Names project update

Archivist at City of Belleville and County of Hastings
Apr. 27, 2010

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Names project update

  1. Names Project Amanda Hill & Dan Needham JISC Conference, 2010
  3. Background  Repositories Programme  People depositing copies of their papers, learning materials, slides in institutional and subject-based digital repositories  Need to add name (and other) data to the digital object for information retrieval JISC Conference, 2010
  4. What?  Names of people involved in creating materials  Names of institutions and (perhaps) departments JISC Conference, 2010
  5. Need to connect different forms of names  Murphy, M. L.  Lynne Murphy And these  M. L. Murphy are all spelt  M. Lynne Murphy correctly!  Murphy, M. Lynne  M. Lynne Murphy  Murphy, Mary Lynne  Murphy, Lynne JISC Conference, 2010
  6. Retrieval  Users/administrators/funders may want to find all articles by a particular individual  Difficult if the name has been entered in a variety of ways JISC Conference, 2010
  7. Disambiguation  Need to retrieve only those materials deposited by that particular individual  With common names, there will be many matches – loss of precision  Need to be able to uniquely identify individuals  Ideally using principles of Linked Data JISC Conference, 2010
  8. What is the Names Project?  A JISC-funded Mimas project in collaboration with the British Library  Phase 1 (July 2007 – February 2009):  Investigated the potential and requirements for a Name Authority Service  A prototype was developed with test set of data Phase 2: (March 2009 – February 2011): Expand prototype into pilot system Look at future options as a service JISC Conference, 2010
  9. Millions of names of Only active initials, not full researchers Mimas British forenames  Library JISC Conference, 2010
  10. Process  Use Zetoc to pre-populate the Names system  Identify unique individuals and assign identifiers  Enhance data with information from other sources  e.g. UKPMC grantees database JISC Conference, 2010
  11. Names Phase One Activities  Establish requirements  Determine data structure  Map to existing name-related standards (e.g. MARC, EAC-CPF, CERIF, FOAF) JISC Conference, 2010
  12. Current phase  Testing matching algorithms  Reviewing data structure  Updating data mappings for revised and new standards  Collaborating with potential data providers and Names users JISC Conference, 2010
  13. Demo   JISC Conference, 2010
  14. JISC Conference, 2010
  15. JISC Conference, 2010
  16. JISC Conference, 2010
  17. RDF version of record JISC Conference, 2010
  18. JISC Conference, 2010
  19. Longer term  Allow researchers to edit their own information (e.g. to specify a preferred form of name)  Arrange for upload of information from  universities  repositories  funding bodies JISC Conference, 2010
  20. Broader context  Lots of activity in this area right now  ORCID (Open Researcher Contributor Identifier)  VIAF (OCLC)  ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier)  Various national initiatives in other countries  Netherlands  Australia  Poland/Spain (under consideration)  Will be a while before a clear picture emerges JISC Conference, 2010
  21. Project updates  Names website:  Project blog:  Twitter: @NamesProject JISC Conference, 2010