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Limiting factors


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Limiting factors

  2. 2. Interactions among living organisms REVIEW: What is a population? - A population is a group of the same kind of species that live in the same area - They compete for resources like:
  3. 3. Populations • Characteristics: – Size • how many organisms (species!) does this population have? – Spacing • need enough space to live – Density • The number of individual organisms in a certain area • The size of populations is always changing – One way populations change is through limiting factors
  4. 4. Limiting Factors • Can populations grow forever? – No! Why not? • Limiting factor: Any abiotic or biotic factor that controls the number of individuals in a population
  5. 5. Limiting Factors • What limits the growth of a population? • Abiotic limiting factors: – Temperature – Drought and other weather events – Space to live – Others? • Biotic limiting factors: – Predators – Others?
  6. 6. Limiting Factors • Competition – The struggle among organisms to get the resources they need to: • Survive • Reproduce – Example: many birds may move to a new tree to live. They are competing for space to create their nest. – Example: Students at GI compete with each other to have a good place in line for pizza at the tienda during recess