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Listing Presentation

  1. 1. The Connie Lawson & Amanda V. Stepp Team “The New Standard in Real Estate” www.KYhomes.coConnie Lawson Amanda V. SteppBroker/Owner Broker/REALTORGRI, CRB ABR , SRES , GREEN, e-PRO , eCertified859-661-0285 Certified Relocation 859-353-2853
  2. 2. Mission Statement To sell and promote the sale of real estate with superior marketing and advertising expertise.To provide ample information to our clients regardless of the property value. Always maintain the highest ethical standards and uncompromising honesty and integrity. Buying or selling a home is the largest financial transaction most people ever make. Our mission is to provide unparalleled service so that our clients, both buyers and sellers, are thrilled with the outcome and comfortable with the entire process. Prudential Don Foster Realtors… The Name You Trust Prudential Don Foster Realtors is a partnership ofresponsible and creative individuals who enjoy working together in anopen environment of trust and respect. We are high performance,dedicated professionals who effectively work to meet our clients needs inan honest and ethical manner. Choosing Prudential Don Foster Realtors as your real estatecompany puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to buying or sellingyour home or commercial property. Our Agents are extremelyknowledgeable when it comes to neighborhoods, financing, relocation andthe details concerning closings. Our years of experience in real estate in Madison Countyspeak for themselves. We consistently enjoy one of the largest inventoriesof homes, building lots and commercial properties for sale in MadisonCounty. Education and training play a major role in the selection of theassociates who share the company name.
  3. 3. Associate BrokerABR , GRI , SRES ,GREEN, e-PRO , Fine Homes International Specialist, Certified Relocation Specialist, eCertified 2007 Graduate of the University of Florida Bachelors Degree in Geological Sciences Real Estate Accomplishments: 2009 Realtor of the Year- Madison Co Board of Realtors LeadershipKAR Class of 2009 Graduate 2010 Madison Co Board of Realtors President 2011 Madison Co Board of Realtors Past President 2012 Madison Co Board of Realtors President Elect 2008 Prudential Don Foster Realtor “Rookie of the Year” Graduate of Leadership Madison County Class of 2010 2008-2011 MCBR Community Service Committee Chairperson GRI Designation (Graduate Realtor Institute) GREEN Designee (NAR‟s Sustainable Property Designation) ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) ePRO (Internet Professional Expert) Prudential Relocation Certified (All 3 Certifications) eCertified Fine Homes International Specialist (Prudential Real Estate Network)
  4. 4. Connie Lawson Managing Broker- Owner GRI, CRBConnie has been selling real estate in Kentucky for 48 years. She is the co-ownerand managing broker of our office, Prudential Don Foster Realtors. Connie and Don have been partners for 33 years! She is also currently serving her second term as Mayor of the City of Richmond. She has her CRB and GRI Real Estatedesignations. Connie‟s accomplishments are too numerous to name! Currently, she is also serving as the President of the Kentucky League of Cities. PastPresident of the Madison County Board of Realtors, Past President of the United Way, Past President of the Richmond Rotary Club, REALTOR of the Year, Past President of PACA, City of Richmond Commissioner 1976-1981, State Chair forRPAC, Currently on the board of the YMCA, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Board, Richmond Utilities Board, Richmond Housing Board, LBAR Regional Board of Directors. Don Foster and Connie Lawson have been business partners for 34years- the oldest real estate partnership in Madison County.
  5. 5. Marketing for the Future When you entrust my partner and I to list your property, you can be sureto expect superior advertising custom to your desires. We invest heavily inadvertising to make sure your property is exposed to all potential buyers acrossthe country. By simply placing your property on the MLS system is not enough intoday‟s market. With my background in photography, I know how important it isto have quality photos of your home. Virtual tours are the way of the future in realestate marketing online. Buyers are now expecting Virtual and Video Tours andwill not click through to your property without them. Of course we still do homesmagazine ads and newspaper ads in the Lexington Herald Leader as well as theRichmond Register.
