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Flipping the switch for wildlife


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Flipping the switch for wildlife

  1. 1. Flipping the Switch for Wildlife<br />What effects do we have on wildlife when we turn on a light switch?<br />You will be working in your groups to create an informational poster about the effects of ONE type of energy resource on wildlife<br />How does electricity get from the energy source to your home and turn ON the light?<br />
  2. 2. 1) On one side of your paper, use half the page to brainstorm ideas for where this type of electricity/energy comes from, for example HOW does it get from the energy source to your home?<br /><ul><li>Think about each step necessary for collecting and transporting the energy</li></ul>2) At each step in the pathway, describe how it may affect wildlife (plants and animals) and the environment.<br /><ul><li>For example, if we construct pipes to transport natural gas, and it needs to travel over mountains, we must clear away some of the wildlife to make room for our pipes</li></ul>3) On the other side of your paper, DRAW the ‘power pathway’ that shows the path of energy from the source to your home<br />- LABEL points along the way where wildlife could be POSTIVELY or NEGATIVELY AFFECTED, e.g. draw an arrow and write positive or negative and describe what happens to wildlife there<br />
  3. 3. Flipping the Switch for Wildlife Instructions <br />4) Need to answer the following questions on the back of the drawing. You will be given a grade out of 20 marks, based on your group work and the drawings/answers to your questions on the poster. HAND IN EVERYTHING AT THE END OF CLASS.<br />Questions to answer: (2 marks each question)<br />1) What kind of effects do we have when we turn on a light switch? Are they positive or negative? <br />2) How could we minimize some of the negative impacts on wildlife?<br />3) Which type of fuel source do you think would have the greatest negative impact on wildlife? Which would have the least? Explain why.<br />4) Why don’t we use the source of power with the least negative impact?<br />5) Which energy sources cost the least to develop and use? Which provide more jobs? Explain why you think so.<br />