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Twitter 4 Beginners


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Do you want to tweet and have a twitter account?
These slides will tell you all you need to know:

What is twitter?
How to open an account?
How up upload your header and sizes?
How to tweet?
How to gain followers?

Enjoy this FREE resource :)

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Twitter 4 Beginners

  2. 2. What is Twitter? FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM  Fast, interactive communication  Meet people from all over the globe.  Broadcast, share and follow like minded people  Grow a engaged and loyal community fast  Learn new things, share ideas and problem solve  Powerful search tool  If you are a blogger or have a podcast - Amazing broadcast tool
  3. 3. How to begin your Twitter journey? FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM 1. SIGN UP  Type in and sign up.  Use your name, email and a password  Use your real name.  Note : If you want to set up a personal and a business twitter account, you will need two emails to set these up.
  4. 4. FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM 2. JOIN TWITTER  Complete the form in total  Full Name  Email Address  Create a password  Choose your user name Care must be taken when you choose your user name: Business : Website / Business Name Personal : Your real name or a well known “nick name”
  5. 5. FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM 3. Click on Create my account.... 4. Click "Next" 5. When you see this message check your email 6. Confirm your twitter account by clicking on "Confirm your account now“
  6. 6. FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM 7. Build your time line by following some people  You will now be asked to follow 5 people  Follow people in your industry or field  Follow customers  Follow friends  Follow people you can learn from or even your competitors Who will YOU follow?
  7. 7. FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM 8. Complete your profile
  8. 8. FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM 9. Select your Profile Image  73 x 73 Pixels or 500 x 500 Pixels  Good quality photograph  Optimize the image for the web.  Time of how your image will look cropped into a square  Ensure the photo you select highlights YOU!  Optimize your Header image 1500 x 461 pixels I have found to be the best TIP Ensure that your twitter account, twitter handle, profile and header photos are consistent with your brand and social media marketing strategy!
  9. 9. FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM 10. With the new and broad design, use it like you would a business card to tell people who you are and what your brand represents. 11. Add your Bio  You have 160 characters to tell the world about you and your business success. 12. DO NOT use one update across all social media platforms!  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest all have their own unique social communication. It looks like your are just lazy sharing the same content from one platform to another. It’s also, not effective 13. Click SAVE!
  10. 10. How To Use Twitter? FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM USE VISUALS  Use pictures to stand out in news feeds and attract the right attention.  Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.
  11. 11. USE STRUCTURED TWEETS  [Key Measure] + [Link] + #Hastag + [Afterthought] + Image DO NOT BE SELF ABSORBED  Mix up your content with person interest, hobbies, places you are visiting and weekend photos KEEP TWEETS SHORT  Aim for 100 characters - Allow others to tweet their thoughts CURATE  | | “search bar” LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE  Include your sense of humour - share a joke or a picture of one - show yourself at work - share blog posts and customer reviews BE REAL  It's okay to share what you are doing or a gorgeous meal [sparingly] LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR AND PLAN AHEAD  Christmas, Easter are obvious choices  World Cup in Brazil or the Maroons here in Brisbane  World theme days like "Secretary Day" or "Casual Wear at Work day" FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM
  12. 12. How do I grow my followers? FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM FOLLOWERS – WATCH THEM GROW!  When you first sign up, you will need to follow others to have some follow you back.  AIM - 20 PEOPLE A DAY  BUSINESS - Follow relevant people and industries  PERSONAL - Follow people with similar interests to yourself HOW DO I FIND PEOPLE TO FOLLOW?  Use #hashtags to find relevant individuals  People you look up to or who you personally know  Blog articles you enjoy, facebook page owners you engage with ENGAGE  Show appreciation for their tweets by using the favourite button as a "like"  Be responsive / spontaneous and ask a people a question on twitter or answer one  If someone shares your tweet - ALWAYS thank them for the effort!  Run twitter contests using #hashtags to increase engagement fast!  Tweet about twitter COMMUNICATE  Bottom line - share, tweet, retweet, favourite and respond!
  13. 13. How to Keep the Engagement Going? HOW DO I KEEP TRACK OF PEOPLE WHO REGULARLY RETWEET OR INTERACT WITH ME? USE LISTS  You can create lists on twitter that are both "private" and "public"  Private lists are only seen by you  Public lists can be shared and seen by all  Reduce the “noise” in your twitter feed  Let them know they are valued! TAKE NOTE OF PEOPLE WHO RETWEET  Create a folder called "Engagement" or "Twitter Friends" then regularly say "Hi" BE ORGANISED - GROUP BY INDUSTRY  Keep in touch with specific fields without cluttering your own twitter feed! FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM
  14. 14. STOP Chaos in it’s Tracks! BLOCK SPAMMERS  Block people who clutter your twitter feed, it doesn't stop them from seeing you... USE TWITTER TOOLS  Save time by scheduling tweets using    FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM
  15. 15. Avoid on Twitter!  Favourite every tweet - You will seem like a stalker  Gripe or winge on twitter - People love positive messages  Long personal chats should occur on DM - Otherwise followers might "unfollow" you - It clutters up their twitter feeds.  Overuse #hashtags - Limit your tweets to 1-3 #hashtags  NEVER send auto DM's  Follow over a hundred people a day - Twitter will mistake you for a spambot or suspend your account FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM
  16. 16. Twitter Chats and Why YOU should Dive In!  Twitter chats are organised by other twitter users for a certain day / time.  Sensational opportunities to chat and meet new people * Wonderful insights * Tips * Links * Exchange of experience  It is also a great way to connect and grow relationships on twitter that you can build on skype or meet in person at a later time when you visit their state or country!  Real friendships grow and flourish.  B2B connections, partnerships and referrals are gained,  as people connect with you as someone they know, like and trust. FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM
  17. 17. 5 Twitter Chat Tips on Etiquette 1. FOLLOW THE RULES  Some chats do not allow links, self-promotion until the last 5 minutes or not at all.  Others ask you retweet questions  Respond positively to other people's answers and retweet if you think they are awesome.  RT [Their answer]  Include the twitter chat #hashtag in all comments 2. STAY ON TOPIC  Add value and insight  Keep the tweet short with correct spelling  Keep your answers on focus 3. MENTION YOUR SOURCES  If you share content from another cite the authur, link or their twitter handle 4. FLOLOW THE FLOW OF THE CHAT  If you arrive late......follow the lead of the group and answer the most recent question.  If you want to add a side comment to a particular member in the chat - drop the #hashtag 5. BE A GOOD GUEST  Acknowledge great tweets  If someone from the chat follows you after the chat - ALWAYS follow back  Thank the twitter chat host and their guest/s for their time and including you in the chat.  Respond to people by their name FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM
  19. 19. RECOMMEND ME ON LINKEDIN If you found I offered you sensational value this evening, please go to LinkedIn and leave a recommendation. Looking forward to engaging with you on Twitter and Helping you with any other twitter questions. Thank you for a wonderful night xx FOLLOW ME on TWITTER : @Myofficebooks & @Accounting4SM