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Art History WebQuest.

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A higgins project_14_web_quest

  1. 1. Discovering Art History! Title A WebQuest for 9th Grade Art HistoryIntroduction Designed by Task Amanda Higgins Process Higgins.amanda@yahoo.com ResourcesEvaluationConclusionTeacher Page Vincent Van Gogh- Starry Night 1889 Original- Museum of Modern Art, New York City. Photograph by Van Gogh Prints Based on a template from Slide Share.
  2. 2. Title IntroductionIntroduction We have already learned about so much about different art movements, artists and genres. Today we will discover even more during an Art Task History Scavenger Hunt! By the end of this project each of you will be an Art History Genius! Process Each group will follow the instructions and explore all resources to Resources complete the scavenger hunt. This project will include dates, artists, titles of painting, genres, and materials. Once each group has completed Evaluation their hunt, we will share our findings with the entire class. Finally, we will choose the top 10 paintings and individually you will be quizzed onConclusion each of them. Let’s get started!Teacher Page Salvador Dali – Persistence of Memory, 1931. Original – Museum of Modern Art, New York City. Photograph by Authentic Society.
  3. 3. Title The TaskIntroduction At the end of this WebQuest, each group will have learned about over 30 famous Task paintings dating back to the 1800’s! You will be asked to identify the artist, style, date of creation, the title, and materials used for some of the paintings. Process You will be able to use the school’s database, Art History books, the class textbook, and your own knowledge to complete this project. Once you have discovered all of Resources the tasks for thirty famous paintings, by vote, we will choose ten favorites. ThoseEvaluation ten paintings will be projected in the classroom one at a time and you will have to tell me everything you know about each one.ConclusionTeacher Page Left: Vincent Van Gogh – The Café Terrace, 1888. Original Located at The Kroller Muller Museum- Otterlo, Netherlands. Photograph from AllPosters.com Right: Gustav Klimpt- The Kiss, 1907. Original resides with the Klimpt Family. Photograph from AllPosters.com
  4. 4. Title The ProcessIntroduction Step 1. First, you will be divided into groups four. Step 2. You will then meet together and choose what resources you want to use. Task Step 3. You will begin the scavenger hunt! Follow these directions: Process 1. Discover two painting’s from the 1900’s that have apples in them. Write down the title, artist, and genre.Resources 2. Define Fauvism. Find two paintings that fall under this genre andEvaluation identify the artist, date, and materials used. 3. Find two Salvador Dali paintings. Write down the title, date, andConclusion genre. 4. Discover two famous acrylic paintings between 1980-2010. WriteTeacher Page down the genre, title, and artist. 5. Identify two Impressionism Paintings. Write down the artist, date, and materials. 6. Tell me who painted “Nude Descending Staircase,” write down the date and material. 7. Identify two famous abstract paintings. Write down the artist, title, and date of each. 8. What are two Gustav Klimt paintings and how would you characterize them? 9. Find two paintings from the 1800’s that have religious content. Write down the name, title and genre. 10. Find two famous paintings with horses in it. Write down the artist, title, and genre. Process Continued
  5. 5. TitleIntroduction The Process Continued Task 11. Discover two Rene Magritte paintings. Write down the name, Process title, and material. 12. What is Baroque Art? Find two paintings in this genre and Evaluation write down the title, artist and materials used. 13. Discover two paintings that were controversial during their Conclusion time. Write down the artists, dates, and genre. 14. Tell me who painted “American Gothic.” What is the genre and the date?[Teacher Page] 15. Find two famous paintings of flowers. Write down the artists, materials, and titles. 16. Who painted “persistence of Memory?” What are two more of his/hers famous paintings? Step 4. As a class, we will share what we have learned with each other and take notes of each painting. Step 5. As a class, we will vote and choose ten of our favorite paintings. Step 6. The top ten paintings will be displayed at the front of the classroom. You will be asked to identify the artist, the title, the genre, the date, and the material used for each one. You will hand your answers into me to be graded. The student with the highest grade will be able to choose the ten paintings that will be on next week’s quiz.
  6. 6. Title The ResourcesIntroduction Here are some useful Resources: Task Internet: Process 1. http://arthistory.about.com/ 2. http://www.arthistory.net/ Resources 3. http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/ Evaluation Books: 1.You may use any of the art history Conclusion books in the school library. 2. You may also use the textbook from[Teacher Page] our class. Other Resources: 1. You may use any Art History magazine. Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper, 1498. Original Located at Santa Maria Delle Grazie- Milan, Italy. Photograph from AllPosters.com
  7. 7. Title EvaluationIntroduction 1 2 3 4 Total “American “The “Starry “Mona Points Task Gothic” Kiss” Night” Lisa” Process Research Little time spent Little time spent Some time spent Some time spent Time was spent Time was spent A lot of time A Resources researching and researching and using reliable using reliable on research and on research and quality material. quality material. on the research on the research and use of and use of spent on research spent on research and only used and only used sources. sources. suggested suggested reliable sources reliable sourcesEvaluation resources. resources.Conclusion Knowledge Lack of Lack of Shows some Shows some Understood the Understood the Shows complete Shows completeTeacher Page & understanding understanding understanding of understanding of project and project and knowledge and knowledge and Understand the task the task the project and the project and shows shows understanding of understanding of assigned. assigned. knowledge of knowledge of knowledge of the knowledge of the the project and the project and -ing Art History course. Art History Art course. Art Individual Showed minimal Showed minimal Some time was Some time was Time was spent Time was spent A lot of time and A Work effort towards effort towards spent on the spent on the on the project; it on the project; it effort was spent effort was spent project and no project and no project. project. appears as they appears as they on research and on research and time spent time spent understand the understand the studying. studying. preparing. preparing. task and material task and material Team Work The team did not The team did not The team could The team could The team The team The team The team work well work well have had better have worked well worked well worked worked together at all. together at all. communication communication together and the together and the exceptionally exceptionally No success. No success. and research and research task was task was together. The together. The skills. skills. completed. completed. project was great project was great Total Points Awarded for this Project: ___________________
  8. 8. Title Conclusion Your research has helped the entire class understand more about Art History. WeIntroduction have learned to identify the historical, cultural, comparative, and stylistic aspects of Task art through formal and visual analysis. Now that the research is completed and we have shared what we learned with the rest of the class, we will have the quiz on the Process top ten favorite pieces of artwork the class picked out. I have no doubt that each of you will be successful on the quiz! Congratulations on completing this WebQuest! ResourcesEvaluationConclusionTeacher Page Mona Lisa -Leonardo da Rosie the Riveter- Norman Vase with twelve Sunflowers – Vinci, 1505. Louvre Rockwell, 1943. Vincent Van Gogh, 1888. Museum- Paris, France. Original located at Toledo Original located at Photograph from All Museum of Art- Toledo, Ohio Philadelphia Museum of Art. Posters. Photograph from All Posters. Photograph from All Posters.
  9. 9. TitleIntroduction Teacher Page Task Welcome to the teacher page! This WebQuest was created for my 9 th Process grade Art History class at Vero Beach High School. It is geared Resources towards high school Art History students. With the goal of exploring Evaluation Conclusion Teach page Starry Night Over The Rhone Vincent Van Gogh, 1888. Original located at Musee d”Orsay. Paris, France. Photograph from AllPosters.com. artists, art movements, genres and eras throughout history. It was designed to be an entertaining project which would Integrate technology in a way students will enjoy. Basic computer skills and internet navigation will be needed to complete this WebQuest.