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The GLOBAL event for equity traders and technologists

    At TradeTech you don’t get old news. The agenda is always evolv...
Buy Side-Only Trading Summit
  Monday, October 4, 2010

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2:30   Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break                                          about the future of our industry!...
9:35    The New Liquidity Dynamic: How The Buy Side And                                11:25 Benchmarking Polling Session
3:05   Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall

Main Conference Day Two
    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    7:30    Conference Registration & Breakfast In The Exhibit    ...
Concurrent Sessions – Choose One
               Track A: Multi-Asset Trading                                              ...
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TradeTech in San Francisco 2010
TradeTech in San Francisco 2010
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TradeTech in San Francisco 2010


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TradeTech in San Francisco has a lot to offer Buy Side AND Sell Side organizations. If liquidity trading, trading compliance, execution management systems and other challenges in trading technology are issues you deal with, you MUST attend TradeTech.

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TradeTech in San Francisco 2010

  1. 1. Discount details for buy side and sell side organizations on pg. 11 ‘The’ largest global buy side gathering for institutional equity traders and technologists October 4-6, 2010 The Westin at Market Street San Francisco, CA Sourcing Liquidity And Increasing Trading Profits As Market Structure Evolves Attend TradeTech in San Francisco to: 1 Expand your network and customer base by meeting with MORE buy side attendees this year (145+) – see page 2 for details 2 Discover how to trade better and increase profits with 32+ case study and panel discussions from industry experts 3 Tap into the brains of leading buy side traders for performance-enhancing strategies at the Buy Side-Only Trading Summit and Head Trader Think Tank 4 Learn directly from buy side head traders what they want from the sell side – see page 6 5 Maintain a competitive edge as regulatory reform and technology innovations alter the way you trade Prominent Guest Speakers: 59+ Industry Leading Lawrence Harris, Fred V. Keenan Chair Speakers From: in Finance, Director, Center for • The Capital Group Companies Inc. Investment Studies, Marshall School of • State Street Global Advisors Business, University of Southern California • BlackRock Former SEC Chief Economist discusses the • First Quadrant impact of recent innovations on market • Principal Global Investors structure • Cortina Asset Management • Hoover Investment Management Michael Lewis Greg Morris, Chief Technical Analyst, • HighMark Capital Management Journalist & Best-Selling Stadion Money Management • Astor Asset Management Author of Liar's Poker, Best-selling market analysis author • Gargoyle Asset Management The Blind Side and The offers tactics to boost the performance of • Artisan Partners Big Short your equity trading strategy See the full speaker line-up at Sponsors: Organized by: REGISTER Visit: Fax: 646.200.7535 NOW! Call 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 Email:
  2. 2. The GLOBAL event for equity traders and technologists At TradeTech you don’t get old news. The agenda is always evolving. Check often for new speaker announcements, agenda updates, and more. “Any structure that offers the buy side trader a venue to meet and mix with peers is very valuable. There aren’t many opportunities for us to gather A Very Special Thanks To The and discuss relevant material outside of TradeTech. I left with a stack of business TradeTech San Francisco 2010 cards and have been in contact with many traders since the conference.” – Edward J. Smith, Senior Equity Trader, Pyramis Global Advisors Advisory Board: Glenn Davis, CFA SVP, Head Trader You asked. We listened. What’s New In 2010: Bailard Inc. • More buy side in attendance. Last year’s event sold out; this year we Alex Green will accommodate more buy side traders (145+) and are already booking Head Trader ahead of schedule! Relational Investors LLC • More guest speakers offering unbiased and academic insight into the equity markets • Improved Buy Side-Only Trading Summit with roundtables grouped by firm type, buy side co- Justin Kane moderators, and topics most relevant to heads of trading Principal, Director of Equity Trading • Topics on more than just the technicals of electronic trading to include all areas that make your Rainier Investment Management Inc. desk more profitable, compliant, and efficient • Sell Side Workshop – why should buy side have all the fun? This 1.5 hour session will arm sell Kurt Kujawa side traders with the knowledge they need to stay relevant and gain greater market share in Head Trader 2011 Cortina Asset Management • Afternoon tracks on Oct. 6 give you a choice of which content to listen to that brings most value to your desk Lee Weiner • Innovation Spotlight – Learn from new cutting-edge vendors in the equity trading space to be at the forefront of this fast-moving industry Director of Options, Head of Electronic Trading • More than just equities – learn what’s new in options, ETFs, multi-asset trading platforms and JMP Group more! • 78% new speakers! Nenad Yashruti Head Trader Freestone Capital Management Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank October 5, 2010; 1.35pm Table of Contents: 30 Head Traders. No vendors. No media. Just frank discussion on ways to increase the performance of your trading desk. Request your invitation to the most anticipated session at TradeTech West now. See page 5 for details. Buy Side-Only Trading Summit ................................3 Conference Agenda Day One..................................4 Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank.....................5 Attendee Breakdown: North America 2009-2010 Event Series Sell Side Workshop .................................................6 Conference Agenda Day Two..................................7 Firm Type: Buy Side Job Titles: About Our Sponsors ...............................................9 ■ 49% Buy Side ■ 26% Head of Trading About Our Media Partners ....................................10 Conference Pricing and Team Discounts ................11 ■ 38% Sell Side ■ 39% Trader Venue Information ................................................12 ■ 13% Other ■ 20% IT/Systems Registration Form..................................................12 ■ 10% Business Management For biographical information on all of our ■ 3% Portfolio distinguished speakers, visit Management ■ 2% Other 2 Call: 646.200.7530 Visit: Email:
