CMCC Internet Marketing Essentials for Small Business and Entrepreneurs


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We have all heard about businesses using the internet for their marketing. This workshop provides participants with the essential knowledge that every small business should know about search engine optimization, email marketing, blogging and social media.

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CMCC Internet Marketing Essentials for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Essentials for Small Business and EntrepreneursAmanda O’BrienHall Internet MarketingSocial Media Breakfast Maine
  2. 2. Who I am Amanda O’Brien VP of Marketing, Hall Internet Marketing @hall_web Organizer, Social Media Breakfast Maine #smbme Blogger at large Guiding Stars, PROXI, SocialMediaB2B, amandapants, Hall, SMBME etc. @amanda_pants
  3. 3. Who you are
  4. 4. Internet Marketing –Not another thing
  5. 5. Power! Photo credit:
  6. 6. Internet MarketingWebsiteSearch Engine Optimization*Paid Search MarketingEmail Marketing*Blogging*Social Media*Content Marketing
  7. 7. Internet Marketing is the most measurable marketing around Photo credit:
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. 10. Search Engine Optimization What is SEO Search Engine Land
  11. 11. View page source of any web page Right click View page source1. <title>2. Meta name = “description”3. Words on the page4. Headings5. “alt” tags
  12. 12. Headings and Text Keywords in the Title Tag Keywords in page content <h1>The Most Important Element</h1> <h2>The 2nd Most Important</h2> <h3>The 3rd</h3> <h4>The 4th</h4> <h5>The 5th</h5> <h6>The 6th</h6> Bold text Keywords in domain Meta descriptions Age of website Quality and popularity of your content New and fresh content Clean website code and page speed Links in and out
  13. 13. Measuring SEO Keyword rankings Google Analytics Site traffic New and repeat visitors Referring traffic Time on site Bounce rate Website conversions
  14. 14. SEO
  15. 15. Email Marketing
  16. 16. Email MarketingStill one of the most effective forms of marketingInterested audienceDrive traffic to your site
  17. 17. Email Marketing - DOs Use an email service provider Make it visually appealing Experiment with send times Link back to your site Make it exclusive Add signup form to site or at your location Add a call to action Photo credit:
  18. 18. Email Marketing – DON’TsOver sendBuy email listsEmail people who have not signed upThink you don’t need an ESP or serviceForget to test and spell checkForget unsubscribe links [CANSPAM Act] Photo credit:
  19. 19. Email Service ProvidersConstant Contact 60 Day Free Trial 0-100 contacts 0-500 contacts - $15/monthMail ChimpVertical Response Templates Reporting
  20. 20. Measuring Email Marketing ESPs tracking Opens Clicks Shares New signups Inbound traffic Redeemed coupons
  21. 21. EmailMarketing
  22. 22. Blogging
  23. 23. What is a blog? Web log in reverse chronological order Topic based Why you should blog Easy to update Search engines love them Shareable
  24. 24. How do Businesses Use Blogs?Launch New ProductsPRDemonstrate ExpertiseDisseminate InformationAnswer Common QuestionsTransparencySearch Engine OptimizationForm relationships
  25. 25. Essential Aspects of a Post Title – Short, catchy, clickable Content – Concise, clear, lots of formatting Media – Photos, Videos Categories/Tags – Aid in organization Publish – Just do it!
  26. 26. Subscribing RSS and Email
  27. 27. Know Your Target Audience• Who is going to read your blog?• What other blogs do they read?• Whats their preferred way to get content?• How hungry are they for new stuff?• How did they find you?• What do they want to hear from you?• Conversation – Talk WITH not AT
  28. 28. Measuring Blogging Site traffic Subscribers Popular posts Comments on the blog Inbound links Search rankings Sales Time spent
  29. 29. BloggingRecorded webinars:Get Your Business Blogging - More Return by Blogging Better - Up With Good Blog Topics -
  30. 30. Social Media
  31. 31. Conversations happening online What is Social Media? Word of Mouth Marketing with a new twist. Photo credit:
  32. 32. What does this have to do MY with business? This is where your Free powerful marketingcustomers are spending tool you can manage in- their time house Referrals mean more than advertisements1 out of every 6 minutes Tailored specificonline is participating in messages, for your Establish trust and that social networking sites demographic your are an expert in your industry Americans use social Empathy and caring media more than mean more than anything else online strategy and $$
  33. 33. How has this changed your prospects and customers?Discovery, research and investigationLooking to establish trust onlineConsumers have more controlConsumers have higher expectationsTwo way conversations – wary of one way messaging
  34. 34. Most Popular Social Media SitesSite Monthly Visitors Who are these people?Facebook 750,000,000 EveryoneTwitter 250,000,000 News sharers, mobile usersLinkedIn 110,000,000 Business folks and job seekersMySpace 70,500,000 Young, music loversGoogle+ 65,000,000 Early adopters Article:
  35. 35. Choose the right tools for youWhat will fit into your day?What features do you want?What seems to be working?What are your customers using?Always tie in with your website/email Photo credit:
  36. 36. Next week…Advanced Internet-Social MediaMarketing • Twitter • Facebook • Google+ and more
  37. 37. Things you can measure• Traffic data• Fan/follower data• Interaction data• Content performance Photo credit:
  38. 38. Social Media Cartoon credit:
  39. 39. “Youve got to be very careful if you dont know where youre going, because you might not get there.”
  40. 40. Skate to where the puck is going Photo credit:
  41. 41. We did it!Thank you! Amanda O’Brien VP of Marketing, Hall Internet Marketing @hall_web Organizer, Social Media Breakfast Maine #smbme @amanda_pants