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Using Social Media on your Travels - PDF


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Using Social Media on your Travels - PDF

  1. 1. Using social media on your travels
  2. 2. Using social media on your travels1. Who am I?2. Facebook for travellers3. Travelling with Twitter4. Blogging your trip5. Bonus social media: Travel with Instagram6. Final questions and wrap-up.
  3. 3. A travelling, blogging social media addict!
  4. 4. Facebook for travellersSet up or optimise your page before you go: ● check privacy settings ● know who your friends are ● set a good passwordTravel and share: ● status updates ● place check-ins ● photographs ● new friends ● messages
  5. 5. Travelling with TwitterGet used to using Twitter some time before you go: ● follow your friends and interesting strangers ● ask for travel tips from others on Twitter ● find your favourite smartphone Twitter app ● identify useful #hashtags for your tripTravel and share: ● travel updates ● new and strange ● photos - TwitPics ● direct messages
  6. 6. Blogging your tripSet up a blog before you go: ● use a free platform like Blogger or Wordpress ● learn how to write posts and add photos ● send the web address of your blog to your friendsTravel and share: ● daily (or less frequent) updates - highlights ● add photos ● include website links to places youve been, stayed or eaten at ● reply to comments people leave
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  9. 9. Travel with InstagramInstagram is perfect for smartphone users: ● set up an account (free) before you leave ● available for iPhone, Android ● Instagram is rapidly becoming popularTravel and share: ● make average photos look great (and fun) ● auto-feed them to Facebook or Twitter ● email them directly to people ● other Instagram users can follow you
  10. 10. How