  3. 3. Buy Side-Only Trading Summit Monday, October 4, 2010 Sponsored By • During the roundtable discussions you will be grouped into one of the following categories based on your firm type so dialogue is more How often do you get to bounce trading strategies off of your fellow buy relevant to your day-to-day and you get to learn from your true peers: side traders? Or get to pick the brains of your peers to learn which trading - Hedge Funds tools are most useful, and which aren’t worth the time and money? - Long-Only Growth Managers - Long-Only Value Managers For over four years now, TradeTech has held an interactive, roundtable- • Buy side moderators join roundtable hosts to ensure the most critical focused Buy Side Only Trading Summit, because you keep telling us this is buy side issues are addressed, instead of vendor pitching some of the most valuable time you spend away from your desk. • Pre-determined topics most relevant to your trading desk It’s buy-side only in attendance; but we keep changing the day up to make • More guest presenters add even more color to the day it even more valuable for you. Here’s what’s new and improved this year: 8:30 Buy Side Summit Registration & Breakfast How it works: Take a seat Hedge 9:15 Opening Remarks at one of the Funds following tables: Sara Mueller Executive Director TradeTech Long-Only Long-Only Growth Value Managers Managers 9:20 Chairperson’s Address 9:30 Guest Speaker: Exploring Recent Developments In A buy side moderator and roundtable host will guide you and your Technical Analysis To Boost The Performance Of buy side peers through solution-defining discussion on five different Your Equity Trading Strategy topics. You’ll walk away with a stronger buy side support network (so you know who to ring when you have a challenge to Greg Morris overcome!) and countless strategies to increase the profitability of Chief Technical Analyst your trading desk. Stadion Money Management Buy Side Roundtable Moderators: • Identifying the most recent technical analysis tools embraced by Kurt Kujawa buy and sell side firms Head Trader • How has the use of technical analysis changed in the past ten Cortina Asset Management years; • Forecasting the use of technical analysis on the trading desks of Bill Quinn the future VP and Head Trader • Examining current trends in the stock market to determine the HighMark Capital Management most profitable trading strategies for your desk Tim Olsen SVP, Head Trader 10:10 Guest Speaker: Grading Broker Algorithms – An ICM Asset Management Impartial Perspective Leslie Boni, Ph.D. 11:00 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #1: Sourcing Professor of Finance Liquidity University of New Mexico 11:30 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #2: Information Based upon her research published in the Journal of Trading, Dr. Overload: Determining How To Value News And Boni will break down today’s algorithmic trading space and share Information That Crosses Your Trading Desk strategies that buy side traders can use to determine not only which algo to use, but whose algo to use. Don’t miss this unbiased view of 12:00 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #3: Maintaining the current algorithmic trading landscape to ensure your desk is Broker Relationships & Commission Management achieving optimal execution. Tracking Solutions 10:45 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break 12:30 Lunch 11:00 Buy Side Roundtables 1:30 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #4: How Trading Desks Are Responding To Regulatory Reform & The Hosted By: Best Execution Process 2:00 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #5: Block Trading/Liquidity Sponsors: 3
  4. 4. 2:30 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break about the future of our industry! • Quant, HFT, computer based program trading vs. the fundamental 2:45 Roundtable Wrap Up trader: Will computers take over? • Are their limits to what computers can be programmed to How it works: “know”? Where does the experience and relationships of a live The roundtable hosts wrap up all the sessions by sharing the most trader add value to the trading process? useful solutions identified by each of the 5 discussion groups so you • Examining the current state of trading to determine how can be sure you don’t miss a single trading strategy to boost the computer-driven models and human traders are performing; how performance of your desk. will this change in the future? 3:00 Fundamental Vs. Quantitative Trading – A Debate 3:40 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks Over The Future Of Trading Jayaram Muthuswamy 3:45 TradeTech San Francisco 2010 Kickoff Cocktail Associate Professor, College of Business Administration Reception Kent State University You've spent the day debating solutions to overcome liquidity and regulatory challenges; now its time to relax, have fun, and strengthen Michael Levas relationships with your buy side colleagues. Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member, Olympian Capital Management All TradeTech conference attendees are welcome to enjoy this reception! Michael Levas of Olympian Capital Management takes on Jay Muthuswamy of Kent State University for a lively debate. Don’t miss 4:45 Conclusion Of Buy Side-Only Trading Summit this high energy, exciting session that will make you think differently Main Conference Day One Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Real Time Audience Polling technology adoption to support of regulatory proposals. You’ll see the results on screen in real time. Plus we’ll send you the final full results Sponsored by report following the conference so you can share this invaluable Throughout the presentations on October 5th, participate in live, information with the rest of your team. What a great way to effectively anonymous polling – right from your own conference chair. Find out how benchmark your firm and gain support from upper management where you really compare to your peers and competitors on everything from new technology purchases may be needed to keep you competitive. 