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5 Ways To Enjoy The Great Outdoors


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If you want to forget your trip then enjoy 5 awesome experiences in coorg. The first one is Savour the heady experience of

a coffee plantation. Second one is Get high on Abbey Falls and Iruppu falls. Third one is Nagarhole National Park and

Dubare Elephant Camp. Fourth one is The Golden Temple. Last but noe the least is Raja Seat. For more details visit

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5 Ways To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

  1. 1. 5 ways to enjoy the great outdoors during autumn
  2. 2. Ditch the road If you like walking or running, export your exercise regimen to the unpaved path and go on a trail run. This is an active way to spend your afternoon, even if you're not an avid runner.
  3. 3. Sleep under the stars Autumn nights are a great time to try and spot all major constellations and if you’re lucky you may even spot a meteor.
  4. 4. Take a hike Enjoy nature with a hike, long or short. Go solo and take your time, but if you try a new trail, consider taking a partner in case you get turned around.
  5. 5. Create like Diane Arbus or Ansel Adams From the beautiful colour palette of leaves to the birds and the flowers, you can take several interesting photos and possibly even weave them all into an interesting photo essay.
  6. 6. Ride a bike Take a scenic fall bike ride to enjoy nature this fall. Map your route on a local road or head into the forest, depending on which one you feel most comfortable with.
  7. 7. Amanvana is beautiful during autumn and it’s the perfect place to go outside and get inspired to cycle, hike or just pen a poem. Email: Visit us: