An Post Amárach Research Presentation February 2012


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A survey of Irish and British consumer attitudes to marketing media, including direct mail.

The full report is available at the An Post Mail Media website:

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An Post Amárach Research Presentation February 2012

  1. 1. Marketing Institute of IrelandDublin of ChangeThe Age Breakfast Event February 2012 1
  2. 2. 1. Opportunity Shocks2. The Difference Is…3. Only Connect
  3. 3. 1. Opportunity Shocks
  4. 4. Moody Consumers
  5. 5. Emonomics
  6. 6. Modest Improvement
  7. 7. Rainy Day Fund €87 billion
  8. 8. Savings Splurge
  9. 9. Generational Differences
  10. 10. Opportunity Shocks Ireland: UK: Middle-ageing population Ageing population Young families Teenager/youth surge High savings ratio Low savings ratio Pent up rainy day fund… Less economic shock… … but confidence and … but confidence and economy still to pick up economy still to pick up
  11. 11. 2. The Difference Is…
  12. 12. A Matter of Trust
  13. 13. Losing the Love
  14. 14. Media Trust
  15. 15. Life Online N.B.: Nearly 80% of Irish adults are online 50% of Irish adults are now on Facebook 10% are on twitter 30% have smartphones (50% by end of 2012) Some 60% of adults have bought something online…
  16. 16. eShoppers
  17. 17. In The Post
  18. 18. Happy Chappies
  19. 19. Irish and British consumers havestopped trusting their maininstitutions in recent yearsBusinesses have not escapedfrom this process – many are stilloutside the circle of trustNevertheless, the Irish have amore trusting relationship withtheir media than their UKcounterpartsThis translates into greaterlikeability towards advertising ingeneral, and post/catalogues inparticularThe generally positive emotionaldisposition of Irish consumers hassurvived so far…
  20. 20. 3. Only Connect
  21. 21. Build Awareness
  22. 22. Close the Sale
  23. 23. Build the Loyalty
  24. 24. Switcher Nation% switched past 12 months
  25. 25. Ways to Connect
  26. 26. All Consumption is Local
  27. 27. The Way Ahead Irish consumer spending will grow from €81 billion this year to €88 billion by 2016, providing expanding opportunities for products, services & brands But Irish consumers are diverging from their UK counterparts: in terms of savings, demography and even technology usage Despite similar levels of distrust in general, Irish consumers are more open to their media in terms of messages and engagement But unlocking the opportunity will work best with the right combination of media and marketing activity – both Irish specific and global best in class when appropriate.
  28. 28. Trends ReportGet the full report: Simply register for free on the An Post Mail Media website and download a copy of all the research findings.
  29. 29. Trends ReportCall us on 01 410 5200 if you want your business to bounce forward to success: Gerard O’Neill Chairmanfor a confidential discussion about your needs and toexplore how we can help you succeed through world class market research. e. w. b. t.