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Chapter 7 grammar


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Chapter 7 Grammar

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Chapter 7 grammar

  1. 1. Chapter 7 Grammar
  2. 2. Polyphemum uident nautae; ille de monte lente descendit. Polyphemus sees the sailors; he comes down from the mountain slowly.
  3. 3. 4th and 5th Declension; pg. 296-7 4th masculine 4th neuter 5th feminine Singular Nominative gradus cornu res Genitive gradus cornus rei Dative gradui cornu rei Accusative gradum cornu rem Ablative gradu cornu re Plural Nominative gradus cornua res Genitive graduum cornuum rerum Dative gradibus cornibus rebus Accusative gradus cornua res Ablative gradibus cornibus rebus
  4. 4. is, ea, id; page 53 is he, ea she, id it; that Singular Plural m f n m f n Nom is ea id ei eae ea Gen eius eius eius eorum earum eorum Dative ei ei ei eis eis eis Acc eum eam id eos eas ea Abl eo eā eo eis eis eis
  5. 5. ille, illa, illud; page 53 ille he, illa she, illud it; that Singular Plural m f n m f n Nom ille illa illud illi illae illa Gen illius illius illius illorum illarum illorum Dative illi illi illi illis illis illis Acc illum illam illud illos illas illa Abl illo illā illo illis illis illis
  6. 6. hic, haec, hoc; page 54 this Singular Plural m f n m f n Nom hic haec hoc hi hae haec Gen huius huius huius horum harum horum Dative hi hi hi his his his Acc hunc hanc hoc hos has haec Abl hoc hac hoc his his his
  7. 7. ipse, ipsa, ipsum; page 54 self Singular Plural m f n m f n Nom ipse ipsa ipsum ipsi ipsae ipsa Gen ipsius ipsius ipsius ipsorum ipsarum ipsorum Dative ipsi ipsi ipsi ipsis ipsis ipsis Acc ipsum ipsam ipsum ipsos ipsas ipsa Abl ipso ipsā ipso ipsis ipsis ipsis
  8. 8. Exercise 7.2, #1-2 1. Scintilla Horatiae fabulam narrat; Horatia Scintillam laeta audit. 2. magister pueros ludum intrare iubet; pueri magistro parent. 1. illa, eam 2. illi, ei