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An assignment to create a marketing proposal using social media for GreenovationTV. This proposal was created independently of GreenovationTV and has no affiliation with the website.

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GreenovationTV marketing proposal

  1. 1. GreenovationTV Marketing Proposal<br />A marketing proposal created by Andy Mannas part of the Michigan State University’s New Media Driver’s License course<br />Help visitors learn to green their home to protect the one homewe all share<br />
  2. 2. Currently using media<br /><ul><li>Regular updates; over 600 fans
  3. 3. Regular posts; 1000 followers
  4. 4. Customized Channel
  5. 5. Custom URL:</li></ul>Twitter Feed<br />YouTube Channel<br />Facebook Fan Page<br />
  6. 6. Small improvements<br /><ul><li>Regular updates; over 600 fans</li></ul>+ Apply for Facebook URL:<br /><ul><li>Regular posts; 1000 followers</li></ul>+ Create custom background to share about GreenovationTV<br />+ Link to Facebook and YouTube<br /><ul><li>Customized Channel
  7. 7. Custom URL: </li></ul>+ Add more videos; currently 14<br />+ Get more views; some at 25<br />Twitter Feed<br />YouTube Channel<br />Facebook Fan Page<br />
  8. 8. New campaign: Connect with youth<br />Online Games<br />Family competition<br />Green video contest<br />
  9. 9. Online games<br />Connect with youth<br />Why<br />+ Children playing games will lead to parents exploring site<br />+ Change the habits of parents through their children<br />Touchstone Energy<br />How/What<br />+ Partner with existing sites<br />+ Contract to have games created<br />Energy Hog<br />When/Cost<br />+ Start immediate discussions with potential partner sites w/ games<br />+ Find company partner to sponsor game development; estimated creation cost: $5,000 - $10,000<br />Roofus’ Home<br />
  10. 10. Family competition<br />Connect with youth<br />Why<br />+ Generate traffic to website<br />+ Generate an online “buzz”<br />+ Raise awareness, change habits<br />College Energy Contest<br />How/What<br />+ Two month family contest to reduce % of energy consumption<br />+ Require energy monitor device<br />Google PowerMeter<br />When/Cost<br />+ Immediate talks with potential sponsor: Google, WattVision...<br />+ Define rules/prizes with sponsors <br />+ Market to students - FB & Twitter<br />+ May become an annual event<br />WattVision<br />
  11. 11. Green video contest<br />Connect with youth<br />Why<br />+ Increase videos website/YouTube<br />+ Youth live in a multimedia world<br />+ Raise awareness, change habits<br />Energy Efficient Award<br />How/What<br />+ 2 min. or less - video to YouTube<br />+ Address a change to green theme<br />+ Categories: grades 5–8 and 9–12<br />Efficient Story Award<br />When/Cost<br />+ Define rules/prizes (sponsors ?)<br />+ Market to students - FB & Twitter<br />+ May become an annual event<br />+ Estimated cost less than $2,000<br />Spirit of Efficiency<br />
  12. 12. Marketing & Measurement<br />Connect with youth<br />Facebook ads<br />+ Use Facebook ad to target campaign to youth<br />+Target ages 13 – 17<br />+ Target different geographic areas - measure results<br />+ Budget – sponsor dependent<br />Video Contest<br />Twitter and Facebook posts<br />+ Consider specific Twitter and Facebook accounts for youth marketing<br />+Daily posts/Tweets about the youth focused contests, competition, youth centered going green information<br />Google Analytics & Alerts<br />+ Measure increased site activity using Google Analytics<br />+ Measure Internet “buzz” through Google Alerts<br />
  13. 13. A ruler to measures success<br />Connect with youth campaign<br />Online games<br />+ An educational game on the site<br />+Increased site traffic <br />Family competition<br />+ 30 or more in contest<br />+Vendor sponsor<br />+ Increased site traffic<br />Facebook, Twitter, YouTube improvements<br />+ Increase # of FB Fans & Twitter followers<br />+ More YouTube views<br />Green video contest<br />+ 20 or more videos submitted<br />+ Increased mention on web<br />
  14. 14. In summary<br />Connect with youth campaign<br />Youth involvement is vital<br />+ Connect with youth in their media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube<br />+ Use contests and multimedia<br />+ Get families involved<br />Secure partner site<br />+ Flash game – game sharing<br />Measure results<br />+ Google Analytics and Alerts<br />+ Increased site traffic<br />+ Increased fans & followers<br />Secure sponsorship<br />+ Underwrite marketing, prizes, help with marketing<br />+ Flash game creation<br />Minor improvements<br />+ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube sites<br />A marketing proposal created by Andy Mannas part of MSU’s New Media Driver’s License course<br />