7:00 Conference Registration & Breakfast In The Exhibit the past year; where is the buy side most dependent on the sell Hall side? • Identifying new profit-making opportunities created by the new 7:45 Opening Remarks market structure Sara Mueller 8:55 Panel: Examining The Advancement Of The Asia- Executive Director Pacific Equities Market Structure TradeTech David Easthope 8:00 Chairperson’s Address Research Director, Capital Markets Celent James H. Muller Managing Director Business Development Andrew Freyre-Sanders ITG, Inc. Global Head of Client Electronic Execution. Head of Equity Execution Services, Asia, RBS Securities Inc. 8:15 Panel: Ensuring You Have The Necessary Tools And Tom Kingsley Relationships To Source Liquidity And Trade Asia Trading Product Manager Profitably As Market Structure Evolves Bloomberg Tradebook David Margulies • Will the Asia-Pac market resemble US and European market Head of Electronic Products Group structure any time soon? Weeden & Co. • What are different exchanges and regulatory bodies doing to Joe Gudorf foster more electronic trading or different venue types? Head Trader • What are some of the idiosyncrasies of the market that may hold Principal Global Investors back adoption of advanced trading tools? • Establishing current trends and future predictions for buy side • Assessing the current state of regulatory reform; how are desks adoption of electronic trading tools in Asia-Pac responding to recently passed regulation and preparing for • Determining where there is growth potential for high frequency inevitable changes? trading in this region? Looking at how exchanges are starting to • Observing how the buy side and sell side relationship has shifted in improve their order matching systems to cultivate this potential growth 4 Call: 646.200.7530 Visit: Email:
  5. 5. 9:35 The New Liquidity Dynamic: How The Buy Side And 11:25 Benchmarking Polling Session The Sell Side Are Adapting In The Evolving Equity Sponsored by Trading Ecosystem Brian Fagen Here’s your chance to see how your firm stacks up to your Managing Director, Head of Equities Electronic Trading Distribution competitors in everything from trader compensation to technology Barclays Capital adoption. Have an area you’d like to benchmark at the conference? Submit your ideas to Sara Mueller at 10:15 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall 11:35 Guest Speaker: A Conversation With Michael Lewis Michael Lewis 10:50 Optimizing Your Trading Strategies: A Review Of Journalist & Best-Selling Author The Latest Best Practices And Tools Liar's Poker, The Blind Side and The Big Short Robert Kissell, Ph.D. A shrewd observer of politics, finance, and the American scene, Executive Director, Direct Execution and Portfolio Trading Michael Lewis combines keen insight with his signature wit, making UBS Investment Bank him one of today’s leading social commentators. Starting with the • What are the latest innovations among the crowded, often years he chronicled in Liar’s Poker, he touches on the major confusing array of execution strategies? economic events of the last twenty years, exploring what this period • What are the best practices in synthesizing in pre-, post-, and real- was all about, how it began, and how it is likely to end. time TCA into your trading process? • What does "optimal" really mean? A practical guide to 12:35 Lunch establishing effective metrics for today's dynamic market structure Concurrent Sessions – Choose One General Session Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank 1:35 Chairperson’s Afternoon Address 1:35 Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank Sponsored by 1:45 Case Study: Effectively Moving From Single-Asset To Multi-Asset Trading: Automation And Optimization Moderators: Lee Thacker Michael Levas Director of Trading Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member Parametric Olympian Capital Management Nhan Bui • Identifying the most pressing challenges faced when moving from Director, Head Equity Trader single asset to multi-asset trading; what are solutions to these First Quadrant challenges and how can you automate the workflow? • Identifying which cross-asset trading platforms are currently Chairperson: available; how are they being utilized by buy and sell side firms Lee Morakis • What does optimization in multi-asset workflow look like and who Managing Director, Head of Execution Services Sales is getting it right? Bank of America Merrill Lynch • Monitoring and maintaining the performance of your multi-asset This exclusive event is invitation-only. To request your trading systems and processes to increase efficiencies and invitation, please contact Rob Golen at 416-597-4771 or profitability of your trading desk 2:25 Panel: Managing Trading System Risk On A Global Basis Cited as most head traders’ favorite part of TradeTech, the Think Tank provides you an opportunity to take part in shockingly open Lee Weiner and honest debate with your fellow senior-level buy side traders in Director of Options, Head of Electronic Trading an environment free of vendors or media. JMP Group How it works: The Think Tank moderators will determine the Maurizio Ferconi discussion topics approximately two weeks before the event to Managing Director, Head of Risk Methodologies ensure the most timely, critical trading topics are addressed. (If BlackRock you’d like to nominate topics to be discussed, please join our Spiros Giannaros LinkedIn group, follow us on Twitter, or email Vice President, Sales, Americas Charles River Development During the Think Tank, the moderators will guide you and your • Examining your current trading systems to identify where risk peers through small-group discussions on ways to lead your management is most critical trading desk to maximum profitability; then you’ll come together • Analyzing the current state of data flow within your OMS and/or as a larger group to share the most valuable strategies defined. EMS; where are inefficiencies and errors increasing trading risk? • Improving data management in your order and execution “I always walk away from the Buy Side Head Trader Think management systems to reduce risk Tank with valuable information.” – John Nuzzo, VP Head • Defining best practices to measure risk in your investment systems Trader, Anchor Capital Advisors most effectively • How has the crisis of 08 impacted risk management in capital markets? How can the happenings of May 6th be avoided in the future? Sponsors: 5
