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Reflections project


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Reflections project

  1. 1. PROCRASTINATION LEADING TO FAILURE! Amany HarbMAN3025.791F11: Principles of Management Reflections Project
  2. 2. LOCATION & TIME Thursday May 5th of 2011 Financial Accounting Final Exam! • 15 Minutes before class starts • Last Minute Studying • Over worked & Tired
  3. 3. THE EXAM STARTS Uh Oh!!!  It’s a Cumulative Exam!  Studied only last chapters.  Not Ready!
  5. 5. FINAL GRADES  Receive Email from Professor  Final Grades Have been Posted  Final Grade : D+ (69%)  Major Disappointment!!!!
  7. 7. SHALL WE BEGIN“Please clear your tests. You may begin as soon as you receive your final exam booklet. Good Luck!”
  8. 8. AS TIME PASSESI decide to start grading the final exams from my previous class to pass time.
  9. 9. CHECKING UP  7:00 pm , Half way through.  Walk around the class to check up on everyone.  Waited patiently till all students were done.
  10. 10. GOOD LUCK! As students began to turn in their final exam booklets I wished them all good luck on their final exam and on their futures!
  11. 11. MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS NUMBER 1 Planning:“A Process to determine and implement actions to achieve organizational objectives”(Hitt, Black, and Porter, 3rd ed. P.113).
  12. 12. PLANNING CONCEPTS Strategic Strategic Planning:Plans, Tactical “Plans that focus on the broad future of the organization andPlans, and Operational incorporation both externalPlans. environmental demands and My two Specific internal resources intoComponents are: managers’ actions” • Strategic Planning (Hitt, Black, and Porter, 3rd ed. & Tactical P.113). Planning.
  13. 13. PLANNING CONCEPTS CONT. Tactical Plans:“Plans that translate strategic plans into specific goals for specific parts of the organization” as defined in the test (Hitt, Black, and Porter, 3rd ed. P.113).
  14. 14. ORGANIZATION CONCEPTS Organizational Structure:“The sum of the ways an organization divides itslabor into distinct tasks and then coordinates them” (Hitt, Black, and Porter, 3rd ed. P.134).
  15. 15. ORGANIZATION CONCEPTS CONT. Value: “The fundamentally importantbehaviors, activities, and outcomes”(Hitt, Black, and Porter, 3rd ed. P.137)
  16. 16. WHAT I HAVE LEARNED  I do not plan ahead  I do not Manage my Time  I am Lazy  I am a Procrastinator
  17. 17. PLANNING & ORGANIZING  I need to start planning accordingly  Manage my time  Organize my schedule
  18. 18. UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION  Could of changed the outcome if I had studied.  Should be more aware of my school work.  Never assume that I have everything under control.
  19. 19. MANAGING MY FUTURE!  I will not wait till last minute  I will organize my time  Plan accordingly  Get things done in a timely manner.