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Relationships in ecology foodchains


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Relationships in ecology foodchains

  1. 1. Relationships in Ecology: Food Chains and Webs 8SCIENCE Mon. Nov. 8
  2. 2. Different types of consumers • REVIEW: What is a consumer? • Consumer is any organism that eats other organisms for energy – Herbivore • Eats plants only – Carnivore • Eats other animals only – Omnivore • Eats plants and animals
  3. 3. Food Chains • How energy (food) passes from one organism to another • Usually have 3 – 4 links • Many food chains in any ecosystems
  4. 4. Food Chains • First link is a producer – Gets energy from the sun • Second link of a food chain is usually a herbivore – Eats producers • Third link of a food chain is usually a carnivore – Animal that eats other animals
  5. 5. Food Chains continued… • Fourth link is a top carnivore – Eats other carnivores • When an organism dies in an ecosystem, decomposers feed on the dead organism – Returns nutrients to the soil – Ex: bacteria and fungi
  6. 6. Food Webs • Includes many groups of food chains that overlap • Shows how energy moves through an ecosystem