  6. 6. 3:05 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall Concurrent Sessions – Choose One General Session Sell Side Workshop 3:35 Panel: Broker And Commission Management: 3:35 Sell Side Workshop New for Getting Maximum Value Out Of Your Commission Sell Side Why should the buy side have all the fun? Following Attendees Dollars And Broker Services the success of New York’s debut of the Sell Side Kevin Petrello Workshop, we are bringing this invaluable, interactive Director, US Head of Commission Management session to the West Coast. Learn directly from buy side head Barclays Capital traders what they want from their broker services and solutions, and where you might fall short. Get into buy side minds to learn Tim Carkin how you can adapt your offerings to stay relevant in the changing Head Trader environment. Then take part in closed-door discussion with your Ferguson Wellman sell side peers to brainstorm solutions to overcome your challenges • As brokers take away services due to the declining commission in the evolving marketplace. environment, how are traders currently determining what Who should attend this workshop? services are essential for the trading desk, PMs, and analysts? Sell Side Traders: Learn directly from the buy side what they want • Balancing electronic and direct trading to get the greatest value from their brokers’ services and offerings. How are buy sides’ for your trades needs changing? What can you do to stay relevant and gain more • Determining which brokers are bringing the buy side value in the market share? Gain strategic insight into where your competitors current environment are failing and you can add value. • Deciding who to trade with directly and who to write CSAs with; how do wrap accounts come into play? Panel: Uncovering Current Buy Side Demand For • Making sure the people who provide you valuable services are Broker Services And Solutions getting compensated accordingly and that your CSA program is up to par Nancy O’Hearn Director, Investment Analytics 4:10 Closing Keynote: Preparing For An SEC Hoover Investment Management Examination To Ensure Compliance: What Buy Side Jeff Pralle Traders Need To Know Head Trader Lori Hoch RMB Capital Management Principal and Chief Operating Officer • Outlining the benefits and pitfalls electronic trading has created Cortina Asset Management for the buy side/sell side relationship • Explaining how sourcing liquidity, TCA, and other trading activity • Assessing how brokers are currently responding to buy side is currently being monitored by the SEC demand; is it really addressing their needs? • Debating if algos and other performance-enhancing • Use of high touch vs. low touch trading: What are current technologies are going to become industry standard for best statistics and how do buy side traders see their firms changing in execution and compliance reporting the next one to three years • Documenting and monitoring the appropriate trade activity to • Identifying best practices for maintaining relationships as the buy prove best execution was obtained and sell side move to different firms while market structure • Tying it all back to the trader to determine how changing evolves compliance requirements will affect your day to day routine and trading strategies 4:45 UBS Gala Cocktail Reception After a day filled with constructive debate and information sharing, unwind with your new network of colleagues and friends at the TradeTech Cocktail Gala. Relax, have fun, and bring your business cards! Embrace this opportunity to forge new business partnerships and uncover additional equity trading and technology strategies in an informal atmosphere. Plus the music’s fun, the food is always great, and all your peers will be here! Don’t miss out! 6:15 Conclusion Of TradeTech San Francisco Main Conference Day One Buy Side Trading & Technology Attendee Growth TradeTech’s popularity grows Buy Side Numbers year on year! It’s your opportunity to hash out challenges and get the inside scoop on how your peers are maintaining a profitable trading desk. Years 6 Call: 646.200.7530 Visit: Email:
  7. 7. Main Conference Day Two Wednesday, October 6, 2010 7:30 Conference Registration & Breakfast In The Exhibit • Outlining how payment for order flow has evolved; what lead to Hall the current make-or-take pricing models and rebating? • Assessing how the make-or-take model is impacting market 8:15 Opening Remarks structure; debating whether it is distorting trading • Uncovering how your brokers are responding to this change in Sara Mueller market structure; what can you do to protect against gaming and Executive Director increase profits to your desk TradeTech • Establishing how and where your orders are being routed to overcome transparency issues as a result of make-or-take 8:30 Chairperson’s Morning Address 11:15 Panel: Optimizing Your Global Trading Platform To 8:45 Guest Speaker: Equity Trading In The 21st Century: Enhance Global Connectivity The Impact Of Recent Innovations On U.S. Market Structure Derek DePetra Head of International Equity Trading Lawrence Harris Artisan Partners Fred V. Keenan Chair in Finance, Director, Center for Investment Studies, Marshall School of Business David Hagen University of Southern California Global Director of Trading Linedata Services • Electronic trading has changed the equity trading landscape • Liquidity have never been cheaper for most traders • Establishing which platforms are being adopted to increase • Traders continue to solve the same problems, but their tools are connectivity across the globe; what offerings should you evaluate much better when shopping for a platform? • Electronic trading poses some regulatory problems, though not • What is the value of working with a full trading platform provider necessarily the ones that concern the SEC vs. contracting connectivity either directly from providers or in a managed services offering 9:25 Panel: The Block Trade Is Still Alive; So How Can • Optimizing your current OMS/EMS systems for greater global You Source Block Liquidity? connectivity; what are buy side firms looking for to increase value add? • Assessing how present regulation is factoring into trends in buy Kurt Kujawa and sell side connectivity usage Head Trader Cortina Asset Management 11:55 Panel: Enhancing The Trading Process With PM Vlad Khandros Profiling And Other Next-Generation Developments Corporate Strategy/Market Structure In TCA Liquidnet Mark Schlarbaum Jose Marques Managing Director, Portfolio Manager and Head Equity Trader Global Head of Autobahn Equity Palliser Bay Capital Management Deutsche Bank Roderick Burns • Is block liquidity still important? How are buy side traders Director, Western Region currently trading blocks and will this volume increase or decrease Credit Suisse AES Advanced Execution Services in the near future? Mark Herman • Sourcing natural blocks on an agency basis vs. capitol blocks Head Trader • Debating whether it is more effective to execute a block trade Tamro Capital electronically or through a broker • The lost art of negotiating block trades: Teaching the