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This is the official program of Video Camp Atlanta (3.19.11). Program design by Element K Creative @ek_creative. Video Camp Atlanta was organized by Amani Channel and Selah Abrams.

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Video Camp Atlanta Program

  1. 1. presents ATLWeb Video 101: Produce Engaging Content March 19, 2011 Georgia Tech Research Institute 250 14th Street Atlanta, GA 30318 program design by Element K Creative
  2. 2. In 2011, a small group of Atlanta’s broadcast, video,and social media professionals decidedto create an event to help the communityunderstand how to leverage video on the Web.We’re calling it Video Camp Atlanta (#vidcampATL), and it’s a first-of-its-kind event.If you’re a novice looking to learn some basic production techniques, or if you’re a productionprofessional, we believe you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of how you canleverage video in your personal and professional online activities.We want you to feel free to engage in conversations,share what you know, and ask questions.There are hands-on demonstrations, discussiongroups, and presentations, but we have a singlepurpose in creating this gathering:It is our goal that every attendeewill walk away equipped withthe knowledge and know-howto start producing Web videos.Use the included video production guide to help you map out your plan, and use the nextseveral hours to develop your production strategy. Then it’s “lights, camera, action!”Please take a moment to learn about the presenters and our sponsors.Feel free to reach out to them for more information.Thanks to the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) for allowing us to host this eventat your wonderful facilities, and thanks to our sponsors: Red Bull, Atlanta Daybook, theAtlanta Association of Black Journalists (AABJ), Georgia Entertainment Association (GEA),FutureMoguls, The Omen Agency, MyCulture.TV,, Element K Creative, SixthRealm Digital, Sonny Hancock, Kimberly Murray and Rod Finch. We’d like to extend aspecial thanks to our presenters and volunteers. This wouldn’t be possible without yourtime and support.Sincerely,The Video Camp Atlanta Planning Committee / 2 /
  3. 3. Internet Login info1. Select the GTRI-CONF wireless network from the available wireless networks.2. Click on the GTRI-CONF network, when prompted for the security key, use Security Key: STINGER!3. To access the internet, open your browser, and use the following: username: webvid password: 89gy43fy ssid: GTRI-Conf network type: WPA/WPA2Agenda12:30 – 1:00 pm Registration / Networking 1:00 – 1:15 Welcoming Remarks » Amani Channel & Selah Abrams 1:15 – 1:45 Kickstarter: The Gatekeepers are Gone! » Lamar Tyler 1:45 – 2:00 Getting Started in Video » Amani Channel 2:00 – 4:00 Video Bootcamp Sessions/Demonstrations Roundtable Discussions (three 30-minute presentations) Breakout Room A: Pocket Cams to DSLRs » Jason Parker & Daniel Roberts Breakout Room B: Look & Sound Good » Desiree Peeples & Selah Abrams Breakout Room C: Get that Cash! » Jaheed Givens & Lamar Tyler Demonstrations (in the GRTI Hallway) Squeeze It (Mac Editing & Compression) » Chip Dizard Vlogging and PC Production » Grayson Daughters Shoot It Like a Pro » Rod Finch 4:10 – 4:40 Engage and Grow Your Audience » Selah Abrams 4:45 – 5:00 Wrap-Up 7:00 – ?:?? After Party » Common Creativ (Atlanta’s Top 50 Most Creative People) ABV Gallery & Agency 659 Auburn Ave. #504 Atlanta, GA 30312Video Camp Atlanta: Produce Engaging Content / 3 /
  4. 4. Presenters / Discussion LeadersSelah Abrams — @selahEngineer at Turner Studios, Managing Director and Mastering Engineer atThe Omen Agency Selah began in entertainment by mixing records with Cash Money and No Limit Records in New Orleans, reggae and hard rock acts in New York, and multiplatinum producer Mahogany, Bonecrusher, Sammy Sam, Dave Hollister, and other acts in Atlanta. Currently, Selah splits time between a day gig at Turner Studios, post- production house for the Turner Networks, CNN and outside clients, and managing an international entertainment promotions and production company, with locations in Atlanta, Germany, and South Africa.Selah is deeply involved with the local Atlanta Digital Entertainment industry with AudioEngineering Society (AES), Georgia Production Partnership (GPP), Georgia EntertainmentAssociation (GEA), Technology Association of GA (TAG), and as a founder of the State of Georgia’sGEM entertainment workforce development program.Amani Channel, MA — @urbanreporterSr. Producer KEF Media, WebVideoChefs.comFrom his name, you can tell that working in the media is in AmaniChannel’s DNA.He currently works in broadcast PR and has produced everythingfrom television segments, live webcasts, to news. His content has beenfeatured on Fox News Channel, CNN, NPR, BET, and across the Web.In