  6. 6. Below is a list of online websites you can expect your property to befeatured and/or advertised
  7. 7. This Is What We Do… When you decided it is time to sell your home, below is a complete list of what you can expect from us. With my partner and I, you get 2 full time agents for the price of one. 1. Establish a fair certified market analysis (CMA) to determine your initial asking price. 2. Prepare and sign the contracts for the Multiple Listing Services (both LBAR and MCBR) 3. Send both contracts to each board. 4. Position a Prudential Don Foster Realtors For Sale sign in your yard in the most visible location. 5. Arrange to have you fill out utilities and seller‟s disclosure forms. 6. Take photos, still and virtual tour, of your property. 7. Edit the photos; upload them on to the MLS, and all of the other websites previously listed. 8. Prepare brochures and information packets to be left in your home for other agents/ buyers who tour. 9. Mail out „Just Listed‟ postcards to potential new buyers. 10. Schedule to have all the other agents in our office tour your home. 11. Host a countywide Realtor Open House. 12. Run ads in the local newspapers about your listing. 13. Place in our Kentucky Homes Magazine ad for the next month. 14. Hold Open Houses on Sundays at your discretion. 15. Have myself and my partner available 24/7 to answer other Realtors questions regarding your property. 16. Arrange showings as often as possible. 17. Contact you every Monday to inform you of any action or news regarding your property. 18. Negotiate the contract in YOUR best interest.And with our company, you get 2 offices of full time agents selling yourlisting; and a company that is #1 in gross sales for the past 12 years. Selling Your House…
  8. 8. What You Can Do To Help Disconnect Your Emotions When conversing with real estate agents, you will often find that when they talk to you about buyingreal estate, they will refer to your purchase as a "home." Yet if you are selling property, they will often referto it as a "house." There is a reason for this. Buying real estate is often an emotional decision, but whenselling real estate you need to remove emotion from the equation. You need to think of your house as amarketable commodity. Property. Real estate. Your goal is to get others to see it as their potential home,not yours. If you do not consciously make this decision, you can inadvertently create a situation where ittakes longer to sell your property. The first step in getting your home ready to sell is to "de-personalize" it. Make Your Home "Anonymous" If there is a new home sales tract near your home, go visit. It doesnt matter what size the homesare. What you will find are some wonderfully (but sparsely) furnished homes that anyone could live in -- withthe emphasis on "anyone."They are anonymous. There may be a baseball glove in the boys room, but nofamily photos on the walls. There may be "personality" - but no person. The reason you want to make yourhome "anonymous" is because you want buyers to view it as their potential home. When a potentialhomebuyer sees your family photos hanging on the wall, it puts your own brand on the home andmomentarily shatters their illusions about living in the house themselves. Put away family photos, sportstrophies, collectible items, knick-knacks, and souvenirs. Put them in a box. Rent a storage area for a fewmonths and put the box in the storage unit. Do not just put the box in the attic, basement, garage or a closet.Part of preparing a house for sale is to remove "clutter," and that is the next step in preparing your house forsale. Fixing the Interior of the House Do not do anything expensive, such as remodeling. If possible, use savings to pay for anyrepairs and improvements – do not go charging up credit cards or obtaining new loans. Remember that partof selling a house is also preparing to buy your next home. You do not want to do anything that will affectyour credit scores or hurt your ability to qualify for your next mortgage. Check all the ceilings for waterstains, whether the leak is caused by plumbing or a faulty roof. Find the leak and repair it and make sure aproper job is done. Nothing irritates a buyer more than finding out - after the fact - about plumbing or roofingleaks. They will be talking about calling a lawyer faster than your car engine starts when you turn the ignitionkey. If a water stain is left after something you have already repaired, do the cosmetic work necessary toimprove the desirability of your home. That means painting. You may have to paint anyway, especially if dirthas accumulated in spots or you have an outdated color scheme. Painting makes a home look fresh andnew on the inside and never fails to impress. Painting can be your best investment when selling yourhome. It is not a very expensive operation and often you can do it yourself. Do not choose colors based onyour own preferences, but based on what would appeal to the widest possible number of buyers. You shouldalmost always choose an off-white color because white helps your rooms appear bright and spacious.Unless your carpet appears old and worn, or it is definitely an outdated style or color, you probably shoulddo nothing more than hire a good carpet cleaner. If you do choose to replace it, do so with somethinginexpensive in a fairly neutral color. Repair or replace broken floor tiles, but do not spend a lot of money on
