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CertifiNOW Class Overview

  1. 1. Private Class Over viewOWNOW w w w .C er ti fiN OW .com
  2. 2. Why Invest in Employee Project Management Certification? 1 To achieve business success 2 To achieve project success 3 To empower strategic business units with credentialed practitioners 4 To increase customer confidence 5 To increase employee confidence 6 To increase teamwork TOP 7 To make Project Management an organizational core competency 8 To utilize internationally proven principles, processes, & terminology 9 To utilize repeatable processes that lead to improved project results REASONS 10 To reduce “trial by error” management practices & project failuresPremier organizations across the globe invest in project management certification because it has a 3-fold benefit for their employees, clients, and business units.Your Employees:• Will become credentialed practitioners equipped with the latest tools and techniques that lead to increased business results and project success.• Will learn the international standard, framework, and language for project management.• Will learn to apply the discipline of project management to your business.• Will learn what prerequisites are required, prior to initiating a project.• Will learn to apply project management leadership and value why project management is a “team sport”.Your Clients:Your clients will gain confidence in your organization because: • Your project teams will consist of credential practitioners that are required to stay current on the latest tools and techniques in the project management profession. • Your project teams will learn internationally accepted project management terminology, processes, tools, and techniques.• Your project teams will follow an ethical code of conduct.Your Business Units:Your organizations will benefit because: • Strategic business units will learn to follow proven, repeatable processes that lead to improved project results and improved business results.• Employee retention and loyalty will increase due to your investment in their careers.• Project Management will become a core competency.www.CertifiNOW.com1-866-PMP-EXAM (1-866-767-3926) CertifiNOW™ 1-866-PMP-EXAM 880 Marietta Highway, Suite 630-303, Roswell, GA 30075 www.CertifiNOW.com
  3. 3. Private Class Overview:CertifiNOW specializes in advanced certification training for professionals and consultants in virtually every major industry. Our primary target audience consists of individuals seeking to become certified by PMI® (Project Manage-ment Institute) as a PMP® (Project Management Professional) or CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Manage-ment). However, for those not interested in certification this class provides a solid theoretical framework and the proper paradigms for thinking about the project management profession.CertifiNOW provides advanced certification training in a Private – invitation only – venue. This Private Class for-mat has several advantages over our public class format because it allows you to hand-select the class participants while also combining the benefits of flexibility with the economic advantage of cost savings. To maximize employee participation and focus, the Private Class format gives you the flexibility to select the students, location, and dates to conduct your PMP/CAPM Prep Course.Additional Benefits:The Private Class offering produces multiple benefits for your organization and the class participants, as follows: Corporate Benefits: Participant Benefits: 1. Employees become certified professionals in the 1. Test Anxiety is minimized because exam preparation shortest amount of time possible. time is reduced from several months to several days. 2. If conducted onsite, employee travel and lodging 2. Improved focus is gained by having employees study expenses are eliminated. together. 3. Projects are staffed with Project Management 3. Co-location breeds a positive team building Professionals, which leads to better business results, experience. increased client confidence, and credibility with potential customers. 4. A common project management vocabulary is 4. Cross-functional communication is enhanced because established (based on PMI), which can be leveraged project terminology is standardized. to get the entire organization on “the same page.” 5. Project Management becomes a core competency 5. Participants gain confidence in their ability to get the within the organization. job done, while also delivering expected project and business results. The synergy produced by these combined benefits makes this a very attractive option for many organizations – public, private, and corporate.Bonus: In addition to guaranteeing that your employees pass their certification exams, they are given a solid theoretical framework and the proper paradigms for thinking about the project management profession. Therefore, with a small investment of time, employees are given a foothold in a career progression that could otherwise take years to achieve.What to Expect:CertifiNOW’s private classes, specifically provide the following:1. Three (3) complete days of private instruction.2. A course textbook - to be used in class and as a career reference after class.3. Workbooks containing comprehensive memory aids for each PMI® knowledge area.4. Quizzes, sample tests, and all necessary classroom-learning supplies.5. Post-class study plan.6. Post-class support by a CertifiNOW instructor.7. A clear-cut guarantee. CertifiNOW™ 1-866-PMP-EXAM 880 Marietta Highway, Suite 630-303, Roswell, GA 30075 www.CertifiNOW.com
  4. 4. Guarantee:At CertifiNOW, we measure our success one PMP® at a time. Obviously, no one wants to sacrifice time (days, weeks, or months) preparing for a certification exam and not pass. Thus, we have developed a 3-day class filled with processes, study guides, and test taking strategies that will enable your employees to pass the PMP® or CAPM® exam – usually on their 1st attempt. CertifiNOW is so confident in its PMP® or CAPM® Prep course that we offer a very straightforward guarantee.Why offer a guarantee?We offer a guarantee because our PMP® or CAPM® Prep course works! It has been progressively fine-tuned for several years. (Thus, it is both modern and proven.) During that period, virtually all candidates who took this course did, in fact, pass on their first attempt. How it works:Due to the meticulous and difficult nature of the exam, there will be occasions when someone does not pass the PMP® exam on their 1st attempt. That is when our intervention processes are activated. We literally review – the actual PMP® Exam score sheets – for each candidate and develop a personalized study plan that targets their individual weaknesses (as revealed by the PMP® Exam). Upon implementation of the personalized study plan, virtually every candidate passes on their 2nd attempt.Our guarantee is simple and straightforward. It works as follows:• he candidate must attend all class sessions of our PMP® or CAPM® Exam Prep course. (Attendance is taken T during each class module). • he candidate must take the PMP® or CAPM® certification exam within a calendar month of completing T the course. • f the candidate does not pass the exam, they must call our office and fax their exam score sheet to us within I a week of their test date. A CertifiNOW instructor will evaluate the exam results, compare them against class performance via the in-class test scores, and combine this information to devise a personalized study plan for the candidate.• he candidate should complete the instructor’s study recommendations and retake the exam within 2 months T of their original test date.• MI® will enable a candidate to take the PMP® exam 3 times within a calendar year. During that period, P we offer an option that enables the candidate to attend a future CertifiNOW course free of charge.• f the candidate implements the individual study plans developed by CertifiNOW and still does not pass the I exam within PMI®’s boundary of 3 attempts in one calendar year, CertifiNOW will refund 100% of that candidate’s course tuition.Clearly, we are confident that we can equip your people to pass the PMP® and CAPM® exams. However, if for some unforeseen reason, a candidate does not pass, their tuition will be 100% refunded. CertifiNOW™ 1-866-PMP-EXAM 880 Marietta Highway, Suite 630-303, Roswell, GA 30075 www.CertifiNOW.com