importance Timothy Stark of relationship management and negotiating skills to new traders Equity Analytics • Identifying which algorithmic trading developments have eased The Capital Group Companies, Inc. the search for and execution of block trades • Getting buy-in from the rest of your firm – from portfolio management to trading to execution – to embrace TCA to 10:05 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The improve the trade execution process Exhibit Hall - Interpreting transaction cost reports and making them easier for all stakeholders to understand 10:35 Panel: Determining How The Make-Or-Take Pricing • Beating the benchmark: debating if this is really conducive to your Model And Rebating Is Impacting Market Structure overall investment process? Oliver Sung • Identifying how forward-thinking buy side firms are gathering VP, Head of Americas Execution Consulting more data for better transaction cost analysis Bank of America Merrill Lynch • Examining other next-generation developments firms are incorporating into their TCA process, PM profiling to portfolio Matthew Scoble turnover analysis Director, Citi Electronic Execution Sales Citi 12:35 Lunch Sponsors: 7
  8. 8. Concurrent Sessions – Choose One Track A: Multi-Asset Trading Track B: Opportunities & Efficiencies In Trading 1:35 Chairperson’s Afternoon Address 1:35 Chairperson’s Afternoon Address 1:45 Panel: Examining The Evolution Of Options Market 1:45 Panel: The Explosion Of ETFs And Its Impact On Structure To Align Your Desk For More Profitable Trading Liquidity And How Stocks Are Bought And Sold Jon Werts Bryan Novak Managing Director, Head of Broker Dealer Execution and Managing Director Global Head of Electronic Futures Astor Asset Management Bank of America Merrill Lynch Rahul Shah Alan MacKenzie Group Manager, Official Institutions CFO State Street Global Advisors Gargoyle Asset Management LLC • Uncovering what has contributed to the explosion of ETFs over • Examining option exchanges’ pricing models; which have adopted the past decade, and most significantly, over the past two years maker-taker pricing and how does that impact your desk? • As more money is invested in ETFs, how are they affecting stock • Is there a need for more dark crossing networks in options trading; price movement? does market structure support it? • Determining if active ETFs are making headway; looking at the • Assessing volatility and its impact on the options market evolution of leveraged ETFs and their benefits and pitfalls • Predicting the future of the buy side/sell side relationship as it • Analyzing current market movement and volatility and how it is relates to options trading being affected by ETF execution 2:20 Panel: Enhancing Your Trading Desk To Support The 2:20 Innovation Spotlight: Unveiling The Future Of The Electronic Trading Of Equity Options Electronic Trading Space Lee Weiner You asked to learn about the emerging leaders in the electronic Director of Options, Head of Electronic Trading trading space. Those companies (that maybe you’ve never heard JMP Group of) creating something new and bleeding edge to increase the performance of trading desks around the world. TradeTech brings Additional panelists to be confirmed. Please visit these forward-looking minds together to share where the future of for updates. trading technology is heading and to highlight the new • Determining how liquidity is being sourced in equity options innovations. Don’t miss this exciting panel that ensures you • Describing trading strategies most effective for alpha generation maintain the competitiveness of your desk as technology pushes using equity options our industry forward. • Identifying the electronic trading tools and broker relationships Know of an innovator in the trading space? Suggest participants necessary for successfully navigating the equity options space for this panel by emailing Seth Weisleder at • Uncovering how current options trading is impacting the way the underlying equity is trading 2:55 Closing Guest Speaker: Trading Out Of Your Mind – Integrating Technical Analysis With Human Psychology To Improve Trading Performance Craig Fullen, JD, CMT Technical Analyst & Portfolio Manager Advanced Asset Management Advisors, Inc. • Understanding the psychological components and limitations of technical analysis • Using intuition to support trading decisions • Analyzing recent market situations from a technical analysis and psychological perspective • Recognizing and adjusting your own psychological profile to improve trading results 3:30 Conclusion Of TradeTech San Francisco 2010 Who Will You Meet At TradeTech? Join TradeTech San Francisco! You should attend TradeTech if you are a president, head, VP, managing Sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities are extremely limited so contact director, or director of: Seth Weisleder at 646-200-7493 or • Trading • Connectivity Putting your company’s brand in front of the TradeTech audience is • Equity Trading • Operations the smartest, yet simplest decision to make this year. • Trading Technology • Trade Compliance 145+ buy side traders and technologists. 325+ industry practitioners. • IT/Systems • Applications Trillions in assets under management. With market structure set to evolve at • Systems Analyst/Engineer • Program Trading rapid speed and competition even more fierce, can you afford not to be at • International Trading • Algorithmic Trading TradeTech San Francisco? Only the world’s leading technology providers and sell side firms need apply. Putting your company’s brand in front of the • Electronic Execution • Trade Management TradeTech audience is the smartest, yet simplest, decision to make • Sales Trading • Portfolio Management this year. Sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities are extremely limited so • Electronic Trading contact Seth Weisleder at 646-200-7493 or 8 Call: 646.200.7530 Visit: Email:
