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El 324 fe powerpoint

  1. 1. +My Field ExperienceAmanda ThrasherEL 324Spring 2013
  2. 2. +Where? I was placed at Johnson Elementary School in LimestoneCounty. There no more than 350 students in the entire Pre K- 5th gradeschool. The school was on a quiet street in a rural community.
  3. 3. +In the Classroom: I worked with Mrs. Stephens’ 2nd grade class. She had 18 total students, 7 girls and 11 boys. The desks were set up in groups of four with a walking look inbetween. Some of the décor Mrs. Stephens had in her classroom were:cubby wall for storage and backpacks, bulletin board with theschool’s 7 habits, center pocket chart, calendar, wordwall, alphabet chart, and white board/smart board.
  4. 4. +Teaching Materials Used Daily: White board Promethean Board used for daily assignments, classparticipation, and videos TV used for morning announcements and movie during breaktime Manipulative used for math lessons Projector used for language/grammar lessons Work books, text books, worksheets
  5. 5. +Morning Routine: Students arrive at school at 7:45 Morning worksheet activity (crossword puzzle, coloring) Morning announcements Binder check: contains homework, signed papers, etc. Class bathroom break Journal topic Spelling: read list together for understanding, write words inplanner, worksheet Language: sentence correcting, workbook pages Reading: story in textbook, individual reading, reading groups
  6. 6. +Mid day: 2nd all class bathroom break More reading time for students Computer lab, art, music, library (depending on day of the week) Start math lesson: essential question, overview Lunch: (bathroom break before and after) Finish math lesson: workbook pages, worksheet P.E. Break time: students are allowed to eat snacks and watch moviefor about 30 minutes Bathroom break
  7. 7. +Afternoon: Finish up any lesson that did not get completed earlier in the day Catch up time: morning worksheet, other lessons, individualreading Write down homework assignments in students planner Hand out binders and receive: graded papers, hand-outs(newsletter, lunch menu, school events), signed papers to bebrought back Pack up bags Mrs. Stephens reads to the class (chapter book) School dismissal at 2:45
  8. 8. +Tutoring Sessions: I had two different tutoring sessions while I was observing inthe classroom. One student struggled with measuring using a centimeterruler, I worked with her one-on-one so until she coulddemonstrate correctly how to measure items correctly. The other student struggled with word comprehension andvocabulary. I helped her by helping her identify the objects andmatching them with the correct word definition. After makingsure she could identify each word, it was a lot easier for her todetermine the definition. The tutoring sessions helped me to be patient and thorough.
  9. 9. +Tips for the future: Multiple class bathroom breaks throughout the day to avoidstudents having to miss class time to use the bathroom Only the teacher being allowed to sharpen pencils to avoiddisruptions and un-useful walking around the room Dealing with discipline quickly and calmly
  10. 10. +Re-cap: I had a great first time field experience. I really enjoyed theschool I was placed at. I loved the smallness of it and all thekids were a joy to work with. I definitely think observations helpme greatly on my journey to become a teacher. I learned a lot of helpful information and tips that I will carry onto when I become a teacher. This experience has really openedup my eyes as to why it is important to be a teacher and howrewarding it is.