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Family flyer

  1. 1. My DaddyMost people know Charles Burris as a kind, quiet man of tall stature, dark skin, and dark eyes. Although he is very quiet, he also has an amazing personality. He is the superintendent of the City of Albemarle’s Electrical Department, and, according to his employees, he is also a very fair man. He also exhibits fair nature at home, too. It becomes very easy to respect a man such as he, for he deserves much respect. Aside from being my father, he is also a step-father to my two half-brothers who have known him nearly their entire lives. He has provided a house, food, discipline, morals, and great structure to our entire home. Altogether, my Daddy is a respectable, hardworking, handsome man whom I love greatly. SEPTEMBER 2010 VOL. #1, ISSUE #1DADDYTHE BURRIS FAMILYMY ROCK<br />“It is the love of one’s family where only heartfelt happiness is known”- Thomas JeffersonJaradMOM.MY MOM & BROTHERSMommy- Angie Burris is a short woman with bright eyes, a big smile, and very long curly hair which people seem to love. She is a Certified Ophthalmic Technician at Carolina Eye Associates and loves what she does. She also loves being a mom and grandma. Providing the necessary nurture to raise three children and two grandchildren, my mom has been a crucial part of our individual personalities and mannerisms. We have a close relationship- I can tell her anything, and I will always remain close with her.Josh- Joshua Furr is currently a soldier at his basic training in Missouri. He is tall, fair-skinned, slim, and muscular with dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. He has a wife, Lynsey, and two children- Skyler and Kirra. Deemed as the silly sweetheart of the family, Josh has this ability to always cheer up whoever he is around. His playfulness is infectious, and he made growing up all the more interesting. He loves to sing and play the guitar, but now his main hobby is being with his family, and playing with his two beautiful children.Jarad- Jarad Furr, known as the family’s little trouble-maker, also has an infectious personality. He is someone that is a lot of fun to hang out with- it’s never less than interesting. He is slim and toned, of average height, has blonde hair and bright blue-green eyes, and a big, devilish grin. Currently, he is a full-time student studying business. Jarad is also very passionate about music and can play the guitar, drums, and can also sing very well. I am probably the closest to Jarad- we’ve simply just had more time with each other, and we have a pretty close relationship for brothers and sisters. JOSHJARADMommyJoshSEPTEMBER 2010 VOL. #1, ISSUE #1 KirraMY LOVESTHE LIGHTS OF MY LIFESkyler- Skyler Kevyn Furr, the first grandchild and great-grandchild of the family, has blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and the most adorable smile. He is the son of my oldest brother, Josh. Skyler is two years old, and, most of the time, behaves very well for his age. He loves guns, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, and dragons. Skyler is truly a “Daddy’s boy,” but he also loves almost anyone he encounters. He is so smart and sweet to everyone. I love spending time with him and watching him grow. He will truly grow to become a very wonderful person.Kirra- Kirra Jayne Furr, the second grandchild and great-grandchild, has dark hair, and eyes that change colors. Some days her eyes look dark blue, and other times they appear to be dark brown. When she was born in May 2010, she was over eleven pounds! She could not even wear newborn diapers. She still looks much older than she actually is. Kirra is usually very pleasant and happy, but if she doesn’t like something, you know it right away. Nothing compares to her big grin, though. Normally, she smiles at her grandpa the most. He can make her smile more than anyone else. Although I have not been able to spend much time with her, I am very excited to watch her learn and grow.Gambit- Gambit was the first pet of mine that I actually had any contribution in buying or choosing. We got him about three months after my dog before him died. I was so thrilled to finally get a new pet, and I was even more excited that I got to choose him. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was the puppy I wanted- not his brothers and sisters. Gambit is an Eskimo Spitz. These dogs resemble wolfs, but with longer hair. These dogs are as white as snow and the healthy ones have brown eyes instead of blue. Thankfully, Gambit has beautiful brown eyes. He is very protective of my family, especially me, and is not fond of strangers. But when he is around someone he knows, he is the sweetest dog. KIRRASKYLER.SkylerAfter caption goes hereSEPTEMBER 2010 VOL. # 1, ISSUE #1GAMBIT/SASSY<br />PICTURE HESOURCES: By:Amanda BurrisGray Stone Day SchoolMisenheimer, NCTHE WHOLE FAMILYSEPTEMBER 2010 VOL. #1, ISSUE #1<br />