  9. 9. About Our Sponsors Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Execution Services offers scalability and flexibility in its design, providing a global network of execution offers a full suite of premier equity trading solutions enhanced services and financial engineering expertise. by the firm's vast global resources, access to superior liquidity, world-class technology and leading scale positions in capital markets. The range of Dow Jones Financial Markets offers market-moving real-time news offerings includes capital commitment and block trading, portfolio trading, direct market to institutional market participants across multiple asset classes and access, sophisticated quantitative analytics and research, and our powerful algorithmic global markets. Whether it’s providing ultra-low-latency news feeds to facilitate trading trading platform. 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The firm is a leading source of off-exchange liquidity in fund administration/custody markets in 30 countries. The Charles River U.S. equities. Knight also provides capital markets services to corporate issuers. Our Investment Management System, a comprehensive front-/middle-office software suite for Corporate Access team offers an unbiased service that provides corporate issuers with all asset classes, includes Charles River Manager – decision support/portfolio introductions to leading institutional investors. Knight is based in the U.S. and has a management/modeling; Charles River Compliance - real-time pre-trade/in-trade/post- growing global presence across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. For execution/end-of-day compliance management; Charles River Trader - order more information please visit us at management/electronic trading/execution management; Charles River Post-Trade - centralized management of trade matching/confirmation/settlement workflow; Charles Linedata Services (Bloomberg: LIN:FP) is the global leader for River Performance - daily performance measurement/attribution/performance risk. It is investment software, solutions, and support. Linedata combines fully integrated with the broker-neutral Charles River FIX Network. technological innovation, financial strength, and a deep understanding of the Asset Management, Leasing & Credit Finance, and Insurance & Savings industries. Citi, the leading global financial services company, has some 200 million Linedata Services’ asset management division provides comprehensive, scalable solutions customer accounts and does business in more than 100 countries, providing to the buy-side to manage the entire investment process from pre-trade to post- consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of settlement. Linedata is unique in offering a full front- to back-office solution via enterprise financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and installation, or as an Application Service Provider (“software as services” or “service investment banking, securities brokerage, and wealth management. Citi's major brand bureau” delivery), and has 20 years experience delivering ASP solutions. Linedata Services’ names include Citibank, CitiFinancial, Primerica, Citi Smith Barney, Banamex and Nikko. asset management division was named Buy-Side Technology’s Best Overall Technology Additional information may be found at or Provider in 2008. Headquartered in France, Linedata Services achieved revenues of EUR 160.7 million in 2008, has offices worldwide, and services more than 700 clients across Credit Suisse AES: Advanced Execution Services® (AES) is 50 countries. For more information, visit Linedata Services corporate site at Credit Suisse 's award-winning suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools, and analytics for global trading across equities, options, futures, and foreign exchange. With AES's tools, traders can work Liquidnet is the premier institutional investment community, orders on multiple liquidity pools, increase productivity by automating trading, and bringing together the world’s largest asset managers and public improve execution performance. AES helps more than a thousand institutions and hedge companies on a single network that directly connects traders, portfolio managers, analysts funds reduce market impact, improve performance versus benchmarks, and add and corporate issuers. Liquidnet enables Members of its community to achieve greater consistency to their trading processes. The AES team is dedicated to a philosophy of performance by moving from investment idea to implementation faster, ultimately constant improvement and innovation. The platform has been consistently ranked as the retaining more alpha throughout the entire institutional investment cycle. Launched in leader in global industry survey. 2001, the Liquidnet community extends to 31 equity markets across five continents. Liquidnet is headquartered in New York with offices in Boston, London, San Francisco, Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with a strong Chicago, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore. For more information on and profitable private clients franchise. A leader in Germany and the Liquidnet community, its liquidity, block executions, and additional investment Europe, the bank is continuously growing in North America, Asia capabilities, visit and key emerging markets. With Euro 1,501 billion in assets and 77,053 employees in 72 countries, Deutsche Bank offers unparalleled financial services throughout the world. The Founded in 2004, Mixit is a broker-neutral, multi-asset trading bank competes to be the leading global provider of financial solutions for demanding platform offering an Order/Execution Management system (OEMS) clients creating exceptional value for its shareholders and people. Global Markets’ equity and FIX connectivity to the financial services industry. MIXIT's integrated suite of business, Global Markets Equity, is a market leading provider of equity and equity-linked technology facilitates Institutional, Broker-to-broker and Agency-based trading across products to institutional, corporate and retail clients globally. The award-winning platform Equities and Options. Mixit routes to all major Algorithms, Exchanges, Brokers, Crossing Sponsors: 9
  10. 10. Venues and Dark Pools. The company offers electronic, real-time trading solutions, one of the largest providers of financial services in the world. RBC has more than including Front-, Middle-, and Back-Office products and Compliance reporting. For more US$620 billion in assets and one of the highest credit ratings of any financial information, visit or contact institution – Moody’s Aaa and S&P AA-. Founded in 2003, Pragma is a New York-based financial services firm RBS Global Banking & Markets (GBM) division is a leading banking and an established provider of sophisticated and innovative trading partner to major corporations, financial institutions and public sector solutions. A pioneer of tactical execution tools, Pragma’s suite of products includes the clients around the world. GBM provides an extensive range of debt, award-winning ONEPIPE, LIFEGUARD’s advanced anti-gaming logic, PEAK™broker equity and commodity markets, treasury and investor products, and financial advisory solutions, and sophisticated single stock and portfolio execution strategies. Pragma is services. The division