addtion, he’s taught digital media, video production, and spent adecade reporting local and national television news stories throughoutthe Southeast.Amani is the co-founder of, a video production tutorial community, andhe currently works for KEF Media.Daniel Roberts — @friendlyhumanFriendly Human Productions Daniel Roberts has been entrusted by leading companies, non- profits, and even Grammy Award-winning musicians who demand intentional, compelling, and results-oriented video. As a forerunner in what Gizmodo titled the “DSLR Video Revolution,” Roberts lives in the intersection of video artistry and marketing savvy. After leaving the TV world, Roberts founded Friendly Human in 2008 around the powerful idea that well-directed, authentic passion is the key to compelling video. Through specialized direction and editing,Daniel and his team help people and organizations find and tell their stories online.Video Camp Atlanta: Produce Engaging Content / 4 /
  5. 5. Chip Dizard — @chipperdGM, Education Channel 77, Chip Dizard is a web developer, a video producer, and he currently is the General Manager of the Education Channel 77 for the Baltimore City Public School District. In this role, he oversees the day to day operation of the television station, manages staff, interns, students, and produces shows for television and the web. Chip is known among friends as “one of the hardest working men in media.” He founded Absolute Presence, a new media firm, in 2002 and operated the business until 2010. The company focused on webdevelopment, video production, and media consulting for government agencies, nonprofits,and companies.In 2011, he partnered with Amani Channel to create an online videoproduction training community. To learn more about Chip and his business ventures, visitwww.chipdizard.comGrayson Daughters — @SpaceyGWaysouth MediaGrayson Hurst Daughters is the founder of WaySouth Media, Inc.,an Atlanta-based new media consulting and production/promotionscompany.Daughters has an extensive background in traditional journalism andcorporate communications. Her recent work in the Georgia politicalarena includes social media consulting for polling companies; andonline, social media political special projects and events for CBS-Atlanta.Shawn “Jaheed” Givens — @JaheedDigital Marketing Specialist Shawn “Jaheed” Givens currently serves as an Online Marketing Consultant and Internet Strategist. In 2009 and 2010 Jaheed grew online sales for Pro Therapy Supplies from 4.2M to 10.5M using traditional and online marketing in multiple channels. Prior to Pro Therapy Supplies, Jaheed served as Director of Interactive and Account Executive for the strategic marketing firm Visual Lexicon, LLC. His clients included: City of College Park, GA, DeKalb County, YWCA of Greater Atlanta, Keller Williams Realty, South Florida Sun- Sentinel, Miami Herald, The Box Television Network, and Jive Records, to mention a few.Video Camp Atlanta: Produce Engaging Content / 5 /
  6. 6. Desiree Peeples — Desiree Peeples worked in traditional broadcast media for almost ten years, but after a layoff and a baby she began blogging as a way to keep up her journalism skills. She is the creator of, a news and information site for social media moms, and currently works as a social media consultant and new media reporter. The main focus of her work involves social media training and video blogging.Jason Parker — @jasonautArtRelish.comJason Parker is a social media strategist, photographic artist and bloggerbased in Atlanta. Since 2007, Jason has published,producing video interviews and lecture recordings about visual artaround Atlanta.He works as the social media manager for SCAD, creating campaignsand leading conversations about the university in the social space. He’sworked in Internet and journalism since 1998, beginning in Portland,Oregon, and then as the digital media editor for,the website of the Savannah Morning News.Lamar Tyler — @LamarTylerTyler New Media, MyCulture.TV Lamar Tyler has been called a New Media Strategist, Consultant, Blogger and Filmmaker, but basically, he just creates good content. Lamar’s strategic approach of using social media to promote his independent film projects has resulted in a huge following, including a fan base of over 70,000 on Facebook. Lamar has leveraged that fan base to build relationships, and develop a grass roots distribution network across the country. Lamar’s company, Tyler New Media, Inc., is a full service media firmspecializing in online branding and consulting using social media and web 2.0 technologies.Tyler New Media also provides end-to-end video solutions focusing on creating contentspecifically for the web.Video Camp Atlanta: Produce Engaging Content / 6 /
  7. 7. Special thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who made Video Camp Atlanta possible: TMVideo Camp Atlanta: Produce Engaging Content / 7 /