  9. 9. anything. Remember, you are not fixing up the place for yourself. You want to move. Your goal is simply tohave few negative impressions upon those who may want to purchase your property. Fixing the Exterior of the House Most real estate advice tells you to work on the outside of the house first, but unless there is amajor project involved, it is probably best to save it for last. There are two main reasons for this. First, thefirst steps in preparing the interior of the house are easier. They also help develop the proper mindsetrequired for selling - beginning to think of your "home" as a marketable commodity. Second, the exterior isthe most important. A homebuyer’s first impression is based on his or her view of the house from the realestate agent’s car. They call that first impression "curb appeal." So take a walk across the street and take agood look at your house. Look at nearby houses, too, and see how yours compares. Then it may be time togo to work. Is your landscaping at least average for the neighborhood? If it is not, buy a few bushes andplant them. Your lawn should be evenly cut, freshly edged, well watered, and free of brown spots. Alwaysrake up loose leaves and grass cuttings. The big decision is whether to paint or not to paint. When youlook at your house from across the street, does it look tired and faded? If so, a paint job may be in order. It isoften a very good investment and really spruces up the appearance of a house, adding dollars to offers frompotential homebuyers. When choosing a color, it should not be something garish and unusual, but a colorthat fits well in your neighborhood. Of course, the color also depends on the style of your house, too. Theback yard should be tidy. If you have a pool or spa, keep it freshly maintained and constantly cleaned. Forthose that have dogs, be sure to constantly keep the area clear of "debris." If you have swing sets oranything elaborate for your kids, it probably makes more sense to remove them than to leave them in place.They take up room, and you want your back yard to appear as spacious as possible, especially in newerhomes where the yards are not as large. The front door should be especially sharp, since it is the entrywayinto the house. Polish the door fixture so it gleams. If the door needs refinishing or repainting, make sure toget that done. If you have a cute little plaque or shingle with your family name on it, remove it. (Even if it isjust on the mailbox.) You can always put it up again once you move. Get a new plush doormat, too. This issomething else you can take with you once you move. Make sure the lock works easily and the key fitsproperly. When a homebuyer comes to visit your home, the agent uses the key from the lock box to unlockthe door. If there is trouble working the lock while everyone else stands around twiddling their thumbs, thissends a negative first impression. Fiduciary Responsibilities The fiduciary duty is a legal relationship of confidence or trust between two
  10. 10. or more parties, most commonly a fiduciary or trustee and a principal or beneficiary.Obedience: As an agent of your client, you must obey their instructions. Thats only if theirinstructions are not illegal and are in accordance with the contract. An example would be a deal inwhich you are the agent of the seller. You have two offers to buy their property and theyre almostidentical in price and contingencies. Your seller instructs you to accept the offer from Agent Bwithout going back to both buyer agents for further offers because your seller "doesnt like AgentA". Though you may feel that it is unfair to Agent A and their buyer, you must obey theinstructions of your seller.Loyalty: As the agent for your client, you must be loyal and keep their best interests ahead ofthose of any other party, including yourself. How much commission you might make, particularlyin competing offer situations, should not be a consideration and would be disloyal to your client.Disclosing anything about your client without their express consent would not be in keeping withthis loyalty requirement.Disclosure: In many states the law requires a real estate agent, whether in an "agency" capacityor not, to disclose material facts to their client. Material facts are those that, if known by the buyeror seller, might have caused them to change their purchase or sale actions. Beyond that, thefiduciary duty of disclosure would include just about any knowledge the agent had that mightbenefit their client in the process. If working for the buyer, and you knew the seller was in afinancially stressed situation, you would disclose that to help your buyer in the negotiation.Confidentiality:Your fiduciary duty of confidentiality means that you do not disclose anythingthat you learn about your client, their business, financial or personal affairs or motivations. Thisduty survives closing and lasts forever. Only a court instruction to disclose can relieve you of thisduty.Accounting: Accounting for all documents and funds in the transaction is a fiduciary duty.Accurate reporting of the whereabouts of all monies pertaining to the transaction and theirultimate disposition is a fiduciary responsibility.Reasonable Care:This duty is one to be very careful of. The words "reasonable care" are onlyfinally fully defined in many cases by a judge or jury when its too late to change your actions. You,as a licensed real estate professional, are expected to have a certain level of knowledge and be ableto advise and guide your client through the process without harm. Whether on the buyer or sellerside, you are expected to advise on price, inspections, negotiations, repairs and many other facetsof the transaction. If its not something youre expected to know, you are expected to advise yourclient in how to get the information. What is an e-PRO? Why should you use one? A Short Guide for the Internet ConsumerWhen youre on the Internet, you dont have time to waste on endless searches for useful real estateinformation. You want to get things done quickly and without hassle. So chances are youd like a real estate