focuses on long-term customer relationships and excellence in dedicated to consistently meeting the goals of its diverse client base by providing top global product execution. GBM is active in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. RBS quality execution, proven technology and exceptional support and service. Buy-side firms Securities Inc. a member of FINRA/SIPC, is a subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland can access these advanced tools through Pragma’s executing partner, Weeden & Co. L.P. plc. RBS is the marketing name for the securities business of RBS Securities Inc. For additional information, please visit: UBS is a global firm, providing services to private, corporate RBC Capital Markets is A Premier Investment Bank that and institutional clients through its wealth management and provides a focused set of products and services to Swiss banking businesses alongside its global expertise in institutions, corporations, governments and high net worth investment banking and asset management. In Switzerland, UBS is the market leader clients in 160 countries. With over 3,100 employees, we operate out of 75 offices in in retail and commercial banking. UBS is present in all major financial centers and has 15 countries and deliver our products and services through operations in North offices in over 50 countries. UBS Direct Execution is the firm’s global institutional America, Europe, the U.K., Asia and Australia. We work with clients around the world electronic trading business. Direct Execution offers ultra-low latency Direct Market to help them raise capital, access markets, mitigate risk and acquire or dispose of Access (DMA), a suite of award-winning advanced Algorithmic Trading strategies, a assets. According to Bloomberg, we are consistently ranked among the top 20 global state-of-the-art analytics platform -- offering Real-Time TCA -- called UBS Fusion, and a investment banks. RBC Capital Markets is part of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), multi-asset international execution management system called UBS Pinpoint. About Our Media Partners Automated Trader is the first global magazine dedicated to sponsors, banks and security firms which serve the money management community. automated and algorithmic trading, and offers in-depth business Editorial coverage focuses on strategic business interests of top-level decision makers and technical coverage through comprehensive news, features, in- as well as their systems and operations professionals. For further information, please depth articles on best practice/techniques and detailed user case call (212) 370-3700, fax (212) 370-4606, e-mail or visit us at studies. In addition to thousands of CTAs, hedge funds, proprietary trading operations and conventional asset managers globally, Automated Trader is also read by all major sellside participants in automated and algorithmic trading. HedgeCo.Net is the leading online community for qualified investors, hedge funds and service providers. For investors, bobsguide, an AFP® company based in London, is the HedgeCo.Net offers the premier free hedge fund database and powerful tools to premier financial IT solutions network, connecting financial search, rank and analyze potential investments. HedgeCo.Net members enjoy access IT buyers with suppliers. On bobsguide, financial IT suppliers from across the globe to daily news, manager columns, and a comprehensive directory of service providers. interact with IT, treasury and financial professionals and exchange information about robust, practical financial systems and software. As part of the Association for Financial Hedge Fund Alert Professionals®’ global network, bobsguide lists over 6,000 products from 2,000+ Guarantee Your Edge in the Alternative-Investment Arena companies and features the latest financial technology news, white papers, jobs and Every week, Hedge Fund Alert delivers the early intelligence you need to anticipate event announcements. new risks and opportunities facing fund-management firms, their investors and service providers. Be first to identify new capital-raising tactics, investor strategies and Compliance Reporter (CR) is the only news-breaking source that competition among industry vendors. Sign up for a three-issue FREE trial subscription exclusively covers what regulators are looking for in their latest to Hedge Fund Alert by calling 201-659-1700 or visiting examination visits, new rulemakings and compliance initiatives at broker/dealers and investment advisers. Compliance Reporter also covers regulations iStockAnalyst is a virtual community of active, retail traders, financial and enforcement actions from entities such as the Financial Industry Regulatory bloggers, investment advisors, money managers and investment Authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as state and global newsletter managers providing in-depth and timely research articles for regulatory agencies. Visit us at investing in today's market. The research articles are complemented with fundamental data and custom equity rankings and market scans. Derivatives Week Online is the only publication dedicated to breaking news on the over-the Get expert advice on how to achieve best execution and control counter derivatives market worldwide. Every week, its reporters in New York, London transaction costs from The Journal of Trading. Read about the and Hong Kong dig up must-read intelligence on swaps and options on credit, latest practice in pre- and post-trade analysis, algorithmic equities, interest rates, currencies and commodities before it appears anywhere else. trading, and liquidity issues. From the editor of The Journal of Portfolio Management, They reveal who is using derivatives, who is planning to do so and why. Coverage The Journal of Trading gives you critical knowledge and in-depth analysis of the latest includes development of new derivative instruments, regulatory changes, firm strategies and trends in institutional trading. reorganizations, market trends and risk management. Please visit: THE TRADE ( is a quarterly publication focused on institutional global securities trading. With a worldwide circulation Euromoney Handbooks is a division of the Euromoney of 8,000+, THE TRADE is sent to named buy-side traders and operational heads of Institutional Investor PLC group. We specialise in producing sector buy-side institutions and their sell-side counterparts. THE TRADE contains proprietary specific publications, built on incisive comment and market-driven data on transaction measurement, including broker rankings and reports on key analysis. We do this by