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  1. 1. Succession 8SCIENCE Wed. Nov. 17/ Thurs. Nov. 18
  2. 2. How does succession relate to Ecology? • Ecosystem level • Ecological succession: – When one community of organisms (living things) changes to a different community: plants, animals and other organisms change and are affected – This usually happens in a PREDICTABLE order
  3. 3. Individual thinking: • What happens to an ecosystem when a volcano explodes? • THINK and write what you think INDEPENDENTLY FOR 2- 3 minutes • Think about: – What would the ecosystem look like? – What would happen to the plants and animals and other organisms living around the volcano? • Contribute one idea from each group
  4. 4. Two types of succession • Primary succession: – Changes that happen in an environment that does not have soil – E.g.: volcano after explosion, desert • Pioneer community: The first organisms to move into a new environment – Eg.: what could grow here? Could some organisms use it as a place to live?
  5. 5. Animation of Primary Succession • Click here to see Primary Succession:
  6. 6. Two types of succession • Secondary: – Changes to the environment occur in a place with soil, or where organisms once lived – E.g. unused farm or fields, abandoned lots: parking lot • Climax community: – Community at the end of succession – All species may be the same