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SmartHome pitch Global Engineering Leadership program IE-business school


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Startup proposal: build an online supermarket of applications and devices to automate your home.
Awarded first price by the jury at the end of the Gobal Engineering Leadership program (Berkeley, Hong Kong Science and Technology and IE Business School)

Published in: Technology, Business
  • It seems the live-demo & narration might have made a big impression. For the online version the problem you're solving doesn't seem evident until later in the process, which makes the early slides hard to understand. Congrats on the award!
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  • Awarded Best Start-Up project by IE Business School at the Global Engineering Leadership Program in its 2013 edition.

    Co-leaders: Antonio Mansilla Laguia, COO Kellogg EMEA & Javier Garcia, CFO Endemol


    . Paris de L’Etraz. PhD. Managing Director Venture Labs at IE Business School
    . Ikhlaq Shidu. PhD. Chief Scientist at UC Berkeley’s Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership
    . Jorge Montes del Pino. PhD. Business Angel & Advisor.
    . Roy Richards. PhD. Columbia Tech. Chairman & Board Member at Southwire Corp.

    About the Global Engineering Leadership executive program: UC Berkeley has partnered with the IE Business School (ranked 7 globally) and the prestigious Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to offer a global version of the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Program.

    Thanks to Antonio Mansilla, COO Southern EMEA at Kellog as well as to Javier Garcia, CFO and board member at Endemol.

    Thanks also to Mario, Antonio’s 9 years old son, who kindly let us into his room at his home to install the Smarthings hub we used for demoing purposes.

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SmartHome pitch Global Engineering Leadership program IE-business school

  1. 1. Antonio Mansilla - Ed Fernandez – Javier Garcia @amansillalaguia @efernandez @jgmartinez13 SMART HOME SUPERMARKET AUTOMATING YOUR WORLD
  2. 2. THE NEED 300 €
  4. 4. BUT CONSUMERS SAY: It is expensive It is for Geeks I do not know what´s available? – Who sell it? What´s best?
  5. 5. THE NEED-PROBLEM • Home Automation Solutions have not reached general public, • due to high price and, more importantly, complexity and need of technicians to install. • Disperse and fragmented offer of home automation applications and devices
  6. 6. THE OPPORTUNITY • Provide consumers with the best single point of discovery and delivery for Home Automation 1,5 Billion homes * 33% internet access = 500 million homes And make it easy
  7. 7. SOLUTION • HOME AUTOMATION SUPERMARKET • Applications • Devices • Professional services The APP “Home Automation” STORE
  8. 8. MAKING THE LINK HomeEye
  9. 9. SOLUTION Web Portal App Store Suppliers Installers Application Examples Performance ratings Forums Recomendations Knowledge base
  10. 10. SOURCES OF INCOME – PHASE 1 Fee on apps (PRO version) % on device sales Fee on Professional services (Installations) Advertising
  11. 11. SOURCES OF INCOME PHASE 2 Software sales (API fees for 3rd parties) Hardware sales (inhouse innovative device/sensors development) Advanced advertising (offline contextual target ads)
  12. 12. FORECAST Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 # of Customers 200K 2Mn 10Mn 30Mn 50Mn # of Employees 4 15 25 40 40 Sales $50K $500K $1Mn $3Mn $5Mn Expenses $175K $550K $950K $2,6Mn $3,5Mn Profits -$125K -$50K +$50K +$400K +$1,5Mn
  13. 13. TEAM • Antonio Mansilla. COO Kellogg/Airbus. Consumer markets & distribution. Expert in HW robotics. 17 yrs experience. • Ed Fernandez. VP&MD BlackBerry/Nokia. Expert in mobility, smartphones & mobile internet. 17 yrs experience. • Javier Garcia, CFO Endemol (TV production company), 15 yrs of International Experience • Jorge del Casar. Developer expert – HTML5. • Carlos Longarela. Developer. Content publisher. BlackBerry platform & webworks expert. • Adolfo Albaladejo. Telecomm engineer. R&D chief at Universidad Politecnica de Alicante.