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Human impacts


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Human impacts

  1. 1. How do humans affect the environment? 8SCIENCE, Wed. Dec. 1/Thurs. Nov. 2
  2. 2. • Humans affect the planet in many ways: – Pollution – Global warming – Use of resources – Deforestation – Mining • How do we make these impacts? What can we do to lessen these impacts?
  3. 3. POLLUTION • Air pollution – Acid rain • Water pollution – Groundwater – Ocean pollution • Solution? 3 R’s : Recycle! Reduce! Reuse!
  4. 4. GLOBAL WARMING • Increase in average temperature • Human activities are causing the Earth’s temperatures to increase • Higher temperatures mean: – Water and ice melt = Higher water levels – Areas could dry up = not enough water for fields to grow fruits and vegetables – Could change animal and plant habitats
  5. 5. RESOURCE USE • We are using up our planet’s natural resources at a very fast rate • Non-renewable resources like: – Fossil fuels: coal, oil, natural gas • Renewable resources like: – Sunlight (solar power), water (hydroelectric), wind, geothermal, nuclear, wood
  6. 6. DEFORESTATION • Mostly in rainforests and boreal forests • Animals and plants (and humans!) lose their shelter, food sources • Roots of trees hold soil in place – When these trees are cut down, water washes the soil away and the nutrients are gone
  7. 7. MINING • Non-renewable resource • Digging mines in the earth to obtain resources: - gold, rare earth metals • Affects ecosystems and destroys the top layer of soil • SOLUTIONS?
  8. 8. Mining Activity questions to hand in by end of class: • Questions for lab: on pg. 543 • Were you able to restore the land to its original conditions? Describe the kinds of changes in an ecosystem that might result from a mining operation • How do mining deposits found close to the surface compare with mining deposits found deeper within the Earth’s crust? • How do you think mining companies can reduce their impact on the land?