5 crippling habits to your productivity (and the tools to fix it).


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5 crippling habits to your productivity and the tools to fix them.

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5 crippling habits to your productivity (and the tools to fix it).

  1. 1. 5 crippling habits to your productivity (and the tools to fix it)Amanda Ingle@amandaingle
  2. 2. productivity• Is the measurement of efficiency of production• People are working harder than ever • myth buster: overtime doesn’t necessarily mean more production• There are plentiful tools to help manage todays workplace• Yet, something is missing
  3. 3. so how ‘bout... these bad habits, eh?
  4. 4. #1computer distractions
  5. 5. #2longgg to-do lists
  6. 6. #3people distractions
  7. 7. #4tired
  8. 8. #5break-less
  9. 9. tools
  10. 10. Rescue Time Change level of distracted vs.Monitor your daily/ productive weekly programs productivity Learn where you spend the majority of your time h ttp :/ re s cu e tim e .com /
  11. 11. Dropbox 2 GB Ability to share Free Spacefiles with anyone Get your documents anywhere, anytime. h ttp :/ d rop b ox.com /
  12. 12. Crash PlanBackup to the cloud! Real-time backupMultiple backup destinations Mobile, tablet, computer...access ALL files anywhere. h ttp :/ cras h p lan.com /
  13. 13. Trello Unique, fre e project/task Get real timemanagement tool. updatesAt a glance tasks of all team members Responsive design for use on any mobile device. (+ iPhone app) h ttp :/ tre llo.com /
  14. 14. Headphones#1 in the market for less likely to getremoving noisy co- interrupted workers use spotify to drown out the whining aboutbenefits packages.. h ttp :/ s p otify.com /
  15. 15. EvernoteSave anything.Recipes. Notes. Ideas. Share with friends and colleagues. Organize your life Access information anywhere! h ttp :/ e ve rnote .com /
  16. 16. Mocku.ps Sharing is easy with a generated url Easily share mockups withclients, co-workers Annotate your design with options and information h ttp :/ m ocku .p s /
  17. 17. Freedcamp Easy & FREE project 110% securemanagement tool assurance Add teams with easy drag & dropUNLIMITED users Manage team account information and passwords. h ttp :/ fre e d cam p .com /
  18. 18. Pomodoro Complete tasksClean interface with the pomodorowith big buttons technique 25 m in - 1 tas k 5 m in - b re ak Desktop notifications with Chrome app h ttp :/ p om od oro.m e /
  19. 19. ChainsGet support byjoining in with others! Create good habits by tracking them daily Stay on track no matter where you are! h ttp :/ ch ains .cc /
  20. 20. Google Apps Manage your calendar, email,and documents in one place. Amazing support and reliability Collaboration apps for getting work done h ttp :/ google .com /
  21. 21. Ge.tt Share files real 2 GB storage or time- as they just upload and upload sendStatistics ondownloads Live preview of document(s) h ttp :/ ge .tt /
  22. 22. MindomoCreate interactive mindmaps in Organize your seconds ideas with color coded systems Desktop application available for offline use h ttp :/ m ind om o.com /
  23. 23. Chartbeat Monitor yourwebsite with one dashboard Real time updates on traffic, page views, and more.Visually appealinggraphics for easy to reading h ttp :/ ch artb e at.com /
  24. 24. Strike Share your list for Easy to update collaboration to-do list Stored on the web, no need to create an account Accomplishedtasks are strike’d for easy viewing Responsive design- perfect for mobile use h ttp :/ s trike ap p .com /
  25. 25. physically move!stretch, get up, move.
  26. 26. now what?
  27. 27. ch alle nge :on monday, figure out 3 things you have to do. those areyour priorities for the day... anything else you complete is frosting on the cake. just having the tools isn’t enough, you need to better manage your time. but the tools will help you get there.
  28. 28. what are some of your favoritetools to manage productivity?
  29. 29. post powerpoint toolsVue Boomerang SkitchFree Mind Asana Now Do ThisWunderlist Toggl Awesome NoteWunderkit Sign NowPivotal Tracker RapportiveSprint.ly Fresh BooksFitBolt Invoice Machine
  30. 30. post preso philosophyInbox Zero Gmail - Priority Inbox@ergobot Skip Inbox > Tag Gmail Meeting Agendas ARE A MUST TU R N O F F E M AIL N O TIF IC ATIO N S
  31. 31. awesome resources, man• A busy person’s guide to maintaining sanity: http://bit.ly/Hig8pA• 5 tips to better time management: http://bit.ly/Hig8pA• 10 laws of productivity: http://bit.ly/Higi09• Unique break ideas to boost productivity. http://bit.ly/HigkoM Amanda Ingle @amandaingle