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  1. 1. The effects of DI public advocacytraining• Seven success stories from the East & Southern African Business Member Organization Network (ESA BMO Network)Do you want to know why capacity buildingmatters?  Read about the outcomes of the network
  2. 2. Success stories• Confederation of Tanzania Industries successfully lobbied for a simplification of the Credit Guarantee Scheme in Tanzania• Kenya Association of Manufacturers reviewed the Kenyan Vocational Training Bill and improved matches between graduate skills and private sector needs• Rwanda Private Sector Federation managed to persuade the government to keep a 24 hour open border post in the northern corridor• Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries established the joint „Government Business Energy Committee‟
  3. 3. Success stories• Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry successfully lobbied for „One Stop Border Posts‟• Uganda Manufacturers Association lobbied the government to implement incentive structures to make local companies more energy efficient• Confederation of Business Associations of Mozambique persuaded the government to simplify tender processes for SMEs
  4. 4. Morgan Tsvangirai in foreword to the2010 ESA BMO Annual Report:“A well-functioning private sector, with cross country cooperation of businesses, benefits everybody including the poor who will have improved public service due to increased tax revenues and more possibilities of selling their products through improved value chains. Perhaps more importantly, Africa will be able to fight poverty through increased trade and exports both within and outside Africa.”