building relationships with leading opinion-formers – in turn development areas from crossing and DMA to algorithmic trading and innovation in their contributions form the basis of our Handbooks. This gives them unparalleled OMS. Contact: or Tel: +44 20 7400 7100 – Visit exposure amongst their peers; as they set the agenda, their organisations are for our daily online news service. recognised as industry leaders, and our Handbooks become the primary source for investors, senior corporate executives and market intermediaries worldwide. For Public Relations Provided By: further information, please visit Founded in 1999, with offices in London, New York and California, and clients across every time zone, Cognito is a full service, results FinRoad is a fast growing networking site reserved to Financial focused communications agency working exclusively for finance and Markets. Whether you are willing to sell, buy, find a job, invest or financial technology companies. Whether delivering retained PR or innovative design raise funds, smart matching tools that exist nowhere else narrow down thousands into and marketing projects, Cognito's clients benefit from creative and strategic thinking, a manageable number of real opportunities in one single click! Let’s get connected! professional delivery and a commitment to exceeding expectations. Global Investment Technology provides business and technology intelligence to institutional investors, pension plan 10 Call: 646.200.7530 Visit: Email:
  11. 11. Registration Information $200 Discount $100 Discount Full Price Limited complimentary passes available for Buy Side Register And Register And Register And buy side organizations! Pricing* Pay In Full by Pay In Full by Pay In Full by Apply for your buy side complimentary pass online 8/6/2010 9/3/2010 10/4/2010 at Or contact Josephine Andrews at 646.200.7448 or email her 2 Day Main Conference Best Value at (Oct 5-6, 2010) + Buy Side Summit (Oct 4, 2010) $1499 $1599 $1699 2 Day Main Conference (Oct 5-6, 2010) N/A N/A $1099 Buy Side Summit (Oct 4, 2010) N/A N/A $699 Swap Strategies With Your Peers At TradeTech $200 Discount $100 Discount Full Price Sell Side Register And Register And Register And *Please note: Buy side institutions include any and all Pricing Pay In Full by Pay In Full by Pay In Full by financial institutions exclusively engaged in managing 8/6/2010 9/3/2010 10/4/2010 funds of money on behalf of their client base e.g. a Best Value pension or insurance fund. Sell side includes those 2 Day Main Conference institutions engaged in investment banking and (Oct 5-6, 2010) $1899 $1999 $2099 brokerage operations, as well as direct trading services to buy side institutions. Sell side traders and other are not eligible to attend the Buy Side Summit taking place $200 Discount $100 Discount Full Price on Monday, October 4, 2010. WBR reserves the right Solution Provider/ Register And Register And Register And to enforce pricing on the basis of company type. Other Pricing Pay In Full by Pay In Full by Pay In Full by 8/6/2010 9/3/2010 10/4/2010 Discounts are applied to the full price rate. No two discounts can be combined. Payment is due in full at 2 Day Main Conference the time of registration, your registration will not be (Oct 5-6, 2010) N/A N/A $2899 confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. WBR CANCELLATION, POSTPONEMENT AND SUBSTITUTION TEAM DISCOUNTS (For Groups of 2+ From Buy Side And Sell Side Firms Only) POLICY: You may substitute delegates at any time. WBR does not provide refunds for cancellations. Any cancellations received in writing not less Register And Pay In Full Register And Pay In Full Register And Pay In Full than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used at another WBR conference which must occur within one year By Aug 6, 2010 Sept 3, 2010 Oct 4, 2010 from the date of issuance of such credit. An administration fee of 10% of the contract fee will be retained by WBR for all permitted cancellations. $300 off listed price above $200 off listed price above $100 off listed price above No credit will be issued for any cancellations occurring within seven (7) days (inclusive) of the conference. In the event that WBR cancels an event, delegate payments at the date of cancellation will be credited to a future For team discounts, please contact Bill Penney at 866-691-7771 or WBR event. This credit will be available for up to one year from the date Group discounts must be be booked and paid for at the same time. of issuance. In the event that WBR postpones an event, delegate payments at the postponement date will be credited towards the rescheduled date. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled event, the delegate will receive a 100% credit representing payments PURCHASE SELECT AUDIO PRESENTATIONS** FROM THIS EVENT! made towards a future WBR event. This credit will be available for up to one year from the date of issuance. No refunds will be available for Can't make it to TradeTech in San Francisco or worried that there is too much information to cancellations or postponements. WBR is not responsible for any loss or digest in a few short days at the event? No need to worry. You can purchase select audio damage as a result of a substitution, alteration, cancellation, or presentations to share with your entire team. postponement of an event. WBR shall assume no liability whatsoever if Register for the event today and get your VIP package for an extra $250! That's a savings of over this event is altered, rescheduled, postponed or cancelled due to a fortuitous event, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders 40% for the CD ROM! Unable to make the event? Purchase the audio presentations for $580. performance of this conference inadvisable, illegal, impracticable or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, **Presentations available are at the approval of conference speakers. Allow 3-4 weeks after but shall not be limited to: an Act of God; governmental restrictions event date for shipping and/or regulations; war or apparent act of war; terrorism or apparent act of terrorism; disaster; civil disorder, disturbance, and/or riots; curtailment, suspension, and/or restriction on transportation facilities/means of transportation; or any other emergency. Mark your calendars for the 2010 TradeTech Series! For every registration received for TradeTech USA, WBR will donate a portion of the registration fee to Smile Train. For more TradeTech Architecture TradeTech Canada November 16 -17, 2010 December 6-7, 2010 information about WBR’s New York, NY Toronto, ON involvement with Smile Train, please visit Sponsors: 11