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7 Celebrities who love Yoga


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If you haven’t yet started yoga and begun reaping the benefits for body, mind and soul, then let these celebrities and their yoga dedication inspire you!
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7 Celebrities who love Yoga

  1. 1. There’s something about people who do yoga isn’t it? They look calmer, happier, and often times, simply amazing. If you haven’t yet started reaping the benefits of yoga for body, mind and soul, then let these celebrities and their yoga dedication inspire you!
  2. 2. Robert Downey, Jr. Yes before he became Iron Man, RDJ was a true blue Yoga Man! We always knew his ‘flexible’ wit and charm had to have some scientific source because sometimes it’s too good to be true!
  3. 3. Woody Harrelson Year after year, Woody Harrelson has turned in physically ambitious performances while his peer set has been counting their retirement chips. Now we know why! All that yoga keeps him fit and ready to take on more.
  4. 4. Sting Those of us who have always loved his soulful voice and bedroom eyes will only be too pleased to know Sting is a yoga person. Yes and now “every move he makes, we’ll be watching him!”
  5. 5. Alec Baldwin Wow, who knew the superbly articulate and charming star of such hit shows as 30 Rock was a yoga person? Apparently he is and its his wife who keeps him on track of his schedule.
  6. 6. Emma Watson Our favourite champion of men’s and women’s rights is a very dedicated yoga person. No wonder she looks so lean and fresh all the time. What’s more, we learn she is now also a certified yoga instructor.
  7. 7. Madonna In case you’ve been wondering how anyone can be 55 and look 25, Madonna has it covered with yoga. She’s been doing yoga for years and we like to believe it’s played a small but vital role in shaping her awesome reinventions from time to time.
  8. 8. Gwyneth Paltrow Paltrow is not just a yoga person. She believes in the entire way of life. She serves up very useful and inspiring advice on eating, exercising, dressing, and living right on Goop, her lifestyle blog. More power to you, Gwyneth.
  9. 9. Amanvana is a great place for yoga lovers. We have so many quiet, green spots, with the river’s song in the distance. Unwrap your mat and find your spot. Later, enjoy a bubble bath and read by the river. If you’re a yoga person and if you love tranquillity and healthy, inspired living, Amanvana is for you.
  10. 10. ABOUT AMANVANA Amanvana is a luxury spa resort in Coorg. With private bungalows on the River Kaveri, a sunken spa, sumptuous cuisine and a wealth of flora and fauna, it’s a tranquil place that’s ideal for those who love quiet adventure.