (Base: All who have heard of The Gathering:447)Has The Gathering prompted you or How likely is it you will visit Ireland anyone in your wider circle toconsider visiting Ireland next year? in response to The Gathering? (Base: All who have heard (Base: All who have heard of The Gathering:481) of The Gathering:477) % Very likely (7) 16 32% Likely Likely/ 62% 16No Yes somewhat likely (5-6) 38% Neither willing/ nor unwilling (4) 12 Unwilling/ 18 Somewhat unlikely (3-2) 57% Unlikely Very unwilling (1) 39Strong evidence that the concept of The Gathering is acting as ‘a call to action’ (Q7,8)
  12. 12. 12 Plan to Visit Ireland (Base: All who have heard of The Gathering) Do you think The Gathering will make a real Respondents’ ideas for attractingcontribution to the Irish Economic Recovery? more American tourists in 2013? (Base all respondents who have heard of (Base all respondents:452) The Gathering:470) % Main Other Action Action TOTAL Reduce air fares 59 17 76% Reduce cost of 13 29 64% accommodation 42% No Yes Overcome car rental 11 23 34% 36% challenges Increase number of direct flights 7 14 21% Enhanced Marketing 6 11 17% Improve accessibility by air 47 11% Fundamentally the challenges of cost and accommodation remain if we are to further boost tourism numbers. (Q.10,11)
  13. 13. Drivers & DrinkingAbout AmárachAmárach Research is an independent marketresearch agency, providing a full range ofresearch services to our Irish and internationalclients. Amárach specialises in turninginformation into insight; and insight intoforesight.Amárach’s experienced team of 30 directors andexecutives manage online, face-to-face and catisurveys (through our call centre); as well asqualitative research including focus groups, in-depths and ethnographic studies. We alsodelivers a world class field-only service touniversities and international agencies.Over nearly 25 years, Amárach has pioneeredinnovative research techniques and reported onIrish social, lifestyle and tech trends since the1980s. Amárach invests heavily inunderstanding current Irish consumer andbusiness trends, and shares numerous, freereports and presentations via our blog andslideshare sites, linked via our main
  14. 14. Trends ReportCall us on 01 410 5200 if you want your business to bounce forward to success: Mark Nolan Managing Director or Michael McLoughlin Chief Executive or Gerard O’Neill Chairman for a confidential discussion about your needs and to explore how we can help you succeed through world class market research. e. w. b. t.