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Neil Harbisson TED Evaluation


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by Amanda Wentzel

Published in: Education
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Neil Harbisson TED Evaluation

  1. 1. Amanda Wentzel – Public Speaking - 1211
  2. 2. Thesis:We should encourage peopleto use technology to furtherextend and enhance our sensesby making them part of ourbodies.
  3. 3. Neil began with an astounding fact:“I was born with arare visualcondition called‘achromatopsia ’w h i c h i s
  4. 4. Neil Harbisson kept his audience’sattention by providing them withinteresting facts about his rarecondition, cyborg life, andinteresting journey.He told them he could h e a rC O L O R .
  5. 5. DREAM BIGNeil used the first of the TEDcommandments because heexplained his journey andthe influence it had on howhe perceives the worldaround him. He states thathe believes that in thefuture, everyone should“…stop creating applicationsfor mobile phones and westart creating applicationsf o r o u r o w n b o d y.”
  6. 6. Neil’s DYNAMISM deserved a 4.5
  7. 7. To improve, he couldhave started his speechappearing less nervousand used moree n t h u s i a s m .
  8. 8. Neil Harbisson providesmany audio clips from hisdevice as well as photos ofhim “scanning people” andmaking up a tune for theirface, which emphasizes hisp o i n t s .
  9. 9. Neil Harbisson taughtme that when you’reattached to a subject,you’ll speak morepassionately about itand evoke a greaterrea ctio n from youra u d i e n c e .
  10. 10. I have also learned thatsharing personalstories and seemingoptimistic about themcan help ease yournerves, especially whenthe audience reacts in away that you’d expect.
  11. 11. How They’re Similar :Sir Ken Robinson and Neil Harbissonboth have a view of the future thatfurther enhances mankind’scapabilities and constant advancement.They also incorporate humor andaudience relation to improve theirspeech and presentation.
  12. 12. How They’re Different :Neil Harbisson differs from Sir KenRobinson because he relies more onaide such as visual and audios u p p o r t .Ken Robinson tends to use solelypersonal stories or just speakinga b o u t e x p e r i e n c e sh i m s e l f .
  13. 13. SPEECH TIPS
  14. 14. D on’t b e afraid of thea u d i e n c e ! They ’re there to listen to you speak and give you f e e d b a c k .
  15. 15. Neil Harbisson used both types of presentation enhancers during his speech . T hey he lp connect with the a u d i e n c e .USE VISUAL OR AUDIO AIDE
  16. 16. Use HUMOR to brighten your speecha n d ke e p t h e a u d i e n ce i nte re ste d .
  17. 17. Become attached towhat you speak.Your passion willshine through.
  18. 18. CITATIONS:• htt p : / / w w w.te d . co m / tal ks / n e il _ ha r b i s s o n _ i _li ste n _ to _ c o l o r. ht ml• h t t p : / / w w w. f l i c k r. c o m / p h o t o s / c a m p u s p a r t y b r a s i l / 6 8 4 3 2 2 9 1 8 9 /•• -picks-650.jpg•• h a r b i s s o n . j p g• 58054000/jpg /_ 58054918_nh_orange_tie .jpg•• 0481b2bf 388d55a8a 1d5a752.jpg_1024• h t t p : / / w w w . c r i t i c a d i n a m i c a . c o m / w p - content/uploads/2012/02/1326803391_782100_1326803940_noticia_normal-e1328109837225.jpg• /s1600/sir-ken- r o b i n s o n . j p g• h t t p : / / o n e h o u r d r u m m e r. c o m / b l o g / w p - c o n t e n t / u p l o a d s / 2 0 1 0 / 1 2 / A l l - s i z e s - TED2010_30415_D31_0774_1280-Flickr-Photo-Sharing.jpg• 6 8 0 x 3 8 2 . p n g• /getmedia/fccc6bb6-fd50-4c4d-a55e- 805e328b59ff/Public_Speaking_Know_Your_Audience_public-_speaking_hero.jpg.aspx?width=456• /wp-content/uploads/2011/12/microphone.jpg• h t t p : / / 2 . b p . b l o g s p o t . c o m / - a t d f u K k A r _ g / Tn k 0 B C 0 c P 9 I /A A A A A A A A B p Q / b 8 _ y W Xv k t E 8 /s 1 6 0 0 / p u b l i c + s p e a k i n g . j p g• h t t p : / / w w w. s l i d e r o c k e t . c o m / _ m e d i a / b l o g _ b o r e d . j p g