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Why Join AZAD


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Why Join AZAD

  1. 1. ©AZAD2012
  2. 2. WHAT IS AZADAZAD is the Association of Zoo andAquarium Docents.AZAD is a not-for-profit association whosepurpose is to facilitate communication and theexchange of information between zoo andaquarium docents.
  3. 3. WHEN DID AZAD BEGIN? Docents from 35 zoos came together at the First International Zoo Docent Conference held in October 1985 in Houston, Texas. The following year another international conference was held in Kansas City, Missouri. Delegates, representing 41 zoos selected a “Steering Committee”, created a Bylaws Committee and began a newsletter, Symbiosis. The first conference to be advertised as an AZAD Conference was in 1987 in Los Angeles, California.
  4. 4. WHO CAN BE AN AZAD MEMBER? AZAD Has 3 Individual Membership Categories PLUS Organizations!
  5. 5. ACTIVEVolunteer Educator - So if you educate people atyour zoo this would be YOU!INACTIVEYou were an active docent, but distance, lack oftime or other factors have intervened but you stillenjoy reading about and socializing with likeminded individuals.ASSOCIATEYou are interested in zoos, conservation, andanimals but have never been actively involved,you volunteer or you are a staff member at a zooor aquarium.
  6. 6. Do You Fit Any of the Above? AZAD WANTS YOU!
  7. 7. Why Should I Join AZAD ? to communicate & exchange information with other members to receive Symbiosis, AZAD’s quarterly newsletter to travel the world to exotic locations to broaden your horizons at annual conferences to access online resources
  8. 8. • AZAD’s quarterly newsletter via Email or Print - by request if you prefer• Written by members for members• Source of information about our natural world• Updates from member organizations• News about AZAD
  9. 9. Website for access to E-Symbiosis – anytime! Past, Present & Future Issues Adobe PDF Files in COLOR
  10. 10. Travel to Exotic Places with Like Minded People on Trips Focused on Nature, Animals & CultureCosta Rica, Hawaii, Alaska, Kenya, Singapore, China and Thailand and more!
  12. 12. What Would I Do at a Conference?Go see Pre & Post Trips at Host CityAttractions.Represent Your Organization as aDelegate.Network with Fellow AZAD Members.Hear about Exciting Research orProjects from Keynote Speakers.
  13. 13. Attend Presentations & Workshops.Shop for Unique & Animal ThemedItems in the Wildside Room.Photo Contest, Raffles & Prizes!Enjoy old Friends & Make new Friends!A Day at the Zoo/Aquarium! FUN! FUN! FUN!
  14. 14. Pre and Post TripsSt. Louis, Memphis, Pittsburgh and Chicago
  15. 15. Ice Breaker & Banquet
  16. 16. Recent Keynote Speakers http://www.amphibianark.orgPhoto credit:
  17. 17. Workshops and PapersRecent topics  “What’s In Your Pocket?” “Bamboo: What’s In It For Pandas?”  “Kali Jon, Baby Orangutan” “From Swamps and Bogs to Pollywogs”  “Photographing Zoos”  “From Lust to Dust: Explaining Those Awkward Subjects” Check out for more!
  18. 18. Zoo Day
  19. 19. Have Fun!
  20. 20. Sharing… Our knowledge Our experiences Our enthusiasm…with others who share our passion for thenatural world
  21. 21. NetworkingAn opportunity to connect with zoo and aquariumdocents & volunteers from across the U.S.,Canada and beyondA resource for informationA personal connection forvisiting other zoos & aquariumsA new friend
  22. 22.
  23. 23. AZAD Website includes:General info about AZADMembership applicationExcerpts from SymbiosisMerchandise order formUpcoming eventsFuture conferencesAZAD sponsored tripsLinks to related organizationsPapers from previous conferencesLink to AZAD Facebook
  24. 24. Follow us onFacebook
  25. 25. Tell me again why should I join AZAD?With AZAD you can: LEARN SHARE CONNECT ENJOY
  26. 26. I’m In - How Do I Sign Up?Individual MembershipsForms are Available: Important Forms / Individual Membership Form In Symbiosis Many Zoos Have Forms Available in Volunteer Area
  27. 27. Photo Credits Marie Lerch - Elmwood ParkAnn Hengesbach - Detroit ZooAnn Marie Fogarty - Brookfield Larry Martin - Maryland ZooBob & Bev Shaff - Seneca ParkLaural Shanon - Cameron Park ©AZAD2012
  28. 28. What are you waiting for? If you want more information go Thank you for your interest!