My Roots


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My Roots

  1. 1. My Roots“A tree may grow a thousand feet tall, but its leaves will return to its roots.” -UnknownAmanda- meaning “lovable” or “worthy of love” comes from English, Italian, German, and many more origins. Its use began in the 1600’s by authors who wanted to describe their characters as lovable (e.g. Colley Cibber’s ‘Love’s Last Shift’ (1696)).Michelle- from French and Hebrew origins, it means “Who is like God.” Burris- Coming from an Anglo-Saxon heritage, “Burris” comes from “Burrows” or “berg” used in the Olde English and German language used to refer to hills or a residence by a hill or mound Michelle BurrisSourcesThe History behind the GirlGray Stone Day SchoolMisenheimer, NCCreated byAmanda Michelle Burris“Amanda Michelle Burris”www.webaddress.comAlbemarle, North Carolina“A Place to Visit. A Place to Live. A Place to Love.”MY BIRTHPLACEBorn, raised, and still residing in Albemarle, North Carolina, this truly is a wonderful place to grow up. Here, in Albemarle, the average child has a great experience. This town is not as dangerous as that of bigger towns, so generally, a child gets more freedom than those of children in larger towns. Growing up in small towns allows someone to have many friends, and gives a person the opportunity to really get to know an individual. This is the kind of town where, literally, mostly everyone somehow knows everyone. In Albemarle, people get the chance to enjoy the simple things, such as the drive-in, park, or spending a day on the lake. This town, although small, provides a great childhood for many. For more information, visit BIRTHMy Entrance into the WorldBeing my mother’s first baby girl and my father’s first child, it was basically unarguable that my birth would be something special and something memorable. Since the day of my announced conception, everyone in my family anticipated the day that I would be born. Finally, when that day came, a bit of worry existed. A few problems occurred, which includes my aspiration, and the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. My mother had had some issues in labor prior to my birth that dealt with her previous labor with my older brother, Jarad. Knowing that I had aspirated and had the cord around my neck and could not breathe, the doctor frantically told my mother to push. Finally, after a great deal of pain, I was delivered, they unraveled the umbilical cord, and while blue, my parents’ beautiful baby girl met the world.“Our Birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time” -Jean Paul Richter-According to the Chinese Zodiac, I am sensitive, serious in relationships once I become settled, and also very playful and jokingOn September 17th, 1630, the city of Boston, Massachusetts was foundedOn this day in 1953, the first successful removal surgery of Siamese twins was performedSeptember 17th, 1992, NFL suspended World League FootballUsing numerology and the birth path formula, results show my birthdate shows that I am affluent and idealisticSEPTEMBER 17th, 19921<br />