Amanda Kendle: Putting the "u" into blogging


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Let's blug: Putting the "u" into blogging. A presentation by Amanda Kendle about creating a voice for your blog, made at the DigitalMe / Media140 conference in Perth, Western Australia, April 2012.

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Amanda Kendle: Putting the "u" into blogging

  1. 1. Lets blug!Putting the "u" into blogging
  2. 2. Putting the "u" into blogging ...• Whats a blog?• Blog voice: It needs "u"• Great blogs with lots of "u" factor• How to get "u" into your blog
  3. 3. Need-to-know: Whats a blog?• A kind of website• New posts regularly (daily, weekly)• Newest post at the top• Text, pictures, videos• Readers can comment• Every topic imaginable
  4. 4. Great blogs with the "u" factor • Edenland - edenriley.comHey, White Girl • Life in a Pink Fibro - lifeinapinkfibro.blogspot.comThe Woman Who Saved My Sunday o• Why Evolution is True - An Owl is 70% Feathers• Aussie on the Road - aussieontheroad.comOff to China• Styling You - to Wear a Jacket
  5. 5. Secrets for putting "u" in your blog• Blog for yourself - not trying to impress, and dont expect everybody to like you• Write what youd like to read• Blog like you talk - without the ums and aahs• Break grammar rules (but know them first)• Read your posts out loud• Dont be too slang, and dont be too formal• Be honest, be daring, be a little afraid• Have your own style (format, word choice)• Write from the heart, no matter what topic
  6. 6. How Go forth and blug!!