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POLLIFY - Democratizing LIVE content


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5 super-enthusiastic guys from diverse backgrounds bumped into each other at Startup Weekend Delhi - Mobile edition hosted at TLabs - The Times group Accelerator.

For the next couple of days, 2 Developers and 3 Business guys scratched their heads - ideated, re-ideated, consulted, pivoted and u-turned to their original plan.

Pollify is an Idea which aims to democratize TV news and while doing so, has an opportunity to disrupt the incumbent TRP benchmarks adhered to by media planners and marketers with reasonable apprehensions.

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POLLIFY - Democratizing LIVE content

  1. 1. POLLIFYDemocratizing LIVE content! Presented at Delhi, 1st Sep’13
  2. 2. What is Pollify? A mobile APP that acts as a one point platform to foster conversation and generate instant quantitative and qualitative feedback from news viewers on content/speakers/ issues and in doing so, create critical analytics for content creators and media planners.
  3. 3. The problem Unengaged Viewers Autocratic Editorial Dependence upon TRPs
  4. 4. The Solution Upvote/Downvote and comment on - Issues - Speakers - Anchor - Responses - Tonality Chat window during the show to aggregate conversations Before and after poll Debate Impact! LIVE feedback that is quantitative as well as qualitative in a SINGLE FEED Build loyal viewers Opportunity to outperform by LISTENING Better consumer insights!
  5. 5. Our MVP
  6. 6. Market opportunity 80.48 million every week Watch newschannels 76.24 million every week watch Hindi news 6.24 million every week watch English news In 6 metros alone: 3.99 million every week watch English news Market share in English News: Times NOW: 42% CNN IBN: 17% NDTV 24X7: 17% Better consumer insights!
  7. 7. Monetization Opportunities Subscription sales of Demographics/ Psychographics based Analytics In-app monetization Sponsored Polls
  8. 8. Team Sulabh – Founder, CTO Developer, IITian Media cell - AAP Aman – Product guy Marketer, ex-PR pro Internet Hindu Sulabh – Marketing ex-Infosys, EM - IITian Avijit – B.D Entrepreneur Gautam – App Developer Changemaker Chief Justice of India (acting) Perpetual source of inspiration
  9. 9. Reach out to Team POLLIFY on