Digital Media 2 Cameras


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Second lecture for Com 3340 Kennesaw State University
Digital Media Prouction - Fall 2013
Amani Channel, MA

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Digital Media 2 Cameras

  1. 1. Digital Media Producion Com 3340 Amani Channel, MA
  2. 2. Review Pop Quiz Why do we need media? Why is storytelling important? What are the 3 stages of production? What pop star’s performance caused a huge controversy? Explain how you should compose a shot. Rule of ___. Bonus: Explain the difference between 16:9/4:3
  3. 3. Light and the Lens: Key to processing and capturing and image (image plane) Lens are curved glass elements that bend light and focus an upside down reflection onto a light sensitive surface or image plane Image plane: Film or a computer chip (CCD, CMOS) The Window of the Camera
  4. 4. Key Terms Focal Length: Center of the glass element (lens) to the image plane Lens characteristics: Wide Angle - Short focal length-wide field of view Normal – Similar to the eye Telephoto – Narrow field of view – long focal length
  5. 5. Characteristics - Technical Wide angel lens – Barrel distortion – increases depth perception, minimizes shake Telephoto lens – Compress depth – Softens image – exaggerates camera shake Aperture - Movable blades control light Iris = pupil Aperture - Diameter of the opening Measurement - f-stops
  6. 6. Technical (con’t) Shutter Speed - The time the each frame of video is exposed to light Shutter – Allows light to enter the lens and expose the light sensitive material on the image plane (length of time) Fast shutter speed - freezes action, slow - blur image Aperture and shutter speed produce an image
  7. 7. It Must Look Right Focus – Adjusting the lens elements to the position that allows the reflected light to converge, creating a sharply defined image. Depth of Field - Area that the image appears to be in focus Shallow Focus – Directs the viewers attention to what is sharp Deep Focus – Allows the viewer to choose what to look at Three variables for depth of field – Aperture, camera/subject distance/focal length p.58
  8. 8. It Must Look Right Resolution – Clarity of the image Analog vs Digital – Generational loss (analog) – Sampling - Reproduction without noise SLR- Pro camera (Single-Lens Reflex) Digital – CCD or CMOS sensors Pixels (picture elements) electronic signal that becomes a digital representation of the image Resolution Pixels=detail in the image 5184x3456 (18 megapixel) -720x480 low quality
  9. 9. Compression – Digital Video Compression – Reduces the file by discarding redundant info Digital Video – Digital TV doesn’t equal HD Analog TVs require a digital converter Digital video can be SD or HD Resolution 1280x720 1920X1080 Interlaced: Two fields – odd and even are scanned (1080i) Progressive: Each line is scanned in order (top to bottom 720p or 1080p) p.72
  10. 10. In Class Assignment Still Shoot 30-Minutes Find a static object on any floor of the building Shoot 6 creative images/each must be unique Use rule of thirds Wide/Medium/Close ups Pleasing angles Photo examples: basics.htm
  11. 11. Class Discussion/Critique Get in groups of two 10-20 minutes Exchange cameras Write down a critique of the photos/include person’s name Are the shots well framed? Lighting? Do you know what the subject is? Discussion and/or Turn In
  12. 12. Video Cameras Tape based Beta SP (Professional – SD) MiniDV (Prosumer/Consumer – SD 4:3/16:9 Tapeless Smartphone SDHC (SD Card) HDSLR (Compact Flash) Red (Cinema Camera) Black Magic (Pocket Camera/Cinema Camera)
  13. 13. First Assignment Due 9/12/13 Groups of 2/Solo Photo Essay Real life news – event – person - activity Write up/three paragraph minimum. 1 interview. 5Ws/H Shoot sequence of 6-8 creative photos that tell a story Use proper framing, composition techniques, focus, lighting Project must be approved Post the slide show & write up on the class blog (discuss next week)