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Face Plan


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this is why and how I organize FACE plan program

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Face Plan

  1. 1. FACE PLAN Foreign Architect College Experience Plan
  2. 2. Who am I ? Amanda Leung An urban designer and architect
  3. 3. My purpose: Doing something I love and meaningful during my life. For whom ? For Students !!!
  4. 4. Students in good university have so many lectur es. But students in backland or in normal school......
  5. 5. They are eager for lectures !!!
  6. 6. Maybe we can do something for them……
  7. 7. Choose a weekend, Invite one architect to one school every month FACE Plan
  8. 8. Arrive in the city on Friday night.
  9. 9. Give a lecture on Saturday morning Case 1: James from BAU
  10. 10. To talk about what ?
  11. 11. Your concept, your idea, your career path your experience your feeling of life your architecture philosophy your failure your success your advice to students………
  12. 12. Have a workshop or group discussion with teachers and students Case 1: James from BAU
  13. 13. Pay a visit to the school and the city
  14. 14. Make friends with teachers Case 1: James from BAU
  15. 15. Fly back to shanghai on Sunday evening Case 1: James from BAU
  16. 16. A meaningful weekend……
  17. 17. Case 2: David from KPF southwest science&tech university pay visit to the earthquake town
  18. 18. give a lecture drawing review Case 2: David from KPF
  19. 19. Alex Cindy Case 3: Alex from GMP & Cindy from KPF
  20. 20. Now succeed in ...
  21. 21. City select standard 1. special 2. Chinese culture 3. cover all province ASAP
  22. 22. I wish I can...
  23. 23. Some good suggestions to my plan…
  24. 24. “ Shadow plan ” Invite some students to your office to be your shadow. Follow you for a couple of days to learn from you ---Frances (SOM shanghai office )
  25. 25. Or invite some young teachers to the office to work with your team. So when they go back to the school, can share this experience to other teachers and students. --James ( BAU )
  26. 26. What else I can do to improve my plan? What can we do during vocation? If school can’t afford the air-ticket and the hotel, shall we look for some sponsors ? ……
  27. 27. I need your support and idea...