  11. 11. agent who * Answers e-mail promptly and professionally. * Respects your on-line privacy. * Offers home listings and other Internet tools to help you find or market a home.Enter the e-PRO.An e-PRO is a REALTOR® who has successfully completed the e-PRO training program for real estateprofessionals. Endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®, the e-PRO course teachesprofessionals the nuts and bolts of working with real estate on-line: Web sites, e-mail, on-line tools, andmost of all, what todays consumer really wants.Are you reluctant to give out contact information through the Web for fear of being pestered or spammed? e-PROs understand. Theyve learned the Web isnt just a place to do business; you need information fromsomeone you can trust.Thats why e-PROs respect your privacy. They respond quickly to your questions, but dont send youunwanted communication. And they protect your personal information.Less hassleTired of struggling to find information? e-PROs are more likely to have access to the latest Internet utilities,making your life easier. These tools may include: * On-line home tours * Instant access to comprehensive neighborhood data * Extensive property listings * Immediate e-mail notification of just-listed homes meeting your criteria * Referral networks and on-line forums, where e-PROs can quickly find information——even potentialbuyers——from other e-PROs * Newsletters on current real estate conditions in your area * Electronic faxes sent to you by e-mail * Advanced software, PDAs, and laptops to find you answers on the spotThe result: you get more information, more easily. With electronic files, you have less paperwork to dealwith. And since your agent uses e-mail, you can even eliminate phone tag. The e-PRO streamlines yourentire transaction, from showing to closing.Less expenseAn e-PROs access to advanced technology can save you considerable expense. You have more tools to find ormarket your home, so youre likely to get a better price. With on-line home tours, you reduce in-personshowings——and the costs involved. And by using e-mail, you save money on long-distance calls and faxcharges.Relocating? An e-PRO is ideal for you. With the tools to do your research electronically, you can make adecision on a home the first day youre in town——or without traveling at all. You and your family save ontravel costs. And after youve decided to buy, monitoring the sale by e-mail saves you even more.Should you use an e-PRO? Yes——especially if youre an Internet user. In this fast-paced age, technology has become a necessity. An e-PRO is someone who has recognized and responded to the needs of the new consumer. If you choose an e-PRO, its a safe bet youll get the kind of service you want——and need. Proven Success2008 Production Total Production $3,700,000+ Number of Listings Sold 13
  12. 12. Number of Buyers Sold 8 Total Units Sold 21 *Price Ranging from $8,000 to $675,000.2009 Production Total Production $8,600,000+ Number Listings Sold 23 Number of Buyers Sold 18 Total Units Sold 41 *Price Ranging from $17,000 to $800,000.2010 Production Total Production $7,200,000+ Number Listings Sold 23 Number of Buyers Sold 15 Total Units Sold 38 *Price Ranging from $37,500 to $718,000.2011 Production Total Production $9,100,000+ Number of Listings Sold 30 Number of Buyers Sold 30 Total Units Sold 60 *Price Ranging from $22,000 to $966,000. Sold properties in Madison, Clark, Fayette, Bourbon, Scott, Garrard, Estill, and Rockcastle Counties. In the top 5 agent/teams in Madison Co MLS overall production 2009, 2010, & 2011. #3 overall agent/team in Madison Co MLS 2011.
  13. 13. Feedback After Every Showing!After each and every showing, the agent that showed your propertywill receive an automated survey emailed to he or she to fill outregarding how his or her buyer felt about your home. The survey iscustomizable. We can determine if there are specific questions weneed to ask when we list your home. The survey and all the commentsget sent to you and us right when its filled out. Website Login Complete Property Address Example:132BraemarDrive Password Prudential
  14. 14. Key Objectives
  15. 15. • PRICING... your home at the property‟s fair marketvalue.• TIMING... in the desired time period. Timing is extremely important in the real estate market. A property attracts the most activity from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed. It has the greatest opportunity to sell when it is new on the market.• CONVENIENCE... selling your home with the leastamount of inconvenience. Pricing Misconceptions
  16. 16. It is very important to price your property at competitivemarket value at the signing of the listing agreement.Historically, your first offer is usually your best offer.What What What WhatYou You You YourPaid Need Want Neighbor SaysWhat Cost What WhatAnother To PVA LastAgent Rebuild Says AppraisalSays Says Buyers & Sellers Determine ValueThe value of your property is determined by what a BUYERis willing to pay and a SELLER is willing to accept in today‟smarket. Buyers make their pricing decision based oncomparing your property to other SOLD properties in yourarea.Current Market Value of Your Home: