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Goodbye Keyword Data, Say Hello To S**t Load Of Other Data - (Not Provided Solution)


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A presentation on how we are dealing with not having keyword data for SEO reporting at our agency. Please share if you find it useful. Ta.

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Goodbye Keyword Data, Say Hello To S**t Load Of Other Data - (Not Provided Solution)

  1. 1. Goodbye Keyword Data; Say Hello to S**t load of other Data
  2. 2. September 23 – Google confirms that it’s defaulted to SSL search, I’m like… @AmanTalwar
  3. 3. Identify Personas Understanding the Searcher behind the Search is Important • First Home Buyers Refinancing • • • Demographics – Age, Gender Lifestyle Interests [Websites & therefore Content] Pain Points Tools we use • Social Data • Online Surveys • Google Affinity Segments Investors Renovators @AmanTalwar
  4. 4. Google Affinity Segments Use this data to understand and segment your audience @AmanTalwar
  5. 5. Rankings & Search Volume Data Group Kwds into categories Use SEMRush Data @AmanTalwar
  6. 6. Internal Search Data Use this data to find long tail keywords @AmanTalwar
  7. 7. Google WMT Data Use Google’s Python library to download this data @AmanTalwar
  8. 8. Bing WMT Data Only Google has blocked the keyword data for now, behaviours are the same for Bing @AmanTalwar
  9. 9. Paid Search Data Take learnings from PPC and apply it to SEO @AmanTalwar
  10. 10. Google Trends Data Use Google Trends data to see trends and forecasts @AmanTalwar
  11. 11. Google Keyword Planner Data Use Keyword Planner to discover keywords @AmanTalwar
  12. 12. Referral Data High Quality Relevant Sites will send quality traffic & conversions @AmanTalwar
  13. 13. L.P. Data - Focus On Conversions Top Converting LP Do A/B Testing Test Test Test Test Test Headlines Copy Meta Tags Call To Action Images Use Landing Page data to discover top converting landing pages and then perform A/B tests on them to increase Conversion Rates @AmanTalwar
  14. 14. @AmanTalwar
  15. 15. Thank You / Q&A Aman Talwar Email: Twitter: @AmanTalwar