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What Communication Can Do For Me?


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For our CMAT 101 Class

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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What Communication Can Do For Me?

  1. 1. Henry Lindsey Amanda Michael
  2. 2.  Communication occurs all around us. It is the process of relaying messages across any space.  In an educational sense, Communications is the study of the different means people use to communicate with each other.
  3. 3. Communications majors can perform in a wide variety of job settings including: -business -advertising -education -government -social service -computer technology -broadcasting -religious professions as well as many others! (
  4. 4. While business will always be a recession-proof degree, and can help you attain a successful job, it is not the ONLY major that can help you do that. Your child can minor in something tactile like business or accounting, and combining communications with that will make them bulletproof in the future job industry.
  5. 5.  Currently at Salisbury University there are four bachelor programs for the Communication Arts program  Human Communications  Journalism/Public Relations  Media Studies  Media Production By choosing a track that best accommodates your interests in Communication and the type that best accompanies the career you wish to pursue, you are better enhancing your chances of attaining a job in that field. (
  6. 6. People who major in Communications have better understanding of the following key attributes: -relational skills (conflict management, group/team work, etc.) -critical thinking skills (problem solving) -writing skills (press releases, ad campaigns) -computer skills (communicating effectively via technology) -and many more! Your child is more employable thanks to their major! (
  7. 7. Communications is necessary. While some may view Communications a people just writing words and communicating the ideas of a company, it is SO much more. Communications is the embodiment of change and influence. (
  8. 8. “Communications is the most useful major because not only does it provide a way for young people to make in impact worldwide, but also to make an impact in their everyday lives. They learn to decipher the messages that advertising puts out and shields them against false, negative images. They may be jaded, but at least they are not easily manipulated. Armed with such knowledge, communication majors are not easily fooled by distorted stories and biased presentations.” (Tolentino, Sally.
  9. 9. Communication Science Film Journalism/Publishing Magazines Newspaper/News Services Photography Public Relations and Business Radio/Audio Television and Video (
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