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New year resolutions for more inner peace amanvana


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4 simple resolutions that’ll create a more peaceful life.

Published in: Travel
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New year resolutions for more inner peace amanvana

  1. 1. New Year resolutions for more inner peace
  2. 2. Choose your words carefully Words are the basis of thoughts and thought is the basis of action. In the NY, try and choose your words carefully – both with yourself and others. Avoid gossip and toxic people like the plague!
  3. 3. Be curious, not judgmental The older we get the more set we get in our ways and the more quickly we want to foist our ways on others. In the NY, let us learn to be more open minded. Everyone has something to teach us.
  4. 4. Insulate yourself from opinions The only way to achieve something significant is to forget about other people’s opinions. What people say and do to you reflects their reality more than yours. The minute you realize this, you are released from the tyranny of other people’s opinions.
  5. 5. Gratitude instead of attitude Human beings are wired to see what’s not there. Millions of years of survivalist tendencies blind us to opportunity and alert us to danger. But focusing on what’s going well in life does wonders for the soul.
  6. 6. Practice these behaviours instead of getting obsessed with NY resolutions. Of course it’s a lot easier to be peaceful, curious, secure and full of gratitude at Amanvana, tranquil wilderness, and rabbit hole for the soul. Happy 2016! May your dreams come true and your soul be at peace. Presented by Amanvana Spa Luxury Resort in Coorg..