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Ul infocommons phase_oneassessmentresults

  1. 1. UL Infocommons Assessment—Phase One Reasons for not being able to find an adequate space to study:  “No open computers “  “No free computers and not enough areas to plug my laptop in” Monday Evening—13/13 respondents  “Individual students often take up large spaces and tables that would be found a place to study better convenient for groups.”  “No table to sit at” Wednesday Afternoon—22/27 (81%)  “I would have liked more open space seating. The closed off/cubicle respondents found a place to study seating is uncomfortable” Monday Morning—9/10 (90%)  “Not enough comps. I think the school is more worried about looking respondents found a place to study pretty than being functional”
  2. 2. UL Infocommons Assessment—Phase One Top Eleven: 3. What do you like best about this particular space in the UL ? 1. Comfortable (8) (Open-ended) 2. Atmosphere or Environment (7) (casual, lively, enjoyable, relaxing, clean, good lighting, academic) 3. Computers/Technology (6) 4. Printers (6) 5. Mac Computers (5) 6. Lots of Space (4) 7. Looks nice (3) 8. Ability to talk (3) 9. Available Seating (3) 10. Furniture—Chairs and Couch (3) 11. Convenient/Accessible (3) Others: Less People/Privacy (2), Group Space (2), Lots of people (2), Quiet (2), Ability to Spread Out, Table Space, Layout, Individual Spaces, Not hectic, Up to Date Other: More Computers (7), I like it as it is (1)Comparisons: More group study space was the most requested improvement—50% (25/50) of all respondents requested this. 85% of group studiers (6/7) and 36% (6/23) individual studiers chose this option The majority of people requesting more quiet spaces with 8/13 were individual studiers (46% of total people surveyed) Softer seating was chosen pretty equally between individual (9/23—39%) and group (3/7—42%) studiers The majority of people requesting more small tables (10/14) were individual studiers 4 of 7 (57%) group studiers preferred more large tables, compared to 5 of 23 (22%) of individual studiers
  3. 3. UL Infocommons Assessment—Phase One5. Favorite campus GROUP study spaces: Select Comments:1. Study Rooms (17)  “The union because libraries have an expectation of quiet. This isn’t true UL (5), Davis (5), Dorm (5), for the union.” Unspecified (2)  “The UL, usually in the large study rooms upstairs. I like these study spac-2. Union (11) es because they provide enough room for groups.”3. UL (7)  "Study rooms in UL, because its quiet and there are white boards"4. Davis (6)  “I like to work with groups in the union because it has an atmosphere that5. Classroom (6) allows communication and doesnt restrict any noise or seating arrange-6. Downstairs UL (5) ments”7. SASB (3)  “Davis in a study room because you can talk in there without bothering anyone.”Others: MRC, Public Health Library, Health Sci-  “Unoccupied Classroom. The space is open, there is tech capabilities andence Library, Carroll Hall, J School, Dorms, Dorm we can be loud.”Lounge, Wilson, Reference Area (UL)6. Favorite campus INDIVIDUAL study spac- Select Comments:es:  “Davis library because it is quiet and I can concentrate on my work.” (Pretty1. UL (32) much everyone said this for Davis) UL—not specified (13), Downstairs  “I like to work alone in the basement of the UL because it is the perfect mix UL (12), 2nd Floor UL (5) , Main Floor of quiet study space and communal work environment. Too much solitude UL (2) and quiet makes me stir-crazy.”2. Davis (13)  “Basement of the UL. Its close to my dorm and does not have the library3. Dorm Lounge (5) feeling”4. Union (4)  “Top of the UL during the day because of seating, bottom of the UL at night5. Home/My Room (4) because its empty.”6. SASB (2)  “UL upstairs because I feel collegiate and productive”  “I like to work in the UL in the cubbys because they seclude me from theOther: Health Science Library, Starbucks, rest of the library.” (4 people mentioned “cubbies”)Library Carrel, Park Library  “I usually stay on the first floor of the UL to do work alone. I like this be- cause the bathrooms and printers are close and its open all night.”7. Any other comments or sugges- Select Comments: (I edited out any that were repetitive)tions about this space or the UL?  Provide more space for group study please.TOP:  I think there should be more group spaces and a more comfortable couch. Also, it would1. More computers (6) be easier for me if there were more Macs because I use a lot of Mac programs.2. More group study spaces (4)  More printers and a room for quiet studying3. More Tables (4)  I was abroad last semester and as a senior back on campus for my last semester I REALLY4. More Macs (3) appreciated the re-design of the UL bottom floor.5. Cooler Temperature (2)  I love the additional big screen macs and can only suggest getting new keyboards for the6. Space to Spread Out (2) PC lenovos or whatever they are because they seem greasy.7. More printers (2)  Sometimes lack of computers are troublesome, especially when some people are just checking their FacebookOthers: more comfortable couch,  Make it cooler in temperature and add two person tables with space to spread outsofter seating, LCD projector TVs,  Get rid of the cubicles, they are cramped and uncomfortable.non-greasy keyboards, better cell  More tables and space to spread stuff. Chairs have too small tables to use.service, more whiteboards, more  I wish there were more cubicles at the bottom cause during peak times its hard to find aindividual couches seat  More tables and space to spread stuff. Chairs have too small tables to use.  Maybe more white boards for individual spaces and more individual couches.