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Garbage monitoring system IOT


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Real time monitoring system using internet of things(IOT) to manage garbage

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Garbage monitoring system IOT

  2. 2. Contents  Introduction  Role of IOT  Waste management  Application  Block diagram of garbage controlling and monitoring system  Conclusion  The rise of the IOT
  3. 3. Introduction  Internet of things or internet of objects  unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transfer data  By 2020 there will be 50 billion objects in “Internet of Things” E.g.  While shopping goods will introduce themselves  Car will generate alarm if driver made any mistake.  But many challenges waiting us.
  4. 4. Waste Management Consist Of Two Parts:- 1. Monitoring: The act of observing something and keeping a record of that observation; or to: keep watch; keep track of; keep under surveillance; or, check usually for a special purpose. 2. Reporting: Preparation of standardized report(s) to defined authorities, stakeholders or public either on regular basis or related to pre-defined events (transport of hazardous waste, accidental pollution release etc.). Scope and periodicity is given by sub-laws, standards, guidebooks usually along with the monitoring and/or record keeping methodology.
  5. 5. Waste Monitoring and Reporting Integration of both processes  Monitoring without reporting does not usually make sense (however sometimes it happens),  Reporting without monitoring is not possible.
  6. 6. What is IOT?  Internet is a popular medium to communicate with anyone through out the world . We can send any kind of info from the client devices like tablet, pc, smart phones etc and it goes to some server and the Server the data further.  So one can say the things responsible for transmission of anything over Internet are Internet of Things.  Internet gave us the opportunity to connect in ways we could never have dreamed of . The IOT will take us beyond connection  IOT refers to the uniquely identified things and their virtual representation in Internet like structure.  Kevin Ashton is the Father of IOT.
  7. 7. IOT is a combination of
  8. 8. Technology enables IOT  Smart phones  RFID (Radio frequency identification)  Big data  Sensors  ZigBee (used to create personal area network with low power digital radio)  Bandwidth  Nano tech
  9. 9. Applications IOT devices can be used to  traffic control, smart parking, Electronic troll collection System, vehicle control.  monitor and control the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems used in various types of buildings in home automation and building automation systems.  enable remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems.  Daily life and domestics.
  10. 10. Block diagram of garbage controlling and monitoring
  11. 11. Conclusion  IOT is the next big trend for IT industry.  Here privacy can be huge issue.  Another argument against IOT is the over-reliance on technology.  Connecting of more and more devices to the Internet will result in the loss of jobs.
  12. 12. The rise of the IOT
  13. 13. Onwards To A Garbage Free City THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  14. 14. Any Queries????